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  Melia Cozumel   Lyne ~ Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

January 2009

Arrival: Dec 19th ~ 26th
This our 7 year to Cozumel and 8 stay at the Melia. The arrival when you are a repeat customer is a charme. The give you your room keys and put you bracelet and let you got to your room right away and you come back once you are unpack to finish your check in.

We always get a Junior suite with ocean view. It is in the tower, very spacouse with lots of room to put your things. You have a full bathroom with bath and lots of counter space. We also get a king size bed :o)

Restaurants and Bars:
You will find one main buffet call la Isla. A grill bar during the day that serves burgers and frist during the day and at night it’s one of the a la carte restaurant for a grilled Steak of fish (3 service). You also have the Cafe Paraiso that is very fine 5 serving meal. You can go to the a la carte as many times as you like. Just need to booked between 8am and 4pm with the front lobby.

Very nice beach about 3km long of white sand. on most days the water is very nice and warm, not very deap. Keep in mind this is iron shore and water shoes are a must. Some poeple will tell you that the water is brown it does happen when the wind comes from the North but it’s also during does north wind that the beach renews it self with lots of nice sand. It usualy does last more then 24 hourses. You have 2 pools on for Adulths with a bar but the water is very cold in it because the sun doesn’t get to it until mid morning. The kid/enternament pool is inside the garden area. That one is exposed to full sun all day. You will find a Basket ball court, 2 tennis court, kids club, full gym with steam room and sap facility. Very good service every where

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
They has all the activites you can think of, streching, water polo, water aerobics, sail boat, kayak, wind surf, snorkeling equipment, golf course across the street ($ extra), horse back riding, crasy games, beach volley ball and many more.

Other Comments: This is a very nice laid back hotel. It has 221 rooms, 151 hotel and the rest are time share units that are RCI trading. The time share people have been toned down but will still ask you a few times during your stay if you are interested. We don’t wait for them to come to us we go directly to them now and tell them no gracias. Then they know who you are and leave you alone for the rest of your stay. The great thing about this place is the people that work their. They will do everything in there power for you to have the very best stay. The bartenders after a few drinks will remember what you like :o) At times you will also have access to high bands and you can go into town get your self a good bottle of win and they will open it and let you drink it. During high season they have once a week a beach party, mexican fiesta by the pool or dinner show at the fantasia club. We love it so much that we are going back Feb 20th for 3 weeks. Come and jing us for the best time of the year for CARNIVAL

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  Melia Cozumel   Karina & Lucian

November 2008

We arrived at Melia Cozumel on November 22, 2008 and purchased the tickets with Signature Vacation, the deal was great $488 CAD +tax for an Ocean View room.

Melia Cozumel is very close to the airport 10 minutes drive. There is no bus, so the taxi will drive you directly to the hotel, no additional stops and you don’t have to pay as is provided by the tour operator.

We have been traveling a lot, meanly to 5 Starts hotels, but people like here is hard to find. VERY nice and friendly, they go over and above to help you.

The room is great and the wireless internet is working in the room. The food is not the best, but there is always something good to eat. If you are planning to golf, Melia Cozumel is the best resort to stay as the golf course is just across the street. The course is great, wild, with crocodiles, iguanas, is located in the middle of the jungle, so don’t forget to take your camera. We enjoy golfing, my husband and I golfed every morning, 4 hours for 18 holes. The golf was free, we just had to pay for the cart – $25 US per person every day. If you are planning to golf more than 1 time, you can leave your golf clubs at the club house – no charge and go by bike every time. If not, you can take the taxi – $5 US everywhere you go. The people are amazing there as well. Don’t forget to visit San Miquel, you can cycle there, it will take 20 minutes. If you enjoy snorkelling bring your equipment as there are so many fish in the water next door at El Cozumeleno. If you don’t have one, you can rent it here.

If you want to visit the island rent a car, the trip is amazing, we stopped for nachos at Coconut Restaurant, the tables are on a cliff in the sand, surrounded by palm trees facing the Caribbean Sea. PICTURE PERFECT!!

Enjoy your vacation!!!! Cozumel is a very nice Island………………….

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  Melia Cozumel   C Smith ~ Ontario

May 2008

We stayed at the Melia, March 28/08 to April 4/08. This is a small resort but has everything you could ask for. The service you receive from all the staff is fantastic. If you ask for anything – they are there within 10 minutes or less. We had a lovely room with its own hot tub facing the ocean. And we watched the cruise ships come and go. We played 6 game of golf on the beautiful course. This resort was nice and quiet – we did not go to any of the shows or disco – so we cannot comment on them. The only down side to this resort is the water is full of coral and you cannot walk out into it unless you have water shoes on.

