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First of all I would like to thank you for having such an informative and helpful website especially the forums. My wife and I and two friends traveled to Reina Cumayasa from March 16th through the 23rd with Go Travel Direct/Zoom Airlines out of Ottawa Ontario. This is our 5th year traveling with Go Travel, 4th year to the DR and will not travel with any others. This company provides customer service beyond what is required. Right from the Ottawa airport to arrival and straight on through the trip to departure we could count on them.


The flight down was scheduled for 4 hours but what seems to be the norm with GTD we arrived ½ hour early. From getting off the aircraft, waiting at immigration, collecting our luggage and passing through customs and getting to our bus took all of 20 minutes, what a great airport La Romana is. By the way for you golfers, all golf clubs do not come with the other luggage, they just appear all the sudden so do not panic.

Airport to Resort.

We had a very comfortable bus, A/C included take us from La Romana Airport to Reina Cumayasa about 30 minutes drive but first we passed through the town of La Romana. We were able to open our windows of the bus so taking in the sights of this bustling town rewarding but I would havew to say for the unseasoned traveler this may be a little unsettling since the windows were open the locals took that as an invitation to try and sell their wares or just ask for a hand out but very aggressively, here a firm no gracias was required. At the entrance of Reina Cumayasa you pass through a security kiosk then the fun begins, a 7 km drive in is required along a paved/not really paved road and a little bumpy but hey the roads in the DR are not that smooth anyways.

Check In

Driving up to the resort is spectacular the coral paved road is lined with Royal Palm Trees and the look of the main hotel is awesome. We were greeted with a very cold rum punch with the staff singing and dancing. The check in area I must say is a little smaller than what I am used to but since there was only 10 to 15 couples check in went very fast, our luggage was taken directly to our lobby area (we were in build two) and a porter walked along with us to our building and proceeded to carry the luggage to our third floor room.

Junior Suite

Walking into this room the first thing you notice is the actual size, these rooms are HUGE. There is a massive living room with a couch and two large sitting chairs and a standard TV with only ESPN, great for the sports fan. The bedroom is large room as well very large closet with two dressers and two dressing mirrors. Bathroom was spectacular with a Jacuzzi tub, walk in shower and separate enclosed toilet area. The whole suite is done in marble.


This resort depending where you find it can be ranked from a 2 star to a 5 star but is a standard 3 star with 4 to 5 star potential. The resort layout is done with everything close by but this resort is not wheelchair accessible. There are two buildings the main one with reception and another building set away from the busier areas. The hotel has one restaurant buffet style, one bar setup in the lobby area with an out door bar open on Friday and Saturday night. The beach has a little walk down and is about 25 metres wide, very warm and set in a little cove, very nice. Water is clear and certainly not dirty but not crystal clear as one might think of the Caribbean Sea. At sunset one can even see crabs climbing on the cliffs surrounding the cove. The daring vacationers even found an area where jumping off the cliffs into the water was safe. There is a pool table area with two tables and a massage area as well. The resort is large enough where exploring can be done, we located a pathway which looked like it was part of the resort’s original design but nature has some what taken it back, all cut out of coral and takes you to a private secluded beach, water is very clear but again nature has taken it over. There was one disconcerting aspect to the grounds though, while near the beach there is a sandy area where sand wasps live, during the morning they come out in droves but they do not sting or bite, they totally leave you alone, as the day gets hotter they go back under ground until the next morning.


The pool is free form with walk down steps all around the pool edge. Pools depth ranges from about 3 to 5 feet deep. There is an island in the middle of the pool with palms and a little circular bench surrounding this island. Very warm and open until 1pm. There are also 2 jacuzzis available.


The restaurant was decent enough. Set in an open air environment and typically like any other resort buffet. Hot tables from scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, sausages, ham, potatoes for breakfast, to the staples of Dominican dining of chicken fish and beef with rice, potatoes and veggies for lunch and dinner. Fruit table salad table and bread table as well. Of couse there is the grill area where eggs are done to order from pork, chicken and beef at other times. We did however notice no desserts. Food was sadly to say a little repetitive but we never starved. Also during the afternoon, food is put out around the bar area for those afternoon munchies. The bar was located in the lobby and service all the standard drinks, beer, rum, coladas and of course the Bahama Mamas. As noted earlier there is a bar that will open of Frday and Saturday night for an outside disco/dancing evening, nice ambiance.


The staff was so pleasant and helpful and a little Spanish vocabulary will go along way. The staff seems to multitask a lot where servers will be bartenders, security will help with luggage, cleaners are the porters ect…Most of the staff actually live on the resort during their shifts because their day does not end until our does, some nights these people were up until 4am and then back up at 9am to start their next shift. The cleaning staff was outstanding always cleaning the grounds, beach and buildings all day long. The rooms were cleaned in the morning every day with clean towels and sheets. Asking for additional towels was not a problem at all.

Power and Water

Unfortunately we lost power and water everyday. The time when this happened though seemed to be when it would least impact the guests usually in the middle of this night or when the guest seem to leave on excursions during mid day. We did not find this issue major at all and seemed to be non-impacted at all.

Activities and Animation Staff

Activities and the Animation staff were there all day with dancing lessons, crazy games around the pool or beach, volleyball. There are no water sports available so not kayaks, paddle boats or windsurfing, snorkeling equipment is available though. Overall I would recommend this resort to anyone who was looking to relax and take it easy but for the activity minded and partier this resort may not be suited for that. I would rank my vacation 8 out of 10. Here is a link to some photos of our trip.


If you have any questions feel free to email me jeffpaul1965@rogers.com

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