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Hey Everyone I just got home from LTI Costa Caribe. First let me preface anything bad I may say by saying I had a great time and would return in a second. LTI has alot of small problems with the resort and I’m posting not to dissuade you but to inform.

The Rooms: If you book through Conquest you will probably have an economy room. They are ridiculously small. I wasn’t informed of this by our agent but checked into it before we left. We couldn’t upgrade because they were fully booked. I couldn’t have cared less about the room size but my sister, who booked the trip, was really pissed off because the room really is too small to be offered as part of a package. The standard rooms are what most people are accustomed to when traveling. They are more comfortable and have big balconies. Now as I said I’m just trying to inform. The economy room I had was clean, the bed was comfortable and all the rooms our group had were equipped with new A/C.

The food:

This is an area where LTI needs to improve. There is a lot of selection and they change it up daily but after awhile it all starts to taste the same. You will always be able to find something good to eat but much of it is bland and tasteless. If you are there for a week you’ll be fine but if your staying for two weeks you might want to check out a few restaurants in town.

The Al a Cartes:

I didn’t eat at the Mexican but everyone else hated it. Don Alfredo’s was o.k. but everything is served in courses. It took 2 ½ hours for dinner. Way too long. Stay away from the beef, everything else was o.k.

The beach:

The view from the beach is beautiful. Mountains and hills surround the LTI. The beach itself is really nice and a beautiful breeze comes off the ocean. You’ll appreciate that breeze on a clear sunny day. The ocean is a little rough most days and has an undertow. I would not recommend letting children swim in the ocean. If it is a green flag day the ocean is fairly calm but yellow can get quite rough. The bottom of the ocean is mostly sand but there are areas of rock.

The pool:

The pool is massive and kept clean. It is shallow in most areas but has deeper spots. There are four rows of trees that separate the pool area from the beach so although there is always a comfortable breeze off the ocean the pool area will get super hot!

The disco:

Is non-existant. Nobody goes there except a handful of people at the end of the night. If you want to dance and party I recommend going into Porlamar. Senor Frogs is crazy and lots of fun. Kamy Beach club is a beautiful open concept dance club. It is for the 19-25 age range but we are all in our mid-thirty’s and loved it. Even my parents enjoyed themselves although they didn’t understand the music. It right on the beach and the best nights are the weekends. The nightlife around the resort is usually at Julian’s Cave (the pool bar area) and is mostly drinking and meeting new people.

The Hotel itself:

It needs a coat of paint and some minor improvements but overall most problems are so minor. Some people will bitch and complain about everything if your like that or you always stay at a 5 star don’t go there. LTI doesn’t deserve a bad rap. I don’t pretend to know how resorts get there ratings but I will say LTI Costa Caribe is rated as a 4 star, it is way better than the 4 star I stayed in on the Mayan Riviera (now a 41/2 star). I paid less for 2 weeks at the LTI than I did for one week in Mexico at a resort I HATED! If your looking for great value for your money I totally recommend this hotel if you want everything perfect and 5 star luxury go somewhere else. I’d go back in a second.

The staff and bartenders :

I have never met friendlier people in all my travels. They try sooooo hard to make you have the best time. While it’s true a lot of the staff don’t speak much English all the desk staff do and around half of the bartenders. I have about 6 months of Spanish lessons and went out of my way to try and talk in Spanish. They just loved the fact I’d even try. The bar staff treated my group like royalty. Everytime, a big smile, a handshake, a como estas (how are you) and not one person ever forgot our names. When we went in the evenings they would find us a table and chairs and keep on delivering drinks to us all night long. They went so far out of there way to make us happy and we reciprocated with little gifts for them and for their children. It’s amazing how much they appreciated a small flashing pin or a glow in the dark necklace. If friendliness of staff were the bases for rating hotels I’d give this place a 10 star rating. I think I’m going to stop here. I have a lot to say about MI in general and the Orinoco Delta and Canaima trips but I will post them separately.


We had a few people in our party get sick and others around our resort had been sick too. Others from a few different resorts said there had been people getting sick as well. It doesn’t seem to be isolated to any specific resort. Please go to your doctor and get a prescription for cipro (or similar). If you start getting sick take it immediately. Everyone in our party that got sick started to feel much better within hours of taking it and were feeling fine after a day or two. If you don’t you’re risking ruining your whole vacation being sick with severe diahriaha. Diahriaha is common, if you’ve ever traveled anywhere you understand, and you can take an immodium for that but these people were very sick and the cipro cleared it up very quickly.

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