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Royal Hideaway Playacar Craig & Nadine ~ Canada

February 2005

About us: Nadine and myself, both Canadian, mid 30’s, 40 – comparable places we’ve stayed include, RIU Palace Playa, Paradisus Veradero and RIU Bambu, Punta Cana – this was our 4th trip to the Royal Hideaway, the first being in 2000

General Comment: we’ve been to this resort several times and like it a lot, so I’ll try not to bias this review too much. Each stay we’ve had at the RH has been a little better than the previous, in terms of food and service – the grounds and the rooms have been consistently very good – the rooms could use a little upgrading as the décor hasn’t changed since the resort opened in 1999 – having said all that, their prices have increased substantially over the period – the Cdn $ has increased by 50% against the peso and 20-25% against the US $ over the period and RH prices are still 10-15% higher in C$’s than in 2000 – so, all said a fairly hefty price increase on the part of the RH.

I usually don’t comment on the flight/transfers unless there’s problem – we used Sunquest which uses Skyservice as carrier – the flight down was smooth and the deplaning/customs experience was very quick and easy – the problem arose with the transfers – b/c the RH is a premium resort with a premium price tag we expected and were told by Sunquest that transfers would be by minivan (were told this by 3 different Sunquest people), but they only provided a bus – with lots of stops to pick/up – drop/off at other resorts (this increases the transfer time by around 50%) – I’m writing Sunquest to express my displeasure.


Check-in/Room: got an early flight (Cancun arrival 9am) so we could be on the beach around noon – in past the RH has been able to provide rooms before the 3pm check-in – we got to the resort around 11:30 am and only had to wait until 1pm to get our room – gave us time to have lunch – we requested a room facing the interior on an upper floor, which we received. Rooms are fairly large with large bathroom, separate tub and shower double sinks etc, lots of marble and small terrace – everything was fine and the maid service, including the turndown was great. Each villa has its own concierge – ours, Monica, was very good/professional – we didn’t use her for much outside of restaurant reservations and dealing with Sunquest for the transfers.

Grounds: grounds are very well manicured and have grown in nicely over the last few years – resort has a manmade brook running through it’s center which is esthetically pleasing

Pools: there are two main pools close to the beach/beach grill area – the pools are not a major focus for this resort – seem to be acceptable to guests as I heard no complaints – both are smallish, one is salt water – we spent little time around the pools opting for the beach – the pool area did get busy early so you had to be spry to get a good seat. They have 4 smaller pools scattered around the resort, if you want more privacy (didn’t use them this year but have in past – a nice touch) and a hot tub next to the main fresh water pool.

Beach: a short description of the beach: IT’S GONE……over the past few weeks it’s been windy in the area and water levels have been higher b/c of all the storms last fall, so the beach has been eroded substantially – in past the RH has had maybe, 100 ft of beach (more than enough for the size of the resort – you could always find a spot away from people with acceptable privacy)…..they have approx 25ft left (the area in the palms) and then a 6ft drop to the water – they had to build stairs so you can get to the water – enough for only 3 rows of lounges – the lounges are now right up against the salt pool – so you’re in tight with everyone……the quality of the beach carries a fairly large weighting for us when we choose a resort, so this was discouraging on first inspection – surprisingly things turned out fine – we sat first row on the beach next to the water all week and still got that ‘beach, relaxing feeling’. The erosion has hit most resorts in the Playcar area – as you go south the beach gets better – the Gala, which always had the best beach, now has a huge beach and the beach area to the south of the Gala is substantially larger than last year – hopefully the winds will shift and the sand to the south will be washed back to the north next year – we asked several people at the RH what was being done to fix the beach but no one had answers as the erosion happened quickly and is a semi-regular event in the area – a waiter was telling us that this happens ever 5-6 yrs and then corrects itself.

