Old Reviews – Giardini di Papagayo Hotel

Lots! And this includes the exoskeleton/invertebrate variety (yes I mean ‘bugs’). If creepy-crawlies bother you, my advice is that you do not travel to Costa Rica.

In my many years of travel I have never seen so much wildlife as I have in Costa Rica. It was fabulous! We have snapped close to 1000 photographs on this trip! (thank goodness for digital!). Inside our room we had the pleasure of the following ‘visitors’: a praying mantis, several crabs, a scorpion, a katydid and several species of spiders. Around our patio we had a daily parade of several types of iguanas, kiskadees, trogons, orioles, magpie jays, hummingbirds, parakeets, racoons, skunks, geckos and all sorts of colourful butterflies. Some mornings we could also hear the howler monkeys in the distance. Down by the pool area, a rather large flock of noisy parakeets were regular visitors to a favourite flowering tree. Groups of hummingbirds could be seen at the various flowering trees near the beach. And one day, one of the trees close to the restaurant held an entire family of howler monkeys. We were able to get a close-up look at these cute (and somewhat lazy) creatures. A day would not go by without seeing some sort of interesting wildlife.

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