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We just returned from Margarita having spent a week at the Puerto Del Sol complex. We were there from the 9th to the 16th. We couldn’t find out much about this hotel before going except that it was a 3 star by some and a 2 1/2 star by others. Well we would go back in a minute. We are not the most extensively traveled people by any measure, but we do get away 2 or three times a year. To us while this is truly not a 4 star we would rate it a strong 3 or 3 1/2.


The rooms (we had 2) are large and clean with fully ceramic bathrooms. There were two comfortable queen size beds, a bar fridge (not stocked), cable tv (3 or 4 english channels), ample closet space, a safe, and a good blow dryer in the washroom. We only changed rooms do to the safe not working in our first room. By the way, the charge for the safe is only 2 bucks a day, although there is a $40.00 deposit.

Food: There is an excellent buffet with lots of choices at every meal, several juices, beer, wine etc. The food quality is better than acceptable, in fact it was very good with the exception of the desserts. There was not much selection and it was usually some type of little cake squares. There are theme nights at the buffet, such as mediterannean etc. The service is pretty good we found particularly if you tip just a little.

There are also 3 a la cartes there and they are also pretty god , but most agreed that the Mexican was the run away favourite. It featured a seafood salad to die for and a beef fajitas entre that was just terrific. We are fairly sociable people and we spoke with lots of our co travellers, we never heard an unhappy word about the food quality.

Beach & Pools: The beach, well it’s Playa el Agua, fantastic. Great beach, no rocks, excellent rolling waves for body surfing or boogie boards. Several sand bars so you can go out quite a ways and still be only chest deep. Volley ball games ongoing, lots of cabannas and lounges. If you come late you may not get a cabanna for a while, but you will certainly get lounges. There is also a beach bar which is also all in the inclusive but no snacks there.

The main pool is fine, and has a small shallow play area for kids at one end. It has a swim up bar and a separate section that is used for water vollyball. There are two other smaller pools set off a ways, that are more private and seem to be not for kids but, we’re not sure about that as we never used them. They looked nice enough, we just preferred the beach.

Money: You might want to do your shopping etc. in bolivars as you will no doubt save money. We found that changing US dollars would get us 2400 boilvars to the dollar unless we changed denominations of $20.00 or more, then we would get 2450 bolivars to the dollar. But you have to shop and BARGAIN! That was at that time, it changes. The official rate was 1920 B’s to the dollar we were told.

Things are quite inexpensive there really. If you wanted to go out for dinner for example you would expect to pay between 15,000 to 25,000 B’s for a full meal (garlic shimps for example) and that’s like 7 to 10 dollars. Oh yes, and cocktails are about a buck. The beer is 2 for about 1000 B’s, and that’s about a quarter each. They are small bottles but they are really good. Just DON’T DRINK THE WATER!! Oh yes, the weather was upper 80’s to 90’s every day except one that went over 100, it was bright sunny days and it rained a few times overnight, never in the daytime.

We’ve been to margarita a few times before and really enjoy it. This was our first time at Puerto Del Sol and we were very pleasantly surprised. We hope this helps those considering, don’t fret it, you’ll love it.

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