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  Ocean Turquesa & Ocean Coral   Abe/Maria ~ Ont. Canada

November 2009

Well we flew Spirit air out of Detroit (much cheaper then Toronto) no frills flying but very cheap, no movie or music but very good flight. Let me start by saying we booked this hotel through my brother in law and his G/F because they are time share owners, we recieved the H10 premium package and Privilege package at no extra cost, now check in was the worst part of this whole thing we got there shortly after 1:00PM and were told the room would not be ready until 3:00 no big deal, the rest of our group arrived at 3:30 and still no room, about 5:00 The brother in laws G/F went to the H10 desk and started lossing it we got into our rooms at 6:30 during this time we watched two bus loads of people arrive and get rooms. We cancelled our time share pitch for the next day telling them if this is how they treat their owners we want no part of it.

We had a jr. suite and all I can say is WOW,rooms cleaned every day mini bar restocked everyday. We had a shower and jacuzzi tub on the balcony (which we never used) but nice. the view was great, flat screen TV great, shower with lots of hot water, I have read some reviews about water coming under the shower doors but we had a little marble ledge at the bottom of the door, not sure if these are new but they keep the water in

Restaurants and Bars:
Ate at all the al cartes only like the Marine, we got a free surf and truf dinner with the H10 package, I’ll have to say it was the best steak I’ve ever had in my life, the buffet is great for every meal, pool bar great, Mikes has great coffee and the sandwichs for lunch are really good, but our our favorite was the VIP lounge free internet, breakfast menu if you want a quite breakfast hot snacks all day and you can order off a small menu burgers and clubs mostly

Never went to the beach we are pool people, and I can say all the pools in this place rock, the pool bar is great the VIP pool is nice and quite where they take your order for drinks, the activity pool is great for having fun and I beleive there is acouple kids pool but not sure

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We did the free shopping trip into Cancun waste of time they take you to three malls and they all sucked, took a cab into Playa del Carmen great day out lots of fun, did the Catamaran snorkling party boat tour now this was a great time out, stopped to snorkle, then a stop in a small town to shop and then another stop for lunch all the while the drinks just keep coming all included in the price. Joaquim (not sure about the spelling) works in the VIP area and told us about a great Chinese restraunt in Puerto Morelos (a short cab ride from the hotel)we met him there and it turns out this is a great place to eat Hola Asia is the name he is from this town and we found out the last night we were there he can hook you up for any thing you want to do fishing shopping glass bottom boats and so on, so if you are going find him at the resort and plan stuff with him

Other Comments:
This is the best resort we have ever stayed at other then the first day every thing went reall well and I would recomend this resort to any one wanting a great Vacation.

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  Ocean Turquesa & Ocean Coral   Jackie ~ Cincinnati, Ohio

September 30 2009

Arrival: Lovely resort. Easy to get around. Wonderful lobby with an ocean view. The staff was wonderful and very friendly.

We used the Privilege lounge daily and I can’t say enough good things about all the staff that works there.

Rooms: We stayed in a master suite. King size bed, sitting area, dining table, a full and a 1/2 bath, 2 flat screen tv’s and a stocked mini fridge. The room was cleaned every morning and the mini fridge restocked daily.

Our room had wine and a fruit plate for our arrival and a welcome message.

Restaurants and Bars: We ate at the Japanese,Mexican,Italian,and Steak house. All the meals were very good, service was excellent. Mike’s coffee and tea was great and had wonderful desserts.

We used room serice twice and received our meals within 15 minutes.

Yes there is seaweed on the beach but the resort has a tractor with an attachment that picks this up several times every day

Other Comments: We felt the extra money we spent to upgrade to a master suite was worth every penny.

We loved the Privilege lounge and all the perks that went with it.

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  Ocean Turquesa & Ocean Coral   Demetrios ~ Vancouver, Canada

April 2009

Arrival: March 13 – 27
As "Privelege" guests we were promised "express check in", but it took a bit too long. Normal for Mexico.

We paid for the Privelege service and most of what was supposed to be part of our package (as verified by management at the hotel) was not even available.

The following were not available, but we paid for them: (32" tv, aromatherapy candles, chaise lounger on the deck, DVD player, DVD selection for kids and adults, kids robes, turndown service (we only got it 4 times in 14 days only after we complained), minibar (juice was only stocked 2 times and alcohol 4 time in 14 days, and only after we complained many many times), there was no bathtub in the room, even though the advertising said specifically "jacuzzi tub in the room", the tub was on the deck and it was too windy to bath our kids outside).

The remainder of the room was standard levels for a 4 star resort, definitely not 5 star (even by Mexican standards).

The restaurants were a huge disappointment to say the least. The food was extremely poor in quality and the service at most restaurants was horrendous. To be fair, the quality and service at both Mike’s Coffee shop and the Crepe Restaurant met our expectations, and the service and food at the Japanese Grill portion was adequate. A common theme at all restaurants was that the service staff never was able to be friendly or happy, even if we tried to crack a joke or liven up the mood, except at the Crepe restaurant where the people actually smiled and were cheerful. The remaining restaurants, including the VIP lounge, had extreme service issues including the following:

1) Italian (Ritratto d’Italia) – We waited for food way too long a couple of times, in the order of 45-60 minutes for food, which was always barely warm and not fresh. The orders were always wrong if we asked for a change from the standard menu (i.e. we once asked for no clams and instead got extra clams and no salmon, even after we triple checked that the waiter understood
2) American Restaurant (The Score) – They brought our first food items to us about 45 minutes after we ordered and our last food items 80 minutes after we ordered. All food was ordered at the same time and there were only about 4-5 other tables of people there at the time. Therefore some of us had already finished our food (after waiting 45 minutes for it) before the others even saw an appetizer. The chicken burger that I received approximately 1 hour after ordering was the most disgusting processed slab of goo I have ever seen. I ate only the top of the bun and we all went to the buffet to top up that night. McDonalds McChicken would be rated a 10 in comparison to this at a 1 (I do not eat at McDonalds, and I do expect higher quality at a 5 star resort).
3) Mexican (Hacienda Los Girasoles) – Orders were wrong, and although it was the reasonably expedient, it still took approximately 40 minutes for food to arrive. The quality of the food was nowhere near the quality of Taco Bell. The presentation was pretty good, but always barely warm. The tortilla soup was reasonable and the best food item at this restaurant.
4) Room Service – Always between 30-45 minutes late. Absolute wrong order each and every time. An actual example was when we ordered pancakes and sausages and instead we got eggs and bacon.
5) Buffet – The food quality is the worst we have experienced ever. The service, once again, was terrible. Many times we were not even offered drinks, and when we were, most times they did not come until we were completely finished our meals (20 plus minutes). The service level had no correlation to how busy it was.
6) Asian (Sensai) – Our experiences here were good. Service was quick and prompt, but it had to be as they needed to get people in and out in an hour due to the show. 7) Le Petit Creperie – This was the only restaurant that got our orders correct and seemed to understand expediency. Our two experiences here were positive. The problem was that the menu was limited and did not offer anything other than pizza for the kids. We would have eaten here more often if we did not have our kids with us.
8) Pool Bars – When we tried to get real orange juice from the pool bar next to the Daisy Club, we were told that they did not have any. When we ordered real orange juice from the pool waitress, it took her a long time to bring the drinks, but she brought us real orange juice, which came from that same bar that claimed that they did not have any. We specifically paid attention to this and witnessed it numerous times.
9) Drinks at Restaurants – General comment for all of them other than Sensai and Le Petit Creperie. Because we have young children, we only give them natural juice, thus we always asked for real juice during meals. This was at times quite an ordeal as we usually got a tang type of drink. We quickly learned the Spanish name for natural orange juice and this still did not help as Tang was still served. If you re-explained that you want real juice, they understood and sometimes you eventually got real juice. It just depended on the day and if the server felt like getting you another drink. Some days you get it, some days you don’t, at the same restaurant.
10) In general, you learn to suck it up. The running joke during our trip was what our friends’ 4 year old told us You get what you get and you don’t get upset.