Restaurants/Food: 5 restaurants – make reservations with your concierge – we ate late, 8-8:30 and never had trouble getting the restaurant we wanted. I won’t go into a detailed description of each restaurant – anyone wanting specifics feel free to ask……the overall food quality and selection has gotten better – the food doesn’t quite compare to the better restaurants in Toronto (where we live) but it’s very good and is substantially better than any inclusive resort that I’ve stayed at – they’ve changed the menus a little – still have the awesome clam chowder at Palazzo – the service also has gotten better/more professional – still not as good as you’d find in better restaurants but better than it’s been (language is a bit of an issue at times – waiters can give surface descriptions in English, but once you ask a question, they have trouble – this didn’t really bother us – the wait staff did a very good job over all) – they’ve renovated Azia so it’s more Japanese and less Thai (this was our favourite) and added The Grill (convert the beach grill at night) – Grill serves steaks/fish – we surmised that the Grill was added b/c most of the RH clientele is American and therefore the demand for steaks etc would be high…….they did a nice job on the Grill – I had a NY strip and it was pretty good. The beach grill – right beside the pools and beach is for lunch – menu is fine – some salads, soup, fish, burgers, fajitas etc…… The weakest area is the wine – the house is Chilean chardonnay and cab – acceptable at best – they do have an additional wine list that is at extra cost – selection is small and they don’t even provide vintages – I suspect that b/c the RH is inclusive and people drink plenty throughout the day that there has been little demand for higher end wines at dinner – we saw several people order off the wine list, but not many .(I know this whole wine discussion sounds snobby, but any 4 diamond place I’ve been to has had a huge wine list)

Bars/nightlife: 3 bars and no nightlife – if you’re looking for any kind of party, the RH isn’t for you – nothing goes on at night – they have some live music at the patio bar and had some kind of fire/circus show there one night, but very low key overall. There are plenty of bars in PDC, just a short cab ride away. We have avoided the Club Royale shows b/c I’ve heard that the shows are amateurish and the food is sub par – was a buffet this yr. The overall quality and drink selection is good – we drank Pina’s, Miami Vice(s), and several others – ingredient quality is good and I usually asked for a brand liquors ie Absolute vodka (can’t really tell if you’re getting it – we’ve seen brand liquor bottles being filled with local liquor at other resorts, so you really don’t know with summery mixed drinks). They have 3 beers: Corona draft, canned Heineken and canned Modelo Light – I drank Modelo Light all week and it was very refreshing.

Social: Most of the guests (90% as told by our concierge) were American with some Canadians and a few Italians and Germans – one Japanese couple. Ages of guests in past have been ‘older’ but this year the average age was noticeably younger – lot’s in 20’s and 30’s – mostly couples and no kids (an adult only resort) – it’s an upscale resort and most of the guests seem to be ‘professional types’ – there was one ‘corporate group’ that arrived on toward the end of our stay – they were pretty well behaved and didn’t take away from the quiet/serenity of the resort – this hasn’t been the case in past as we always seem to have a some kind of ‘corporate group’ at the RH and mostly they’ve been loud and disruptive. We tend not to socialize too much a the RH, as is the case with most guests (outside of the groups) – it’s a place to relax and chill – we haven’t used the spa services yet – I’m not a massage type of guy, but I’ve heard the service is good.

Service: the service overall is excellent, it’s the real strength of the resort – they go the extra mile for you and we experienced the wow factor several times – this high level of service has been consistent since we started with this resort. We tipped on the beach and at dinner – didn’t see much tipping this year – the service level is very good and doesn’t decline if you do not tip.

Town of Playa del Carmen and Playacar (Playacar is the hotel zone just south of the town of PDC): one of the reasons that we like the RH, is it’s proximity to the town of PDC – if the weather’s bad, you can go into town – a 25min walk or 10min cab ride – this region has become very popular (justifiably so) over the last few years and is noticeably busier – it’s gotten to the point were it’s become a bit of a negative for us. Over the last year there has been substantial construction in Playacar and the streets have become quite busy. Playa del Carmen has gotten very busy with the Cruise ship situation and the large number of resorts that have been built in the area – it’s losing its charm. There is more of a security presence in the town with more police toting automatic weapons and more military patrolling the beach. The upside of the growth is that the local people have an opportunity for a higher standard of living – which they absolutely deserve. We’re thinking it might be time to start looking for the next Playa del Carmen.

