Old Reviews – Portofino Hotel

We just returned march 6 2006 and We had a perfect time, two weeks of sun, and fun, maybe We are not as fussy as some but I have no complaints about this resort at all only positive comments as follows;

Rooms–main building not as good as 2 storey bld. a/c held temp to exact setting which you will find 78 F to be about as cold as You may want it as outside temperature is 90F and very humid, small but efficient fridge for water or other desired beverages, I suggest beer as it is $4 us for 36 yes 36 255 ml cans, and yes the beds are firm, water is trucked in and We were out twice in two weeks, tv has 4 english channels cnn, hallmark, and a couple that have Spanish sub titles I never had much time for tv anyway.Clean clean clean, 1 cricket was very quiet so I left it alone, 1 cat who took to us for some reason also very quiet so We left it on the balcony to sleep, Please do not waste the water as even by tanker truck it costs 6 cents a litre twice as much as gasoline at 3 cents.

food——Quality ok, selection so so, they cater to mostly South American tastes, but always try the Mystery meat as it was always good as was the pizza at the cafe, and a nice selection of salads, cheese, cold ham, great tomatoes, hot dogs and burgers at the smaller pool restaurant, juices are excellent taste freshly pressed and this goes for bar drinks as well pina colada, rum punch, Iguanas, and we were told by a chap from Caracas during Canavale that to stay in Veneusula You must drink a coucaracha and as I certainly did not want to go I forced Myself and was pleasantly surprised Warning any more than three can lead to alcohool being used for evil purposes as they contain tequela, whisky, rum, and brandy or other nefarious mixtures. Lots of fresh fruit good pastery, buns and bread excellent, slow toaster, fresh real butter, eggs, pancakes, omellete, and all served with a smile. if you are an early riser take your coffee perc as it is not available untill after 7:15 am.

hotel—-excellent, spotless , with nicely manicured gardens and walkways, always lots of staff sweeping raking washing and watering.

staff—–bend over backwards to help You out, but be polite but assertive as with any Caribean country, English is spoken very well by key staff and car rental as well as internet call center and stores at hotel.

pools—4 includes, main pool with bar, activity pool for water sport also with bar, another pool not so deep as main but quieter also with bar kids pool sorry kids no bar. All with lots of shade and excellent companions from all over South America and Nothern Europe mostly Sweden and Finland, sad place to be Canadian after the hockey let down took a little ribbing over that one.

beach–Nice and clean, always a stiff breeze from the north east, 2-3 ft waves and sometimes an undertow advise swimming near the breakwater as it is much more tranquil, all beaches on this northeast coast are windy and wavy if You need a more gentle beach they are only a 2 dollar cab ride away , Manzanillo, Caribe, or Jaun Greigo town has a nice beach as well as several others within 10 miles of portofina or playa el-agua hotels that may suit You better but You will have to rent louges and a canopy. cabs are cheap.

All in all a very nice two weeks, will I go back to this Resort Yes for sure, Margarita yes for sure, weather is hot sun is very strong UV measured up to 16 not 10 like Canada . Take some tours or rent a car or hire a cab for the day 40 US or less, go to Porlamar to the Mall, take lots of film as it is very scenic from all kinds of beaches to mountains to desert to quaint towns and villages. Try the local food empalades with hot sauce, to Jumbo shrimp at Moises in Playa el agua which also has a Killer burger and fries for 6 bucks, if you are a rum drinker the resort rum is ok in drinks but get to a store to bring home a decent rum it is about 6000 Bs and there are several good brands not as good to My taste as Dominican or Cuban but decent. Take wash clothes and relish if you like your dogs and burgers with it. Do not use credit cards as they will nail you 12 percent, do not change your money at the cambios as they will give you 2144 to 1 us and charge you 6 percent, take us dollars and change at hotel or in reputable establishments watch your change and have fun.

Not a complaint, an update on departure ripoff in venuszuela, it is now 54 us or 115,000 Bs. Bs can be had at stores and vendors for 1us to 2400 Bs.do not take Canadian 1300 Bs to 1 Can. as You can see it is cheaper to covert and pay in Bolivars from us

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