Old Reviews – Punta Serena

April 2006

We left the house at 2:30 in the morning and got to Newark airport at 3:30 checked in which went really smooth and just waiting to start boarding. All was going smooth until the child sitting behind us threw up what a way to start your vacation. We got to Houston for our 3 hour layover and all went fine we had breakfast went to the stores and just waited for next flight to manzanillo mx. All went fine with the next flight and we finally arrived to mexico in 80 degree weather. It was so wonderful. Got our rental car and drove to the resort wasn’t so bad just took a long time . Got to the resort and were greeted with a refreshing drink very nice. We got a tour of the resort and loved it it was beautiful. Went to our room which I must say was the worst part of the resort. Very bare bed was on a cement slab. Bathroom was tiny. But wow what a view we would lay in bed and look at the ocean how nice. SO we got changed and went to the hot tubs with drink in hand. It was so breathtaking. We met some really nice people most of them spoke Spanish and very little English but we made do. Dinner was outstanding could not have asked for better. Drinks were very yummy too. Next morning we took a walk down the 100 plus steps to blue bay and it was nice typical big resort. We ate at the buffet breakfast and enjoyed it but after having breakfast at punta serena we never did go back to blue bay for breakfast. We did eat at one of there specialty restaurants and did enjoy that but still food at punta serena was much better. 5* on the food, drinks and view. 2* for the room. Blue bay has horseback riding, kayaking, diving, all the big resorts activities you would expect. They have a river boat cruise which is nice we did enjoy that. We did enjoy punta serena more as it was adults only and better food and much more quiet. We did go horse back riding while there however my husband fell off the horse and had to go to the Dr. and then to the hospital with 5 breaks on 3 bones. But he still had a great time and the people were wonderful. This is great place for a romantic getaway. Rolando, piri and Jamie were the best there. Very accomadating. If you have any questions please email me at andynancytyler@optonline.net.

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