Summary: We really enjoyed our trip and have only minor complaints – even the beach situation wasn’t a problem – even though we’ve been to this resort several times, I’m sure we’ll go back – it’s a very nice place where they do things right.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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Royal Hideaway – Playa Del Carmen Andrew & Jackie

January 2005

First of all, thanks to all of the vacationers who wrote their reviews on this web site. Almost everything written was 100% accurate. I was at RH with my wife and in-laws from 12/11 – 12/18 and had a phenomenal time. It was definitely paradise! The staff went out of their way to make our stay memorable.

We were in villa 30- and although the neighboring hotel was a bit loud – we were so tired from all of the activities during the day that it didn’t bother us. It was about 2/3 of the way between the lobby building (which contained the gym, spa, business center, Palazzo, & Ventanas) and the ocean.

A few notes:
1) If you play tennis, bring your racket and make sure you have white-soled shoes. If you don’t you will have to wear the sneakers provided by the hotel. Leo, the tennis pro is a very nice guy. He makes up some fun games for the intermediate tennis class from 8-9am. I would recommend it.

2) Palazzo was our favorite restaurant – I would recommend it highly. The chowder, mushroom pasta, and stuffed chicken were our favorites.

3) Unless you are really into seeing shows, I would not go to the dinner theatre on Sunday night – food & show were just OK.

4) I would go to the Wednesday night Mexican dinner show. That was a lot of fun – especially the rope guy. The food was excellent and plenty of it.

5) Service from the staff was above expectations. Everyone tried to make our vacation extra special. The waiters around the pool and ocean came by constantly to check if you wanted any drinks – and sometimes just brought you a new drink if yours was half-empty. They almost seemed sad if you said you did not want a drink.

6) Mixed drinks are very strong – unlike some other AIs which skimp on the alcohol.

7) The hot tubs aren’t super hot, although they say it is 104F. I would recommend jumping in the pool prior to going in the hot tub to make the tub seem hotter.

8) Take the bikes out for a ride around Playa Del Carmen – it was a lot of fun to see all of the construction going on.

9) Try the white chocolate mousse at Spices for dessert.

10) Try sitting by the pool— the chairs are VERY comfortable (more than the chairs at the beach) with a wonderful view of the ocean.

11) Quesidillas at the Grill were excellent as was the fried calamari and onion rings.

12) Breakfast was superb – we went to the buffet everyday and there was so much selection and the quality was super as well. I would highly recommend the french toast and omelets.

13) The ocean quality and temp was awesome – the most beautiful turquoise color and temp about 78F (In December!)

14) Beach volleyball was a lot of fun and GREAT exercise. The staff played if you need people – but watch out – they are very good, especially Luiz.

You can’t go wrong going to this place. Unless you are really picky and anal- I guarantee you will love it.

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Royal Hideaway – Playa Del Carmen  

February 2004

We visited The Royal Hideaway in June of 2003. We were traveling with 5 other couples. We had a fantastic time. We booked through Funjet and they took care of everything. It’s true that you are greeted with Champaign and a cool damp cloth. Check in went smoothly but our rooms were not quite ready. So we headed down to eat our lunch at the beach. After that we were escorted to our rooms by our own personal villa’s concierge. Her name was Veronica. She was wonderful! She saw to our every need. She booked our dinner reservations, our day trips, extra needs and wants. One of the women we were traveling with thought their room was too humid, so she brought her a dehumidifier. The grounds were stunning and well cared for. The standard room was lovely, the food and service were 6 stars. Room service was fun, but I wish they would expand on their room service menu a bit. Oh, I need to mention at many of the all inclusive resorts you have to wear a wrist ban like you’re at an amusement park, not at The Royal Hideaway! I know it’s an all inclusive resort but tipping goes a long way here. Several of us had spa treatments. I personally had the stone message. Spend the extra bucks for this one it’s well worth it! We are planning another trip with our friends next year I have a feeling we will end up at The Royal Hideaway again. We have done a lot of research but we can’t find another resort like The Royal Hideaway. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions at jlwagner@fidnet.com.

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Royal Hideaway – Playa Del Carmen Dominick

November 2003

Travelers beware! The Royal Hideaway has been overbooking the last several weeks and we were telephoned the day before from American Airlines Vacations about this change. We were sent to the Grand Flamenco Xcaret (see separate review of this horror). My comments might be a bit biased since I got sick at the Grand Flamenco as reported by many reviewers of this property. We were given 3 free nights on a return visit for this inconvenience, which was nice.