Pools were nice and clean, the staff did a great job cleaning, including scrubbing the chairs every night. The only problem was the common issue of not enough loungers, as you needed to get your reserved by about 7:45am to be sure you had a spot at all.

The beach was a disappointment. It was not the hotels fault, but the location is poor for a good beach experience. The sand was pretty good, but there was alot of seaweed, that they could not keep up with. As well, there was siginificant amounts of garbage floating around in the water. Swimming in the ocean meant you were pulling off used tissue paper from your body when you got out.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
Crococun (the crocodile farm) was the best part of our trip. They have many animals, you touch them, take pictures with them and feed them. Animals include toucan, crocodiles, spider monkeys and mexican deer (to name a few). A must if you have kids.

1) Early in the trip, our friend explained to us that he was robbed from the safe, which did not show any signs of being broken into. We all laughed at him and told him that was not possible. He was absolutely sure that someone stole $150. He then proceeded to count all his money and write down what was in the save each and every time he opened and closed the safe. We thought he was nuts. About 4 days later, another $20US bill went missing from his safe. At this point we all believed him and he filed a formal complaint. During the complaint, he clearly explained that they left the room approximately 5:45pm and returned approximately 10:00pm that evening and that there was no turn down service or bar service conducted, therefore nobody should have been in the room. They came and downloaded information from the electronic card swiper on the door which keeps an electronic record of all cards that were used to enter the room and the time that the door was opened. They informed our friend that they will report back to him the next morning. Two days later, after not hearing back from anyone, we went to ask what happened with the investigation. My friend was informed that the investigation was closed and that the only person that entered his room during that time was a very trusted employee that conducted his turn down service. He re-explained that there was no turndown service conducted on that night. The staff just dismissed this and explained once again that the case was closed. After doing a quick count of my money at this point, I too believe that money was very likely taken from my safe, but I am not 100% sure.
2) Strangers were walking into our rooms at all times of the night. Our friends first experienced this and complained. They once again launched an investigation, but never reported back to us. When we inquired into the investigation, they did not know what we were talking about. This happened to us as well a couple of times. The most notable instance was on March 25 when at about 10:35pm, someone named ******* walked into our room unannounced. I grabbed him and asked him why he was there and he handed me a little card with the temperature forecast on it for the next day. I called and complained and like usual, nothing was done and they never got back to us on the matter. Really scary when you have young children in the room and the deadbolt on (read #3 below).
3) There is absolutely no way to lock yourself in your room and prevent others from entering your room while you are in it, even if you double deadbolt the door. There is a double deadbolt that you can activate from the inside of the door, but anyone with a valid key/card can still enter the room as the deadbolt also opens with the use of a key from the outside. This is how the people noted above in #2 were entering our rooms at night.
4) A couple of higher priced undergarments of my wifes went missing (were stolen) from our luggage.

1) When we came forward with problems or issues, we were usually very pleasantly informed that we were correct and that the issues would be rectified immediately. This was mostly our experience with the Privelege staff (both concierges and management). If we asked pleasantly, nothing ever got done, and we mean day after day after day of asking for the same thing nicely. These would be services that were supposed to be part of our package. We would have to get upset and raise our voices to get anything done, which is a horrible way to spend a holiday.
2) Staff at this hotel was generally very unhappy and unpleasant. Hardly any of them ever cracked a smile or responded to a joke. They were just there to do a job and they went through the motions. It was actually quite depressing.
3) We were very generous in tipping. Virtually every time after tipping, the service declined. For instance, we were generously tipping housekeeping ($3-$5) and we got nothing (no soap, no towel art, no shampoo, no towel changes, etc). We decided to stop tipping towards the end of our stay as we were getting poor service, and then we start getting towel art on our beds with fancy sheet folding techniques. Restaurants were similar in nature. Tipping got you nothing, not even a smile or a thank you in most cases. The most backward and baffling thing we have ever experienced.
4) On the 5th day of our trip, we had run out of shampoo and soap because they had failed to restock each and every day of our stay (we tipped the first 12 days). We had returned from the beach and were full of sunscreen and were looking forward to washing up. When we got to our room, there was no soap or shampoo. I called to ask for some and was once again politely told that this should not have happened and that they will be sending someone immediately to our room. About 45 minutes later and feeling very gross and upset, I called again and raised my voice to try to expedite the delivery of soap and shampoo. About 1 hour and 15 minutes after the initial call we were brought 2 bars of soap and 2 bottles of shampoo. About 1 hour and 45 minutes after the initial call we were brought a box of soap and shampoo that lasted us the remainder of our trip. The interesting point here is that if you raise your voice and get upset, you get significantly more soap and shampoo, but it still takes them forever to get it to you.
5) We specifically did not bring our own DVD players and DVD’s because the Privelege service was supposed to provide them for us, including kids DVD’s. It took them 7 days to finally admit that they did not have any for us and that they falsely advertised this service. To add significant insult to this matter, on the 7th day, I was offered the only DVD that they claimed they had in the whole hotel, which was a semi-pornographic DVD of cheerleaders lifting their skirts and I was asked if this was appropriate for my children.
6) There was a card in our room that offered us a choice of newspapers for delivery on a daily basis. I chose the Canadian newspaper. I asked if this was actually a daily delivered newspaper and they confirmed that I would get a Canadian newpaper daily delivered to my room. I thought that this was actually quite nice. But, there is nothing nice about the service at the Ocean Turquesa. Many days later, all I received, was 1 (one) single photocopy of the front page of a Canadian newspaper on 1 day only. The photocopy was of a full size newspaper reduced onto an 8 ½ by 11 piece of paper. Therefore it was not legible. This was quite a joke and we got quite a laugh from this. I really did not care about the newspapers, they did not impact my trip, but the story gives you an idea about the resort. 7) There are many more problems that we had, and in summary, if it were only a couple of issues, we would not care, but we paid for a VIP (Privelege) service at a 5 star resort and we got the quality of a 3.5 sta

DAISY CLUB (KIDS CLUB) The girls that work there were excellent with the kids and were extremely pleasant. Lorena in particular deserves praise. We have nothing but good things to say about them. They were just a few of the people that provided excellent service, did it with a smile and were pleasant to talk to. The issue with the Daisy Club is that the service is technically not provided for the full day. Between 11am and 2pm, the Italian group (Bravo Bimbo) take over the Daisy Club and everything turns Italian. Our kids were ostracised by these people, they were pushed away and ignored. All activities are in Italian during these times and our kids could not participate. Between 11am and 2pm, the regular girls were forced to leave and take the English speaking kids for snack breaks and swimming at other pools. They were not even allowed to remain at the pool outside the Daisy Club. We found this very disheartening, especially since the 11am to 2pm time slot is primetime for this sort of service.

