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Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta Babs and Marita ~ New York

February 2007

RCI has booked a friend and me at all of the Mayan properties in Nuevo. I can honestly say, the Sea Garden was by far, the best of the 3.The Mayan Palace is so spread out, you are walking either a mile to the pool or a mile to the front desk.If you are elderly or handicapped, better have some help.The Grand Mayan was very nice, grounds were beautiful, the lazy river and water slide were great, but the pool area did not have any breeze and the air was smothering.The Sea garden has everything right near the hotel:pool,restaurants and most important of all:bathrooms!!

There is a shuttle of sorts to bring people from the Mayan to the Sea Market which is near the bus stop but one has to practically demand to ride it.Some of the people are very nice and helpful,we have never experienced any lengthy timeshare spiel nor been forced to endure listening to any timeshare people.

The pull out bed,and I use that term loosely, at the MP are practically non-usable unless you want to sleep on the floor.However,the rooms we have stayed in have always been clean and well maintained.All in all, a visit to the Mayan can be very pleasant or a nightmare, depending on your viewpoint of what you expect.

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Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta Fran ~ Canada

February 2006

The 3 of us ladies had booked 2 bedrooms but when we got there we had 1 bedroom and 1 of us had to stay in another room that was not ajoining us. We were also surprised to see that we could not go into the grand mayan or use any facilities. There are large signs to warn you not to enter the area for it is for GRAND Mayna wrist bands only. Our other friends who were staying at the sea garden mayan palace which is basically the original building was told they could not enter the mayan palace to come visit us. Since this facility is quite spread out it took us 15 min to walk to the bus every day, which isn’t a problem however is you were a little elderly this would be. They apparently had a shuttle last year to cart people around to the different buildings or to the exit where you could get the bus however they stopped this. The people are friendly and it is clean. I would not stay here again. I have stayed at the Mayan in P.V. at the marina and at the Mayan at Mazlatlan and quite enjoyed my time at both places. I really felt like a 2nd class citizen and my friends even lower than that.

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Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta Vic

December 2003

My wife and myself have stayed at the Mayan Palace in Nuevo twice and are about to return for the third time, both times that we have visited we have been really well treated and enjoyed our stays, the resort was always clean and the service staff was very nice to us. We stayed in a suite, as we will next time, and found the accommodations to be great. We have been to a couple of places that have the time share spiel and can see where they would turn some people off, just let them know right away that you are not interested and they will leave you alone.

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Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta John & Dawn

September 2003

Our stay began on September 7th, 2003 and ended September 8th, 2003. We were originally scheduled to stay 7 days and after you read this review you will understand why we left this property.

I first would like to tell you that in the past I have not paid much attention to hotel reviews as I have felt most of the people writing them wouldn’t be happy anywhere. I have now traveled to Mexico 4 times, Hawaii, Chicago and Disney 4 times. In my previous career, I worked out of a suitcase and stayed in hotels nearly every night. I now do morning radio and host International trips each annually.

The disaster began when my wife, 3 kids and I were dropped off by taxi at the Mayan Palace. We entered the main entrance of the hotel and were greeted by two American ladies at what looked to be the front desk. They asked if we were checking in and instructed us to go to the next room, check in and they will show us our rooms when we were finished. After checking in we came back to the greeters and they pointed out the building we were staying in and then started the time-share sales pitch.

The hotel and property is huge. We then walked to our room which took about 10 minutes as we were so far away from the front desk area. The room had a terrible odor and appeared dirty. We have stayed in Mexico 3 times before and realize things are different there, but this was horrible!

We were all tired and hot so we all agreed that we’ll stay despite the letdown of the rooms quality. We then went to the pool, which was another long walk. The pool was very nice as well as the beach area. Food and drinks were expensive in example around $4.00 US for a beer and a hot dog was around $6.00. I ate some chips and guacamole that made me sick and had diarrhea throughout the rest of our vacation.

