Old Reviews – Mar del Sur

First let me say that if I wanted a 5 star hotel I would have paid the extra grand.

Airport: First things first, go find the tourist bus for your resort or you’ll end up paying 25 bucks U.S. for a cab.

Food: Breakfast-ok, who can screw up an omelette right in front of you? Lunch- just a snack if you’re even there. Dinner- forget about it, go enjoy the local restaurants, you’re on frikken holidays. I ate lobster 4/7 nights at a little corner cafe just down the street, ten bucks.

Maids: Great, leave the poor girl a dollar/day or your pocket change and they are nothing but helpful, remember they live there and can tell you things to see you never even thought of.

Location: Fabulous, right in town where the action is. I spent most of my time off the resort watching the Cuban world go by. Beers were always under a buck just about anywhere so go live a little. Safety: Cubans are the friendliest people I’ve ever met, they’re not out to steal from you like where I live, maybe the odd one will ask you for a t shirt but hell the average salary is $8.00 a month! Hints: Bring little shampoos, toothbrushes, things with Canadian flags, band-aids, (geez go to the dollar store and drop twenty bucks) extra clothes you haven’t worn in six months. This stuff is golden.

Bottom line: For me the room was a place to hang my hat, have a shower and sleep. Clean – No Bugs.

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