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  Ocean Turquesa & Ocean Coral   Nicole ~ Halifax, Nova Scotia

March 2009

Arrival: March 8 – 15 I traveled to Mexico with my boyfriend (we are both in our early twenty’s) and had a fantastic time at this hotel. We arrived around 9pm (since it’s only a half hour away from the airport) which is great after a long flight. Check in was easy, and a bell-boy took us to our room right away and told us where to get some food (we went to the Sports Bar/Restaurant) then explored.

The room was AMAZING. We paid for a POV room since we were on a budget and got an amazing view of the ocean and pool (the one with the swim up bar). We actually booked into the "Ocean Turquesa" but they put is in building 8 (second floor) on the "Ocean Coral" side which was much nicer, so we were very pleased. In reality it doesn’t matter which side you say on because the resort is small and all considered the same. However, the Coral side in which we stay was livelier located next to the swim up bar // and the one that stays open late, so you can sit out on your balcony and listen to music late into the night. Overall the room was modern and very large, with a flat screen TV, fully stocked mini-fridge (daily), and open concept bathroom.

Restaurants and Bars
Buffet was rather small compared to other resorts I’ve been too, but there was no lack of food around the resort.

There are 3 a la carte’s, the Mexican, Japanese, Italian (however you cannot make reservations). If you want to go to the Italian you have to good and book between 3 and 5 pm, and for the others its first come first serve.

There is also the sports-bar restaurant that is open from 6:30 pm – 6:30 am which is GREAT. Then there’s, Mikes cafe that opens at 10am and honestly serves better drinks than Starbucks. You can also get sandwiches there during the day, and at night till 10ish yummy desert. Also during the day you can go to the pool restaurant in your swim suit for yummy food and great nachos.

*ALSO a little tip for the men: at night at the buffet and other restaurants they didn’t require you to wear long pants and closed toed shoes (which my boyfriend very much enjoyed).

AND the bars make very good drinks, and it doesn’t take long to get them.. and if you really do not want to wait walk down to the kids pool because there is never anyone around the bar.

The beach was beautiful and resembled a postcard picture. Also we never had a problem getting beach chairs however; we were there by 8:30 being early risers. Also there are people that come down on the beach and serve you drinks (they are there frequently) which is great, but its not a far walk to get your own.

There are also 4 pool’s, one swim up bar. All very nice.

Grounds are well kept and overall its a very CLEAN resort.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
"Coba Mayan Encounter" for people who want to see Mexico and have a active day long trip off the resort. We felt at 8:10 am and returned at 6:30-7ish at night.

On the trip we repelled off a cliff, zip lined, kayaking, small walk/hike in the rainforest, swam in a underwater cenote (amazing), and visited the Coba ruins (which you can climb the highest ruin). Also a meal was included in the tour, and it all only cost $119 USD.


Other Comments It was an amazing vacation, and this hotel its GREAT. Don’t read the bad reviews from other people, because its called a vacation for a reason.. no drama.. go to the bar, have a drink, relax.

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  Ocean Turquesa & Ocean Coral   Michelle ~ Saskatchewan

March 2009

Arrival: Feb 28 – March 7
Our arrival was at 2:30am on March 1. We were met by very friendly staff and were told that we were being given the "black bracelets". This was not explained to us at the time.

A Security Guard who spoke little, to no English escorted us to our room in building 17. The room key system is a very modern card reading system, however our card didn’t work. But, not a problem, the Security Guard had a radio to call the front desk. We waited only a few minutes for someone else to come with an instrument to "fix" the machine on the door and our cards worked very well for the remainder of the week. While we were waiting the Guard tried to explain about the Italian restaurant being very good to eat at and that we should hurry to get our reservations early. Fortunately, I can understand bits and pieces of Spanish. He was trying to help us out, which was a very kind gesture!

The room turned out to be a Prestige Junior Suite, so the black bracelet meant we were VIP guests in the hotel. This is a very nice amenity and we highly recommend everyone who can, to spend the extra dollars whenever you travel to resorts offering this amenity to take this option. There was a minibar in the room which included beer, softdrinks, premium brand hard liquor and a few snacks.

The bathroom had a toilet separated by glass walls from a large glass & tile walled shower. There was also a bath tub and sink in an open concept area. This was separated from the rest of the room by a glass wall and did have a privacy shutter for those who feel they NEED privacy from their roommate. There was a large size double closet which had lights when the doors opened. There was an iron & board, and the safe was also in the closet (lock and key were obtained at front desk the morning following checkin).

The King Size bed was enormous! Our maid was very artful with towel art daily, however, this is not something that is a make or break for us on our vacation. I believe those who complain about no towel art can find nothing else to complain about.

There was also a large flat screen TV.

The room also had a large seating area with a sofa and across from it a table and two parsons chairs. We had a large balcony with ocean view. There was two patio chairs and a round patio table on the balcony as well. Fabulous!

The room was immaculately cleaned daily. Yes, a couple of days it was later in the day, but since we don’t use our room until at least 5 or 6 pm that isn’t a problem for us. One day I did have to go to the room to pick up a forgotten item at around 4pm and the maid was there cleaning, so it was later in the day, but not a problem for us!

Restaurants and Bars
With the Prestige or VIP bracelet, we had the luxury of making reservations at the a la carte restaurants which was very nice and we took advantage. We ate at each restaurant and enjoyed them all: Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Steak/Seafood.

We also did the buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner a couple of times. We found it to be somewhat small in comparison to other resorts we’ve been at, but the food was good. They do not do theme nights for their dinners, so it’s usually the same fare on the buffets, but with the a la cartes, that’s still okay.

There was bars in the lobby and at the pools, so you didn’t have to go without a drink.

The Prestige also entitled us to use the VIP Lounge. We could have breakfast a la carte from 7 am to 10am. They also had snacks from 10am to 11pm. There was a premium brank drinks bar there as well. The lounge had flat screen TV’s and 2 computers for the internet. There was also a couple of US newspapers. They also stocked several magazines on the Cancun/Mayan area. Here we could also make reservations for the restaurants as well.

The lobby and other bars also had "top shelf" liquors for Prestige guests.

This resort is built very close to the sea, so it’s very well laid out and is such a short walk from the water to the lobby for people who don’t like a lot of walking.

