Old Reviews – L'auberge de L'anse Mitan

my friend and i stayed at the l’auberge de l’anse mitan in anse mitan, martinique for two nights. it was recommended in our lonely planet guide. the village was cute and pretty, but the hotel was awful. the toilet didn’t work properly. sometimes it would keep flushing for 5 or 10 minutes before it stopped. the drain in the shower was clogged so all the water collected in the tub. the drain in the sink was temperamental as well. you had to keep fiddling with it to open or close the drain. the staff were never around. sometimes you’d see them watching tv in the lobby and sometimes you wouldn’t be able to find anyone at all. on the second day, we woke up and found the bathroom door locked. we couldn’t go to the bathroom or take a shower or brush our teeth! we couldn’t get it open so we told the hotel staff. they seemed quite annoyed at being disturbed so early. nevertheless, they went the check the door. the first thing she asked me was "did you mess with it?", starting with an accusatory stance. the repair man ended up breaking the door down. meanwhile, we were given a room in the bowels of the hotel, which didn’t look like it had been used in years, to shower in. on top of this, the staff wanted to charge us for the lock on the door, accusing us of having broken it! now i’m not sure what they believe we did but, given the disrepair the rest of the room was in, i put the problem down to a faulty lock. we disagreed over this for about an hour but the manager would not listen to reason and insisted on blaming and charging us. they also left the door broken and without a lock for the rest of our stay. on the last day, we were told check out was at noon. we went to the beach and came back at 11 am to take a shower. we found the room stripped of bedding and towels, and had to shower with a small hand towel i had brought.

so the experience was not a good one! i recommend anse mitan and martinique but please, please do not stay at l’auberge de l’anse mitan!

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