Upon arrival a day later than planned to the Royal Hideaway with much stomach pain, the manager greeted us on duty. There were a total of 8 people bumped on our van to the hotel that morning. We had anticipated a warmer greeting and perhaps a bit more flexibility on their part with room locations. All the reviewers are correct in that some of the locations in the resort tend to be noisy from the properties on either side. Since I was a returning guest I knew the situation. I was told that there were not many room choices for us and that we were given a special room overlooking one of the relaxation pools. Although it was not in the center of the resort and was on the side, He told us that it would be fine. Feeling the way I did, we accepted and went to the room. What he failed to mention was that it was not the relaxation pool that we would be facing but the generators from the other hotel and storage sheds for the groundskeepers. They were totally full and there was nothing else we could do.

I was unable to enjoy the great food and beverages that the hotel had to offer on my first 2 days. On the third, feeling better and not wanted to keep eating bread and drinking ginger ale, we chose Palazzo as my first meal. The staff was wonderful since it was a beautiful night and we wanted to eat on the terrace. They brought our table out on the terrace and it was a beautiful sight. I ordered a wonder sounding chicken dish with rice that was presented wonderfully. There were four of us at dinner and we were enjoying the night. As I got close to finishing my meal, I thought the chicken tasted a bit different from what I was used to eating at home. At first I thought it was a Mexican thing. Then as I started to notice the coolness of the chicken I pushed my plate close to the candle that was illuminating our table outdoors. The chicken was raw! Needless to say that within 1 hour I was confined to my room. I contacted the concierge the next morning and she asked if I wanted the doctor, whom I declined, so instead she sent additional bathroom supplies to our room. How thoughtful. This lasted until I got back on the plane to return home and I was fine. This was my 6th trip to Mexico and never have I been sick. In fact I have traveled to South America and Asia and never had any problems.

My personal experience was terrible and I am attributing this due to my first night at the Grand Flamenco Xcaret and eating the lousy food there.

However, I have to say that the Royal Hideaway is the best resort in the area. The grounds are beautiful, the service in the restaurants is superb and the food is great. I had the bad meal in Palazzo but I am sure that if I were not in the shape that I was from the other hotel, I probably would not have had the effect that I did form the chicken. The hotel has added some great things from my last visit. There are nightly activities in the Allegria Bar, live jazz music at the pool during the day, lunchtime outdoor grill buffets and increased staff at the pool and beach. I will go back and will not be allowed to be bumped to another hotel.

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Royal Hideaway – Playa Del Carmen David & Delza —Manchester, Connecticut

October 2003

Everything positive you read in the reviews about this resort are true and accurate. From our perspective, we were there May, 2003, and would return in a heartbeat. Food, service, accomodations – all excellent. Beach is very nice and the water is crtstal clear, and no rocks, etc. in water. Just as good as Trunk Bay in St. John or Maho Bay in St. Thomas. Stayed at Morning Star Beach in St. Thomas a few years ago – air and hotel – $5,000 – with no meals included. Horrible beach – a band of rocks at the water’s edge to stop erosion – just horrible. Royal Hideaway – 8 days, 7 nights for two – air, hotel, ALL MEALS and DRINKS – $4,000. RH is is 9 stars – easily! While it is an "all-inclusive", don’t forget to tip the service people – a couple of bucks here and there to the waiter or bartender helps them out – and they deserve it. And don’t forget the service person cleaning the room eveyday! These folks work hard, and the average pay in Mexico is no more than $6 – $10 a day – if that. Helps them out, and makes you feel good, also.

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Royal Hideaway – Playa Del Carmen  

July 2003

My husband and I just returned from our second trip to the Hideaway. It truly is my favorite place to stay. It is a little bit of heaven on earth. The accomodations, service and food are all first class. The resort is quiet, yet offers many activities and entertainment. The rooms are spacious and beautiful, all with private balconies. Everything about Royal Hideaway is understated elegance. This is truly a place you don’t want to miss. It exceeds every expectation that I could have. The biggest problem I have now is that every accomodation gets compared to this one and most can’t even hold a candle to it.

