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  Riu Palace Pacífico   Alan ~ Kelowna British Columbia, Canada

February 2009

We have just spent a week at he Riu Place Pacifica in Nuevo Nyarit. Feb 7-14 2009 Puerto Vallarta Airport: A nightmare!. They have eight luggage carousels but only one was working, the info monitors above each carousel were all not working. Having found our luggage, we made our way to the outside, only to be assailed by taxi firms touting for business. One individual even told us he represented Sunquest, ( our vacation rep ), he had a clipboard and asked which hotel we were staying at , my wife blindly told him and we were directed to a woman who tried to put us in a Cab.
TIP: To ensure you have your vacation rep ask the individual to show you his list of names, yours will be on it…

The Hotel Lobby
Spectacular lobby somewhat a cross between the Palace at Versailles and a late 1800s bordello. The latter came to mind when I spotted the front-desk men dressed in yellow and gray pinstripe suits, I kid you not! The service was very good if a little curt; we also received a free drink as we stood at the check in counter. Orientation of Hotel: The shape of the Riu Palce is that of the letter "U" with the arms of the ˜U" pointing towards the ocean. Unfortunately development along this piece of coastline has been extraordinary with hotels being built cheek to jowl, as is the case with the Palace. Looking out towards the ocean the arm to the right has a hotel no more than 100 meters (300 feet) adjacent to it.

This means if you are given a room on the outside of the right arm that room will face, not the touted garden view, but the balconies of the hotel next door!. The Riu is 8 floors high the hotel next door is six , ( as far as I could determine) so even if you get a room on the seventh or eighth floors your view will be of the roof of the hotel next door. People I spoke to who had rooms on the inner arms said the noise was quite high due to all the actiontaking place there at night. The rooms on the outside of the left arm of the ˜U" looked out over undeveloped shrub land. If you want an ocean view the premium room s were located at the tips of the ˜U" and cost a premium price.

The Room Our room contained two double beds pushed together, which were adequate to our needs. Wonderful tiling throughout as was the case with the entire hotel. The maid service was excellent and the bar fridge was kept well stocked The bathroom held a Jacuzzi tub and separate sinks, while the room also had a small seating area. The food: In endeavoring to feed several hundred people each day the buffet has to resort to using heat lamps which tend to give the food a chewy texture. Although the selection was excellent, especially the dessert tables!.

TIP: The chefs will prepare you something fresh, for example try the omelets, they were delicious, or the hamburgers freshly cooked.

There are specialty restaurants we tried the Krystal and the Steak house, not much to write home about though. No wine selection you get a choice of red or white which were passable Mexican wines. The food was so so, but would never pass muster in a better restaurant. One thing did irk me tho, Gentlemen if your lady has gone to the trouble of dressing up and making her self beautiful for this ˜special˜ night out, you could at least do the same. Many guys ignored the dress code showing up in shorts and jeans I wouldn’t mow the lawn in , come on guys make the effort.!!

The beach and Landscaping
Due to the newness of the Palace, The landscaping is still immature with many new palm trees with little or no fronds. Now this might not seem a big deal but when you consider that the beach has no Palapas, and the only shade is the immature palms it is important to take lots of SFP 45 sun cream. If you wan to see an example of mature landscaping, take a walk down the beach to the Palace’s sister hotel, The Jalisco, quite a contrast with lush vegetation everywhere. Never the less the landscaping was very pretty, but too young. Give it three to five years to grow in.

The Pool
I avoided using the pool after hearing one tyke shout mummy I gotta go pee!’ and mummy replying with "that’s alright honey just go ahead" Very nicely laid out pool with and infinity pool at its center.

Overall Impression
The Riu Palace Pacifico, to give it its full name, is a very nice hotel located directly on the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately it has two major things going against it firstly its newness, which will be addressed with the passage of time, and its location, which unfortunately cannot be corrected. By my estimation, fully one quarter of the rooms face directly on to the hotel next door. One quarter look directly onto undeveloped scrubland and the rooms overlooking the courtyard, have to deal with the cacophony of sounds from the various restaurants and the evening market stalls set up each night.

Recommendation give this hotel a miss and try one of the sister hotels down the beach. I give this hotel a 3 star rating at best.

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