Old Reviews – Le Privilege Hotel

Wonderful! The only words to describe our visit over Thanksgiving to Le Privilege Hotel. We were welcomed and treated like guest in someone’s home. Our every desire was handled instantly by Bernard, the owner and manager of the hotel. We spent a week, and frankly, Bernard made our trip very special. His knowledge of the local scene, his advise on restaurants (You gotta go to the Cottage in Gran Case) were absolutely outstanding. The atmosphere was relaxed and informal, the room was quaint and VERY clean, the view was impressive. It’s a very quiet place, removed from the hustle of staying in town, and we found it met our needs perfectly. I would recommend Bernard and his hotel to anyone. We will go back again and again. I just can’t say enough about how welcome Bernard made us feel. We now count him among our friends.

There are two restaurants on the grounds, both pretty good, and there is a dive shop and gift shop. It’s so quiet at night that you can hear the tree frogs, and in the morning multi colored tropical birds will share your breakfast on the patio with you if you are still and non-threatening. All in all, if you are into relaxing and site seeing, it’s about as good as it gets, and it’s not crowded.

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