The beach is beautiful. After the hurricane, it looks like they have done a lot of work to bring it back to perfect. If there is barricades in the water, we could not see them. The sand on the shore is the finest, powdery sugar sand. The grounds were very well manicured with a balance of trees and grass.

There are 4 pools at the resort, with a couple of them being more active. We tend to stay closer to the beach, so don’t have a lot to say about the pools, other than there was a swim up bar at one pool for sure which looked to be busy whenever we walked by.

The Prestige guests are treated to a cordonded off section at the beach which has chairs that are designed to be a higher quality than the regular chairs – but they are not. We would grab regular chairs from the beach. However, in the VIP area, we did have waiter service for drinks.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
The hotel does have an entertainment team who had activities around the pool and on the beach during the day.

We only saw a small bit of the lobby entertainment in the evening.

We did not go on any tours.

Other Comments
This is a great property for those people who don’t like a mega resort with a lot of walking and if you like to get to a hotel and just stay there.

If you like to walk out to the highway and catch the collectivo into Playa del Carmen, it is not so easy from this hotel as it’s about 4kms off the main highway. We took a cab to the main bus station in Puerto Morelos at a cost of $9US. The turn off to get to this hotel is at the Crococun Zoo for anyone who knows the area and from there it was a $6US cab fare to the hotel. So, it would be a really far walk to catch the collectivo or bus to get anywhere on the local system.

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  Ocean Turquesa & Ocean Coral   Lisa ~ Waverley, N.S.

February 2009

Arrival: Feb 7 – 14
We arrived on a small shuttle bus with 8 people on it.It was very efficient and only 20 mins to the resort.The room was ready by 2 p.m. so we changed into shorts and sat by the pool,until then.

The rooms were huge.Very modern and clean.All rooms have some view of the ocean,with a nice balcony.The bed was very comfortable.The bathroom is an open concept design,with a separate,shower and tub.

Restaurants and Bars
All of the restaurants have many choices,we enjoyed them all. The coffee bar was a nice treat as well. The service was excellent,all staff were very nice.

The beach was nice with lots of palapas to sit under.Plenty of space,no need to save a spot early,we always found a spot.You can walk on the beach at either end,we walked to Puerto Morales,which is a small fishing village with lots of nice shops and restaraunts.took about an hour or you can take a cab(10 mins.)The beach has lots of seaweed,but they clean it up daily.Just swim out and it’s fine.Careful of rocks,in the ocean,our friend ripped her water shoes on them.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
The nightly shows at the theatre were somewhat lame but the lobby had great entertainment each night.We went to Playa del Carmen (great shopping,restaurants and bars….lots of silver jewelry),I would highly recommend it! We also took the ferry to Cozumel from Playa del Carmen.Again lots of shops restaurants,and many criuse ships.

Other Comments This was our 11th trip down south.This resort was one of the most beautiful and modern.The lobby is gorgeous! I would highly recommend this resort and would go back anytime!!

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  Ocean Turquesa & Ocean Coral   Judy ~ Ontario

February 2009

arrived at 10am and got room at 3:45 pm. Hubby is 74 and not pleased at all. Most off our bus had rooms.

Asked in booking for bottom foor or 1 floor up because hubby has bad back and I have 2 puffers to breathe. Got neither. Was put in block 19 away from everything but a kids pool. Walked 37 stairs everytime we left room.Bathroom plan is very stupid,all can see when u have bath, shower goes all over floor and toilet is not closed in.

Restaurants and Bars:
Had restaurants half closed off because they never had enough help to cover people, even the buffet

pools should be heated . never been to 1 yet that wasn’t.Never saw a pool so empty at any resorts.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
went to player del carmen which was nice and to Cancun by free shuttle from resort.Not many people at resort participate in activities.

Other Comments: Bartending at pool was very bad. Waited 45 minutes for drink everytime.tips were not helping for better service.


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  Ocean Turquesa & Ocean Coral   Debbie ~ Armstrong, British Columbia

December 2008

This resort is absolutely wonderful. The quality of food and abundance of choices is phenomenal. The staff is so helpful and courteous it’s amazing. We loved the miles of walking on white beaches and the warm water to swim in. We spent 2 weeks here and there is enough to do and enough variety with restaurants, coffee shop, sports bar, snack bars, 4 pools and shopping you never have to leave the resort at all. Our room was huge and very comfortable. I would recommend this resort to anyone wanting a great experience in the Mayan Riviera.

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  Ocean Turquesa & Ocean Coral   Mel ~ Canada

December 2008

Arrival: Nov 23 – 30, 2008
Arrival was well organized and swift. Luggage was carried up, staff was friendly, no time share pitch, room was available immediately. No drink, map or info about programs/activities was given to us though.

Awful! Broken lamp, broken outlet (something was stuffed in it!?), the light above the toilet rained water (this was mostly fixed in one day), the shower leaked very badly, the sheets had holes and were not changed, the tub spray attachment was broken and sprayed everywhere, the cutains were missing pull rods. Things were missing and only showed up after a tip of five dollars eg. bathrobe, coffee for maker, comb, toothbrush, sewing kit, mouthwash, etc. I requested some things eg. two extra towels and two bath mats – these showed up, but some didn’t eg. little pad of paper for notes. The noise from upstairs was crazy – but after I complained it reduced. No privacy in the bath area and no private area to change. There should be curtains added! No snacks in the mini bar. The floor wasn’t swept. The minibar wasn’t cold enough.

On the upside – the view was great, the balcony was nice, the water pressure and temp were good, the drinks in the minibar were replaced daily, the fan and air conditioner worked and the tv was a new lcd, there was good storage and a free safe.

We were told we could get a later checkout for ten dollars if our flight left later, but when we tried to get it they said we couldn’t. No reason was given.

Restaurants and Bars:
We enjoyed the food, but if you wanted to go to the Italian or Japanese restaurants you had to go very early or wait a long time. They did have pagers, though. I found the service good, some waiters were great, a few were grouchy. I had no problems with the bars except one rude bartender in the lobby. I think they need more staff.

Lovely. A few things need to be fixed like a couple walkways. There is seaweed and eventually someone removes it, along with drink glasses. A few rocks. Nice palapas and chairs.

We actually saw a fight when one family left their towels on 4 chairs and then left for two hours. A man came along, threw two of their towels on the sand and took two chairs for himself and his partner. When the father and two sons returned, the father and the man got in a huge loud arguement that lasted for 20 minutes. Eventually the father left to look for more chairs (there were none) and the boys looked so sad that the man and woman gave back the chairs and left. Unfortunately the father didn’t know this, and was gone for half an hour looking for more chairs. They need more chairs!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
I found the evening entertainment to be awful and laughable. One dance show was good. The activities off the resort were great, except for the time it took us 3 hours to get to Xcaret (its a 40 min drive) because the driver kept dropping off and picking up people. I think the tour guide had a hangover as well.

Other Comments: I had a great stay in spite of all the problems. I don’t think I would go back to this resort again though.

