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July 2006

my wife and son stayed at Grotto Bay for a few days 7/21/06. very close to the airport so that your vacation starts sooner and ends later…saw the planes taking off but we did not hear them so no distraction. Grotto bay is very hilly and they are steep…we stayed in the 100 block of rooms (#141) and while the ocean view was limited, we were close to the pool. some of the building looked so steep it would have been easier to repel down than walk down. The grounds are very pretty and scenic. The breakfast buffet was good as was the restuarant. Food is very expensive. we ate at two other places near the hotel. The Carriage House in St George was very attentive and the food was good. They asked if we wanted water with dinner, and it was on the bill for $32.00… that was their only surprise at our dinner. Seven people can easily get a dinner bill of $300– $400.00. We also ate at the Swizzle Inn… within walking distance of the hotel. The drinks were great but the f ood was barely passable.It took so long to get our appetizer, we asked for some rolls…. they showed up in the bill as $1.00 each. Our dinner was brought before the appetizer, which we asked them to take back and bring the appetizer…The dinner food was not very good and not very hot. All in all we did have a wonderful time

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My husband and I and another couple visited Bermuda two years ago and opted to stay at Bermuda’s Grotto Bay Resort. The grounds are impeccable, although I would not recommend it to handicapped or anyone with any physical disabilities. The resort consisted of individual villas, each housing about 4 rooms. The rooms were quite comfortable but let me caution you not to leave your doors or balcony doors open as the palmetto bugs tend to invite themselves in! We had never been to Bermuda before but found this particular resort to be very tropical, and lush with greenery. There were actual grottos or caves on the property which you could go inside of. We also got to see a small family of rats inside the grotto which made me a bit uncomfortable. The food was ok. Breakfast consisted of a daily buffet in the dining room, which we enjoyed very much. Lunch or dinner could be had by the pool or dining room. I forgot to mention, we chose the all inclusive option which I would definetly recommend, as the prices were very expensive. This resort’s dining room was at the top of a hill which had to be climbed to through hundreds of built in stairs. When we finally reached the lobby/dining room, we were so winded we had to wait a few minutes before entering. Going back to our room was downhill and close to the Bay…. which was lovely. The beach was small but clean and the water was crystal clear and warm. There is also a pool as well as a jacuzzi and an indoor gym area.

Transportation away from the resort was on busses or rented scooters. The men rented the scooters which were not in the best condition so we two women opted to take the bus wherever we went.
posted – May 2001

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