Old Reviews – Hotel Villa del Sol

Hotel Villa del Sol
We booked this property on line, after looking at the pictures and wanting to stay in a quaint hotel rather then the big ones as we always do on Holiday. We were coming off a cruise and spending 4 days to relax in Puerto Rico and visit the Rain Forest and old San Juan. The Hotel appearance was everything we imagined when we checked in early, paid for the 4 days and were told our room would be ready much later. We strolled the area and visited the casino at Hotel El San Juan and arrived back at the hotel to visit our room. What a disappointment. No chair to sit on, a mattress that has had its day and squeaked every time you sat on it. One pillow per person that was so thin I have no idea who was able to use it as a pillow. We requested a second pillow and were given ones the same of which we had in the room. It would take at least 6 pillows to make up for a normal pillow that people actually use. For 2 people we were given 1 face cloth, 2 bath towels and a floor mat. Imagine 1 face cloth for 2 people, how disgusting. When my wife went to take a shower,as there was no bath, the shower was not functioning properly and we were told that the water pressure was not good, even though the pressure was good at the sink. It was almost impossible to take a shower. We made do, but would never recommend this property to a living soul. When we asked if they had a shuttle to the airport, the response was only if you rent a car from us. We never had any use for a car and found it weird that no shuttle for guests, but if you rent a car you get shuttle service. Well whatever. I sincerely hope that you make mention of this letter to the Hotel and perhaps they will improve.

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