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  Ocean Turquesa & Ocean Coral   Sheila & Don

September 2008

Hola , just came back from spending a great vacation with friends ( 9 of us ) at Ocean Coral & Turquesas hotel in Puerto Morelos Mexico . Hotel is situated 20 minutes from Cancun in the Mayan riviera . This hotel just opened dec. 2007 , offers about everything you would want in a 5 stars hotel . Traveled by air with air Transat sept.13 to sept. 20.Check in and check out was fast and efficient . Bags were brought to and from our rooms by bell boy . Staff speak English and Spanish and are very friendly . Rooms are very clean and very spacious . They have a bar filled with 2 beers,6 colas,4 water bottles and a flat t.v. screen . In room safe ( free ) and , ( get this ) a phone in the toilet area , next to the toilet seat . Puerto Morelos has the second largest reef in the world , good for snorkling . The beach had weeds when we were there but only because of IKE. Usually it’s very clean . There are many huts on the beach for shade . There are 4 pools and the main one has many activities . There are 3 specialty restaurants , Japanese ( good show at the Japanese ) Italian and Mexican . Dress code at these restaurants is long pants only for men , no shorts or any type of pants . No reservations needed ., first come first serve . If the line-up is long , they give you a buzzer and call you when a table is ready . The buffet serves meals from 6.30am. to 10.00pm. No dress code at buffet except for supper which is , wear top,shoes ( sandels ) and shorts .Sports bar is open all night . Nightly entertainment is so-so with d.j. only . Not much live shows . You can take a tour bus and go to Cancun bar hopping . The grill opens for noon lunch , no dress code , and is open at night for v.i.p. supper $$ extra . You can have CHAMPAGNE at all your meals , even breakfast ( which we did ) . Would we go back ? YOU BET ! Thanks to our friends , we had a great week . Need more info ? Sheila & Don at sheilaboucher@sympatico.ca

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  Ocean Turquesa & Ocean Coral   Victor

July 2008

-Second week of July-2008, myself, wife and two daughter’s (7 and 12) went to Ocean Coral and stay at Ocean Turquesa. Read reviews for one and the other because all the amenities are shared by both. -THE FLIGT was smooth and on time with a fast transfer because the hotel is close to the airport, less than 30 minutes. -CHECK IN was reasonable with a cocktail and the presentation by a H10 representative that will try to book what will be the "time sharing" sale. This ended up to be the worst I have to say about this holiday. I was interested on the tour (!!!) but only after having a little experience of what I’ll buy. We booked the tour at 12.15 on Friday to try a deal to buy some holidays on the future here, got the reminder under my door to not forget on the night before and surprise,they didn’t show up, nobody wanted to sell… they try to apologize and reschedule it the day after but that was the day I had to leave. Too bad, I was 80% sure to buy, they lost a sale. -ROOM was available at 15.00 and it was great. It had a balcony with ocean-view (like all of the others due to the horseshoe shape of the hotel) a seating area with a sofa bed and a desk, two comfortable queen size beds, lots of drawers and storage space, a fridge that was always full of water, soft drinks and beer, no wireless Internet on the room but take your Ethernet cable and just connect to the wall, it’s free, the safe is big enough to hide a 17" laptop. The glass wall that divides the bedroom and bathroom should have a more private curtain, it was hard to hide from the girls when taking a bath on the tub or in the separate shower that yes it leaks a lot of water but there’s plenty of towels to seal and reduce the water leak. I did see some people fixing it. -Restaurants, Snack-bars, Bars all over the hotel had plenty of good food and good drinks with good installations. Never had to wait on any and only the "must use pants" was a bit annoying but understandable, We loved them all… -POOLS, four of them, kids, activities, pool-bar and the one that we didn’t even go there, were always very clean and the jacuzzi jets on them felt really good. The hotel was full and always had a lot of chairs to rest and the towel services was always with towels available. -BEACH had a lot of seaweed but they do try everyday to rake and keep it clean, nice white and fine sand that never burn on the feet and only a few rocky spots. Always lots of chairs to sit under the nice shadow of a "palapa". -ENTERTAINMENT was good, the H10 entertainment team is always trying to please everybody and the shows are not so bad, The Circus and the Mayan show are 5 star. If you like snorkeling don’t lose the offer that Ivan will make you at the towel stand, you will enjoy every cent you pay for those two hours. -KIDS CLUB one big Thanks to the girls on the Kids club they were amazing. -GROUNDS are beautiful with a lot of green all around and very well detailed decor-ed areas. -Spa and Gym We didn’t try any but they are there… Anyway it was a great vacation and the Bathroom curtains and the shower leak aren’t enough to put this Hotel down. -Just a quick note for the H10 team there is around trying to sell the "time sharing" a big "Zero" to them.

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  Ocean Turquesa & Ocean Coral   Brett

April 2008

I , my daughter and her friend stayed at this resort from March 14-21, 2008 and had no problem checking in and getting the two rooms side by side that I had asked for when making my reservation. I took a chance as the reviews in December and January were more bad than good. I noticed by February that the reviews were becoming more positive. As others have said the resort is new and going through “growing pains” Most of the earlier problems have been recified, except for the showers but just turning the shower head towards the wall took care of that problem. I can understand those that have kids and the water flowing under the shower door. The other problem is trying to get a reservation into any of the a la carte restaurants. We gave up on that one and ate at the buffet. The food at the buffet was just fine with us. As mentioned in other reviews, the chairs around the pools became a daily game of finding one not reserved by the famous blue towels. They definitely need more chairs around the pools and the beach. I was walking or running on the beach very early each morning so I always got a chair after my morning exercise to sit and drink my coffee. The staff was very friendly especially the entertain staff. I got to know most of them by a first name basis. The resort focus is on families and as I was single the nights were lacking any real entertainment. I can watch T.V. at home. If you want to just sit and drink in the lobby then it’s ok. I went to Cancun on two nights to hit the clubs, but be warned you won’t get home until 4 0’clock in the morning. I out lasted the young people (twenties/thirties) I was with one night. As other people have said this is not a 5 star hotel, but give them time. I highly recommend the resort for young families as they have a kid’s section with their own pool, snacks and staff supervising them.

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  H10 Punta Turquesa and H10 Punta Coral   Harry

April 2008

My wife & I stayed at this resort Mar. 18-25 of 08. We had read many bad reviews on the hotel. The hotel is new and most problems have been fixed. We found the service to be excellent. We had no problems getting into the a la carte restaurants. The food was very good & I was impressed with the quality of all the food. This was our 3rd AI experience. I would estimate this hotel is a 4 star and not a 5. A few minor things I did not like were: They did not have any water sports yet. Sailboats etc. These are supposedly coming. There is no shade in the pool area. For shade you must go the beach. The pool and the beach are very close together. This is nice on a calm day but not so nice on a windy day. The Hotel could use a few more pool & beach chairs. If you weren’t out early it took a while to find a chair. I think people reserve these before they go to bed. We needed some minor repairs in our room (TV didn’t work, light bulbs) These were both fixed immediately upon request at the front desk. The showers leak but everyone knows to put a towel down and the problem is solved. They are working very hard to improve the service and it shows. I would recommend this as a 4 star hotel & would definitely stay again. As this property matures it will get more shade. Good place for families. Entertainment & distance to town are a drawback for party lovers.