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March 2007

The Melia` is located in the Northern hotel zone in Cozumel and is the Northern most hotel in Cozumel, although still close to town, 5 minute taxi ride. Executive Car Rental is right down the street for pure convenience if you plan on renting a car so this is nice. Also there is an 18-hole golf course across the street, and a horse stable.

The Melia` is a nice hotel and very manicured, although I did hear from other guests that have stayed at other Melia`s that this was no where near as nice as other Melia`s. The beach was well taken care of; I did not see any weeds or garbage washed up like I had previously heard of. The vegetation was well taken care of. The only downfall was the back building still has no working elevator and if you are on the 4th floor you will be walking 4 flights of stairs, like me. That was a drag for 7 days; call a bell man for your luggage, they are happy to lug it for you. The only bad downfall was in the evenings by the restaurant it tended to smell like sewage. If you’re elderly, have a problem with steps, are taking kids, this place might not be for you. There are a lot of steps and up and down walking; you can’t get any where without having to take steps!!

Unlike other all inclusive I have stayed at I felt that the staff at the Melia` you if you did not leave them a tip every time you requested a drink, or they waited on you. This was bothersome to me. I have already paid for an all inclusive trip, my tips are included, and if perhaps they go out of their way above and beyond special service I will tip. But it was insane that they expected it every time. Also their diving service was going to charge me 11.00/us to look up my diving number, because I forgot my PADI card at home, no other diving service on the island I spoke with made reference to a charge like this. Most all staff was friendly and courteous though, we didn’t have any problems with the Vacation Club people that were trying to convince you to “buy in”.

Ours room was nice and average, once I finally got in to it. I was given keys that didn’t work, so after walking 4 flights of stairs to my room and back down 4 flights all the way to the lobby and back up I finally got in. Although the one thing I found odd was there was no space to put any of our clothes away from our luggage. All of the other places I have traveled I have always been able to put away my clothes and have not left them in my luggage, not at the Melia`. The maid always had 2-3 new bottles of water for you in your room every day which was nice; she did a really fantastic job to see to it that you got everything that you needed. Our remote for our TV didn’t work and they fixed that right away when we asked.

There are 2 pools at the Melia` one is an adult only pool with a swim up bar and one is a family pool/kids pool. We found the adult only pool to be cold, and had more fun in the family pool. Either way they were both nice, we didn’t mind the kid here or there, as there really weren’t that many.

Was nice, long and wide at spots, and yes there are sand flea’s but those are everywhere, bring bug spray and use it. I found that during the day I was fine I the sun, but the minute the sun went down those little buggers came out. Snorkeling in front of the Melia` you can see some fish but not a lot. The El Cozumeleno will let you snorkel from there beach and there is a lot to see from there.

Breakfast was the best meal of the day as far as the buffet goes! Dinner and Supper buffets were mediocre and they have the usual themed nights that resorts usually put on. The one and only restaurant fell below my expectations, which is odd because I don’t hold high expectations. The beach grill was the big hit, they had hamburgers, ribs, poppers, fries, onion rings, and salad, steak you name it they had it, that’s where we ate most of the time. As long as you eat the beach grill you won’t starve.

Was pretty good, they had dancers, and a casino night, pop rock night, this is from what I heard, and usually I was not in attendance. From what I was told the casino night was the best.

The golfing was nice; the package for the week though I guess is very expensive. My husband went golfing 3 times. If you bring your own clubs it is 25.00 to rent a golf cart and you HAVE to rent a cart. He had free golf greens, with our particular package. I am not sure how much it is to rent clubs, and for golf greens. You have to reserve your game the morning that you want to golf. 18 holes took my husband 6 hours. Many times people let him play through, which is nice but if you get behind a team that won’t let you, you will be there awhile. Also it was advised that to bring extra balls, if you lose your ball you can’t go looking for it, thick vegetation, and crocodiles.

Will I stay at the Melia` again? Most likely not Overall I wasn’t impressed that they came right out and said they were fighting with the El Cozumeleno, they shouldn’t tell that to guests. I found they really didn’t go out of their way to really please their guests (aside from the maid) it didn’t seem like a 4 star. I wasn’t impressed for the first time in my all inclusive vacations with the food. It seemed the staff waited for you to come to them, they should come to you.

Well I go back to Cozumel again? Of course I love it there, the snorkeling and diving is always good. The people are always warm and always refreshing. This is the first year we actually rented our own car, it was fun, a little nerve racking at first but worth every penny to go out on our own for 24 hours and just stop any where we wanted to!

If people have any doubts since Hurricane Wilma please don’t this is my 2nd year in a row since Wilma and Cozumel is doing wonderful, The people of Cozumel are survivors, they hold their chin up and carry on.

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