At bedtime came the big problem; the beds! In the first room there was a king sized bed that was very comfortable. Before taking this trip, I called Skyauction.com & the Mayan Palace to verify we would have enough bedding. Both places told me there were two pull-out sofas. What was there does not qualify as a pull out sofa. It was a piece of plywood with little wheels mounted on bottom and a cushion on top of about 2 inches thick. When set up they were about three inches off the floor! Not a good idea when going to area that is rich with scorpions and bugs! If we wanted our kids to sleep on the floor, we would have brought sleeping bags!

I immediately called the front desk and asked for a different room. I was told there was nothing that could be done until morning when the manager came in. Once again, the next morning things got worse. When I awoke I found out my wife had been toweling up water that had leaked clear out from under a wall in the bathroom into the kitchen and bedroom. Our laundry was soaked! My wife was pissed!

I told my wife to get dressed and to get the kids ready and that we were either moving to another room or to another hotel. I went to the front desk was told that the manager would not be in until 9 am and that I would have to come back. In the mean time, I contacted the RCI staff and they refused to do anything as well. At 9:00 I finally got with the manager of the hotel. He wanted to send someone up to fix the water right away. I instructed him that my wife was getting dressed, and she had the water contained and she wouldn’t appreciate having someone walk in while she’s in a bra doing her make-up. So 5 minutes later 3 men showed up at the door. The hotel manager said there were no other rooms with actual pull-out sofas unless we would pay to upgrade for $150 US per night. I contacted skyauction.com from the lobby and they were no help either.

We were not accommodated by the Mayan Palace, RCI, or SKYAUCTION.COM. No refund was given either. Not wanting to ruin our entire week, I took a cab to the Club Marival which was nearby and spoke to the group reservation person Elsa. Elsa apologized for the other hotels mistakes and made a great deal for us on a junior suite with all-inclusive food, drinks and more. I would highly recommend staying at the Marival!

Just after checking out of the Mayan Palace, 2 of my kids pointed out they had a small rash on their bodies that itched them. By evening blisters had developed and within a day these wounds turned into an oozing sore! We took them to the on-call nurse at the Marival and she said they had been urinated on by a bug.

With the lousy beds, bug bites, diarrhea, time share bandits, I would avoid staying at the Mayan Palace in Nuevo Vallarta. We lost one day of vacation for our entire family and my 4 year old would not go in the ocean because the salt burned in the open wound. As of this this day, I have not received any compensation from the Mayan Palace, RCI, or skyauction.com.

Special thanks to the staff at the Club and Grand Marival for there hospitality, cleanliness, and superior customer service! We look forward to returning there again soon!

The kids did love Mexico! email me your comments


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Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta  

March 2003

I don’t know where the two people stayed who wrote reviews on this website but, I just returned from the Mayan Palace in Nuevo Vallarta and had a wonderful experience! The poolside service, as well as the food and drinks, was impeccable, the waiters friendly and helpful. We got our bags in record time, used the free shuttle service from the hotel to the Sea Market on almost a daily basis with no problems. No, there weren’t any tennis courts, but if you asked, you would have been told that they had been temporarily removed to make way for hotel expansion. They will return next year. Not good for the current vacationer since my son was very disappointed but there were so many other things to do. The pool was immaculate, the beach always very clean. And, I never saw bug spraying done when the pool was open. Bug spraying was done in the evening after the pool was closed and no one was around. I could hear the humming of the sprayer and just closed our windows until it was over. In addition, our rooms were kept very clean and if we had any problems, like clogged toilets, they were addressed immediately and to our complete satisfaction. Though some travelers might not enjoy the isolation of the Mayan in Nuevo Vallarta, I certainly did. Yes, it takes a couple of bus rides (or one taxi ride) to get into Puerto Vallarta but we really did enjoy the bus riding and experiencing local culture. We did spend a day at the Mayan Palace in Puerto Vallarta and enjoyed ourselves there, too. However, the Mayan in Puerto was loud, the beach and pool were very crowded. It was a fun day, but were we glad to return to the peace and quiet of the Mayan in Nuevo. No, our vacation wasn’t "cheap" nor was it "outrageously expensive." Vacationers must get themselves out of the "Mexico is cheap" mode of thought and remember that you get what you pay for! I wholeheartedly recommend the Mayan Palace in Nuevo. Hola!!
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