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  H10 Punta Turquesa and H10 Punta Coral   Marieke

March 2008

Excellent resort, very big. travelled with 2 little kids (11/2 and 3) they loved it. Clean beach but be early for chairs and shade. 4 pools with kids pool, play area on the beach for kids Awesome rooms, very long bath, slope in the shower a small problem but just put towel on the inside of the showerdoor. Otherwise, nice and big, great water pressure. Bottom floor, building #3 was very private patio, Jr. suite was roomy and modern. Attention to detail. Very quiet fan, we did not use the a/c Lights went off once in a while than came back on at night, ?. Buffets were good, line ups though at certain times. Staff was great. Lobby/lounge area was beautiful, nice to relax with a drink. Short ride from the airport. Close to playa del carmen, $30 each way. We had a great time, beautiful resort, great beach!

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  H10 Punta Turquesa and H10 Punta Coral   Joseph

March 2008

My wife and I have just returned from a week at the H10 Turquesa. We have been to the Mayan Riviera 10 times and are always looking for new experiences at new hotels. We spent 1 week at this resort from March 16-23. I know that it has a 5 star rating, but I think this is a bit premature. This resort has a way to go before it can be classified a 5 star.

On the positive side, the property is very nice and once the vegetation grows in, it will be beautiful. The pool areas are also very nice. The beach is small but very nice. Once in the water however, the bottom drops off quickly. There were rocks here and there, but it did not bother us very much.

I liked the fact that it is only about 20 minutes from the airport. Last year it took just about 2 hours to reach our hotel.(Barcelo Tropical)

Weather was great, but I found the pools a little on the cold side. The rooms are large, and our request for a king size bed and a room on the 2nd floor were granted. The food in the main buffet was pretty good, and one can usually find something to eat.

We had no problems with a/c or with hot water, although we did have to have the maintenance people come in to adjust the glass bathroom door. It was ready to fall off it’s hinges and needed to be adjusted. No problem there, they were fast & courteous.

On the negative side:

The service at the bars and at the main buffet was horrible! The service was bad whether you tipped or not. One night at the buffet, after seating us and taking our order for drinks, the server disappeared and we never saw him or our drinks again.

The only good a la carte restaurant was the Italian restaurant. It was hard to get into these places also. The week we were there, the resort was trying a first come first served approach, and the line- ups were incredible.

Housekeeping was a joke, the person in charge of our room never swept the sand off the floor and it was hard to get refills on kleenex, toilet paper and shampoo.

Housekeeping, for some strange reason; also removed the big blue beach towels from our room. I had to go to reception to get 2 more towel chits.

The person in charge of replenishing the mini fridge also did some strange things. We had been shopping in Cancun and I purchased some beer. When we got back to our room, I put the 1 remaining beer in the fridge. When the person filled our fridge, he or she removed my beer from the room, and added 2 beers and some soft drinks and water. I don’t understand why? Probably liked my brand better!

I don’t know why the resort lets the time-share people bother the guests. My vacation time is precious to me, and I won’t let anyone waste 3 hours of my time trying to peddle their wares to me!

And last, this is not a problem that is specific to this resort, but perhaps it is more noticeable because it is a small resort.
The people who get up early and reserve a couple of lounges at the pool with their towels, and then proceed to do the same at the beach are a bunch of cretins. If these people decide to stay pool side all day, they don’t bother to remove their towels beach side until late in the day. Or vice versa.

All in all, I enjoyed my time in Mexico this past week. I will not be returning to this hotel though.

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  H10 Punta Turquesa and H10 Punta Coral   Hope & Tim ~ Ontario

March 2008

Just returned from a week at the H10 Coral/Turquesa in the Mayan Riviera from March 2-9. We travelled on Air Transat with no delays. We did pay extra for an early flight rather than a late flight out of Toronto. I researched Trip Advisor as well as Deb’s Review on this hotel property and was surprised at all the negative comments. We figured that it was growing pains ( newly opened) and gave the hotel a chance to redeem themselves. I should add that we are seasoned travellers and travel about 3-4 times a year.

I will start with the GOOD.

1. Property (landscaping) was beautiful and will be exceptional when fully matured and maintained. 2. Only 30 min from Cancun airport. (Some hotels were 2 1/2 hrs from the airport) 3. All the reviews were a great warning and were exactly as explained. (No surprises)READ BEFORE BOOKING. 4. Buildings are set up so that most rooms have an ocean view. 5. Air conditioning worked good and no hot water or electrical problems for us. 6. Good cappuccino. 7. Weather was great even though the prediction was for rain and thunderstorms all week. (Don’t believe the reports) 8. There are 4 pools and they are beautiful and clean. Always found a chair at the pool. 9. They use swipe cards to open door. Nice feature. 10. We had a working remote and lots of channels on our TV. Many people had one channel. 11. They stocked the fridge with real Coke, beer etc. (free)

12. Free safe. (Large size)

Now for the BAD.

1. Hard to get reservations for the a la carte restaurants. Had to call from room between 9-4. (Line always busy) 2. Hot food — not hot and cold food— not cold. 3. Not enough staff. (Staff that were working- did a commendable job) 4. A la carte restaurants not very good quality like other island a la cartes. Not worth taking the time to book. (Japanese was the most favourable) 5. Bathrooms were a design nightmare especially if you have children. (Read other reviews) 6. We needed to get out at 7:00 am to get a palapa at the beach. People would put towels down on the chairs before 7:00 am and we would never see them sit there. 7. Beach was very rocky and stepped on more than one piece of glass. Need to wear sandals on the beach. My husband found a shot glass buried in the sand. 8. Lots of seaweed on the beach and in the water. They manually raked each day but it was a tedious job for the workers. The other hotels used a tractor to rake. I felt sorry for the guys doing this job every day. Very hard work. 9. The water was also rocky so you need water shoes for swimming. 10. No water sports equipment as advertised in brochure. They will shuttle you to their other property but the beach is horrible there.

11. Be aware of the H10 club. These employees sit to the right of the reception desk and ask you if you would like a ‘TOUR’ of the property. This is another word for 3 hr pressure sell. Heed the warnings unless you are interested. I can’t see why anyone would buy any ownership weeks at this property.

Now for the UGLY.

1. Air Transat has 35% shares in the H10 chain but I don’t think they have any idea how bad this property is. I will send the company an email about the place. The only thing driving the company must be the profit from Canadian tourists but they should be aware of all the problems and correct them or they’ll never get anyone going there. 2. A lot of the rooms were hit an miss with TV, air conditioning and phone issues. They are still working out the bugs. 3. We heard horror stories about people not getting their rooms for over 12 hours and had to sleep on the open air couches in the lobby. 4. The food was actually uneventful. Any time I saw something that I would like, I had to wait over 30 min in line for it.

5. Had to question the safety of the food especially the hot food. Never saw the ‘cooks’ checking temperature of the cold or hot food, even after we told them.

We did give the property a chance but I’m afraid it will never be a 4 or 41/2 star as advertised. I’m a beach person who like to swim in the ocean and this was not for us. I’ll stick to the beautiful beaches of Cuba and Aruba where I know that I will be guaranteed a great beach and good food. We talked to people who stayed down near Tulum and they said the beach was not any better. I know that this region got damaged by the hurricanes but this property opened after the hurricane season in 2007. I can’t believe what it will become if it does encounter a hurricane.

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  H10 Punta Turquesa and H10 Punta Coral   Dawne ~ Sask., Canada

February 2008

Arrival – We arrived there at 4:30am. Should have been there at 11:00pm but our flight was delayed from Winnipeg due to very cold weather.

Rooms – The rooms here are beautiful. As others have said, there isn’t much privacy between the bath, shower, toilet, and bedroom. Our room was always very clean. We had to phone for water once but wasn’t a big deal. They sent some up right away.

Restaurants – The sports bar was the best place to eat. You don’t need reservations and food was hot. Buffet was good but the food was usually on the cool side. We only ate at the Mexican and Itlaian restaurants. They were both good.

Bars – We got quicker service at the pool bar and snack bar. The lounge bar was okay but there was usually quite a few people around it.

Beach and Pools – The beach was awesome. The white sand was worth seeing. Their lounge chairs on the beach and pools are very comfy.

Grounds – The grounds were very well kept and watered. No complaints in that area.

Activities – There wasn’t a lot of activities. Boche ball and volleyball on the beach. Aerobics and dance lessons at the pool. I go to relax so it doesn’t really matter to me.

Tours – We went on the snorkel tour to the coral reef. Well worth it. It was excellent and the guide was very good. The coral was beautiful.

Conclusion – This hotel isn’t quite a 5 star yet but was still very good. There was lots of staff and eveyone was friendly. I have no complaints. We were there Jan.29 – Feb.5/08.

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  H10 Punta Turquesa and H10 Punta Coral   David

February 2008

H10 Punta Turquesa

We decided on this resort due to the price for a 4 ½ star resort in the Mayan Riviera area of Mexico. We were advised that the resort was still under construction with the spa/gym facilities and conference centre still being built. We paid less for the two of us than it would cost for one person in any another 4 ½ to 5 star resort in the Mayan. This is our third visit to Mexico in as many years.

Flight: Our flight was delayed out of Toronto by about 6 hours due to a systems crash which delayed all departures by all airlines. Some flights were delayed by 30 minutes, our’s by 6 hours. This “ruined” some people’s holiday as they were angry at the tour operator, Air Transat, for their entire vacation. Other than the delay, the flight into Cancun was smooth and uneventful.

The resort is located at the gateway of the Mayan Riviera area and is approximately 20 minutes from the airport. It is next door to the Paradissus, a 5 star resort. On the short commute to the resort, they registered you and we were provided luggage identification stickers with our room number. Once off the coach/bus, we tagged out luggage and were guided to our room.

Resort: The resort is actually two resorts in one; Punta Turquesta and Punta Coral mirror each other with the lobbies being side by side.

Room: It was nice to be the first occupants in a resort/hotel room. Everything was brand new! The towels were soft and fluffy; the bed linins were crisp, etc. The junior suite room was very spacious and provided a king size bed, safe, a 32” flat screen LCD television, cable box, bar fridge (stocked daily with pop, beer & water), separate shower stall and tub.

Dining/Food: We had a choice of 5 restaurants. The normal buffet which was enclosed and air conditioned. The food was excellent with a wide array of dishes. Service was attentive and the table cloths, flat-ware, etc was new and clean. The Mexican, Japanese and Italian restaurants required reservations and were all very good. The Japanese restaurant had cooking tables where the meals were cooked at your table. However; the cooking tables only accommodated about a third of the patrons. If you came late for your seating, you would be given a regular table which annoyed several people. There was a Grill that was open during the day for lunch and was adjacent to the actives pool.

Beach: Usual white sand, but with seaweed being washed up daily. The seaweed was raked up twice daily, early morning and just after noon. There were lots of thatched umbrellas and loungers on the beach without having to awake at the crack of dawn to reserve a spot. The loungers were a higher quality that the normal white plastic types around.

Pools: There were two pools on the Punta Turquesta side. A children’s pool with coordinators who play with the kids. There is a bar which is the closest to the beach. Serves “pub grub” like fries, hot dogs, burgers, etc. There is an “activities pool” with the usual loud music and aerobics, etc. Use of the Punta Coral pool, with a swim up bar, was available. This pool was very quiet with soft piped music.

Games Room/Café: There was an enclosed, air conditioned games room with a pool table, etc for the kids and a café which was set up like a Starbucks coffee shop. You had a choice of coffees with muffins, cookies, biscotties, etc.

Tennis/Soccer/Basketball: One tennis court, lighted. One soccer field/basketball court in one. Soccer balls, tennis rackets/balls available without charge.

Spa: The spa facilities were under construction, about 80% complete. Once completed, it looks like it would be very nice. Massages on the beach were available but were half the price in spas in Playa Del Carmen.

Puerto Morales: Small fishing village, about a 30 – 40 minutes walk along the beach. There are a few really nice quiet restaurants, no shopping to mention.

Playa Del Carmen: About a 20 minute cab ride – lots of restaurants, shopping, etc. If you’re dyeing for a Starbucks, Burger King, Wal*Mart, etc. it may be worth the drive. However; sitting on the sea wall, watching the locals on the beach, the ferries to Cozumel, the various vendors and eating fresh chunks of pineapple and coconut were well worth the trip.

Crocodile Farm: Located at the entrance off the highway. Well worth the $20 admission fee. You can walk from the resort but it is quite the hike.

Concerns/Dislikes: This is a stretch as there was nothing major to complain about. We found that there was too much seafood on the menu in the Japanese restaurant and in the Buffet. However; someone who likes shrimp & lobster would love it.

The bathroom was not a separate room with a door. It was more an open concept “bath area”. There was a shower stall with a door and a toilet stall with a door. There was a glass wall separating the bathroom from the bedroom with an accordion style shutter. If you left the shutter open and the blinds open at night, someone outside could see you brushing you teeth at the sink or stepping out of the tub or shower stall. We did not have a problem with this but if you were with a friend, your privacy would be compromised.

Conclusion: A great resort and would recommend it with a doubt. One of the few I would return to as it is close to the Cancun airport, Xhel-Ha, Xcatet, etc.

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  H10 Punta Turquesa and H10 Punta Coral   jcn

January 2008

My wife and I returned from a week at H10 Turquesa and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. We are in our late 70’s, and enjoy sitting at the pool, walking the beach, drinking margaritas and eating at the buffet.

This was our 36th all-inclusive resort, and it was perfect for us.

If you sit at one of the four pools you are only a few steps from beach.

The service that we experienced all week was very good. The food and choices in the buffet was better than most resorts. Our mini-fridge was well stocked all week. The rooms are large,clean and well maintained. The shower drain is a minor problem. There is only about 1/4 inch drop in the shower floor and the drain is slightly raised. However, if you rollup a hand towel and place it on the floor at the door and don’t have the water on full flow, you won’t get any water on the bathroom floor

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  H10 Punta Turquesa and H10 Punta Coral   Thom & Mary

January 2008


Just returned from one week in Mexico, including 4 awful days spent at H10 Punta Turquesa. By the way, Punta Turquesa and Punta Coral are basically the same resort right now – in time, they may be differentiated, but the front desk for Coral is not operational – only the one for Turquesa. For example, we were booked into Turquesa, but ended up getting a room in Coral.

So, starting with the good news … when this place does get its $h!t together, it will be fantastic. They have spent a ton on the physical property – the main reception area, the rooms are all fantastic and the beach is beautiful. But it will be a long time before this resort is realistically ready to be anything other than a 2-3 star facility. Bottom line is that his place is nowhere near ready to open, especially if they’re trying to pass themselves off as a 4+, 4 1/2, or 5 star resort (depending on whose web site you look at). The Air Transat rep tried to tell us on Jan 2 during our orientation that there were a number of "little" things that needed work, but that we should have expected that since we booked a hotel that was just newly opened. Yeah, like it’s our fault they misrepresent the condition of their property?!?!?

Well, by the lineup of people in the lobby each day demanding their money back, a transfer to another hotel, or just simply chewing out Transat for selling packages with this hotel, it’s clear that the problem was not just "little" things!

The staff are way too few, insufficiently trained and seriously overwhelmed by the newness of everything. Line ups for dinner of up to 1 hr++ , even at the buffets, no menus for the a la cartes -"this is what we are serving tonight ladies and gentlemen, there are no options" i.e. Mexican restaurant was fajitas – chicken or beef, or fish fillets. That’s it. The Japanese restaurant was chicken or beef or shrimp (or any combination of those 3) cooked on the tepanyaki (sp?) grill and that’s what everyone in the restaurant got. Period. Plus an appetizer plate (which was actually good) and rice, also cooked on the grill. No options. There was insufficient serviceware in the restaurants so they were constantly running out of plates, and the hot food was often not kept in chafing dishes, so got cold quickly; lots of opportunity for cross-contamination between one food and another in the buffet area and between humans handling the food and then leaving some behind with their paw prints on the food (due to insufficient serving utensils)! No water sports [they have the kayaks, just no oars], the gym opened the day we transferred [altho’ there were wires hanging from the ceiling and lots of things not finished]. The entertainment was good one night, OK another and downright embarrassingly bad the third night.

In the three days we were there, we had to go to the front desk to get our key cards re-programmed three times due to system screw-ups. The showers flooded the bathroom areas since they forgot to slope the shower floors toward the drains; there were several lights in our room that could not be turned off unless they were unplugged (no switch to control them) …

The front desk never answered the phone when you called them – largely because they seemed to always be handling issues of frustrated guests.

If you go, do not buy a phone card from the vending machine they have. The cards they dispense do not work on the ONLY payphone they have at the resort. You have to use the staff phone at the front desk and wait in line in order to use those phone cards.

The biggest frustration I have however is that I was told by our travel agent that IF the resort was not operational (as advertised), then we would be advised 2 weeks prior to flight date and they would put us (family of 5) up in another resort used by Transat on the Mayan Riviera of equal or better rating i.e. 4.5 or 5 star. The phone call never came, so we flew on the scheduled date, the hotel was NOT operational as advertised, and it took 3 days of being jerked around by Transat to get transferred to another resort (a true 5 star) for our remaining 4 days AND we were charged an additional $700 for the transfer to the LEAST EXPENSIVE available hotel (Grand Sirenis) in the Mayan Riviera – one hour away. We also had to pay the $110 taxi fare to get ourselves to the new hotel!!! Needless to say, we’ll be talking with Transat and the travel agent about these charges, but hopefully we’ll have a happier future post on that subject when (note, I say WHEN) we get reimbursed for our wrecked vacation.

Interesting aside … Transat actually had the gall to request that I sign a form that – once they transferred us to a suitable property [with the additional fee we had to pay] we would not come back to them for any claim for further compensation!!! Unbelievable. Needless to say, I refused to sign the paper and still got the transfer. I don’t blame the Transat reps necessarily – they are put in a terrible position by their employer who obviously did not do their due diligence to check out the state of the hotel prior to opening. To be fair, I think the reps did as good a job as they could under the circumstances and with the constraints that the head office has put on them. By the way, I found out that Transat has a 30% share in this hotel (some sort of co-marketing arrangement?) but that certainly puts them in a conflict of interest with not acting on behalf of stranded travelers to this resort.

So, would I recommend H10 Punta Turquesa? Not on your life. Maybe in 2 years it will be ready, but even then, I would personally say no. Frankly, I have no interest in supporting a hotel (or it’s parent chain) who will screw with customers’ precious vacation time by “opening” when they’re not ready and not delivering what they’ve advertised. It’s poor business ethics and just plain poor business.

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  H10 Punta Turquesa and H10 Punta Coral   Maoliosa

December 2007

Just got back December 29. First a warning: MAJOR TURISTA!!!!!

I’ve been travelling throughout the world for more than 4 decades, and the intestinal infection I got at Punta Turquesa ranks among the worst I’ve ever had. I ate nothing but the hotel food (not so special) and drank nothing but the hotel drinks, but the squirtypoo and gut cramps I got at Turquesa was as bad as that I got from drinking Moroccan tap water. So, bring your pepto bismal!

Now, the hotel itself is lovely: interesting architecture, beautiful colour scheme, nicely equipped rooms, great pools. The gardens were recently planted, so they are somewhat sparse, but they will be gorgeous once they grow in. There were a few hours of no running water one day, but that was not a major inconvenience.

The beach is nice and shallow and kept free of seaweed debris by a hardworking crew who rake the length of it (and it is long) daily. The sand is soft and the sea weed starts at a fair distance from the beach. The reef is a kilometer or so off shore – too far to swim, but there are a lot of fish close to the beach, so snorkelling is worthwhile, at least for those who are new to the sport. The package was supposed to include kayaks and Hobie catamarans, but the kayaks had no paddles, and the catamarans were pulled off the beach after a couple of days because the hotel does not have the correct permits for using watercraft in the reef ecosystem. (The mesoamerican reef is carefully protected by the "Guardaparque".)

The staff is a mixture of truly friendly, robotically friendly and downright surly. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be prepared to tip frequently to get adequate service from the main bar. I found that to be quite annoying as I thought I had paid for 4.5 star service when I bought my package – silly me! So, bring along a large wad of american dollar bills if you want to get your drinks without a 10 minute wait just to catch the server’s eye. Servers in the restaurants are quite friendly and attentive. There seems to be a fairly good children’s program, although my kids weren’t with me this time, so it’s hard to say.

The evening entertainment is standard fare, nothing I haven’t seen before in one context or another. So, all-in-all, I’d say that the Punta Turquesa is a three star resort dressed up as a five star. You’ll have a good time with the right attitude, just don’t expect too much.

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