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Royal Hideaway – Playa Del Carmen Alyx and Eric Wheeler — Colorado

June 2003

I would give this resort a five star and more if possible. My husband and I just got back from our honeymoon at the Royal Hideaway. Our trip was from June 2 – 9th, 2003. I was worried when I was looking for all inclusive resorts and was nervous about this one. My worries were blown away when we arrived. When you arrive you are swept away to the marble lobby that is cool and wonderful. You are given champagne and a cool towel while you wait for your room number. Your bags are taken to your room for you as a concierge escorts you to your room. I just have to say that the pictures don’t do justice to this resort. They looked wonderful in the pictures, however, the resort is even more breathtaking in person.

There are about six different pools. 4 for lounging and relaxing which hardly ever had anyone in them so you get your own private pool, and 2 that are for swimming and activities. Those weren’t crowded either. I am not sure if it was the time that we were there, but there were never lines, never crowds of people and we never had to fight over the spaces on the beach or pool area or the umbrella shade covers. I would agree with the other reviewers that those are a necessity. The sun gets so hot there and shade is wonderful with the ocean breeze! The pools are clean and wonderful!

There are five different restaurants. They were all 5 star service and presentation. If you are looking for a casual dining in shorts, you won’t find it at the resort at night. Pants and slacks were recommended and no shorts allowed. The meals were wonderful. The Italian Palazzo restaurant was the hardest to get the times you wanted for the first few nights you arrive, but it is well worth the wait! All of the restaurants are worth a night of dining. Breakfast was wonderful at the International cuisine Ventanas. Once Once again 5 star meals even for breakfast. You can wear shorts and such for breakfast and lunch which is nice. We ate that the beach bar for lunch most days. This was good, it was quick and refreshing right next to the ocean, pool area and bar! There are cocktail waiters on the beach taking your drink order which was wonderful. I almost forgot the 24 hour room service. This was wonderful. We took advantage of this for a midnight snack, breakfast, and dinner! Service was never over 20 minutes and they bring you champagne beer or other alcohol by the glass too! It was always beautifully prepared and wonderful tasting! A must try!!!

There were three main bars. The Allegro which was an outside-inside bar. We went every night for a drink before and after dinner. It was wonderful outside overlooking one of the river pools that flow throughout the resort. The beach bar was a nice place to get a drink while on the beach and the cigar bar and bar at the Ventanas was quite nice too, however we liked the atmosphere of the Allegro better! All bar staff were there to please you! They were wonderful and friendly!

As for activities: there were posted activities throughout the day posted. We saw water aerobics and volleyball and bingo among others that looked fun. However we liked the beach and ocean too much to leave.

The resort is right on the ocean. I know that by other reviews and pictures I couldn’t tell if it truly was. Our bungalow was number 24 which was the closest to the ocean. I would say 25 feet away. It was wonderful – the main pool for swimming and lounging was right on the beach just steps away from the ocean. Absolutely beautiful! Midnight walks on the beach and strolls are a must. The night air is refreshing and quite romantic!

The rooms are fantastic. They have air conditioning which was a lifesaver for us. It was cool and wonderful! They were large and I think all has a balcony either overlooking the gardens which is what we had or overlooking the ocean. They were both wonderful!! The room upkeep was simply great! They made your bed and picked up your room in the morning-afternoon. And restocked the fridge with bottled water and sodas. And at night they would turn down your bed replenish your towels and water and pick up for you. They also put the TV on classical music for your return. Quite wonderful!!

There are no kids at this resort so if you are looking for a couples atmosphere filled with romantic setting and amazing food this is the resort to go to! You can get away to be alone anywhere at the resort and also have group activities or hang at one of the bars for some social life. The resort isn’t huge but quite large. It is the right size. There are little nooks tucked away with benches and paths to follow and admire the beauty! All of the staff were wonderful! We didn’t have a complaint about any one of them. There are there to make your stay wonderful and they seem to like there jobs which was nice. They are so accommodating and friendly. They helped make the trip that extra special!

The resort is just feet away from an outside little strip mall area where there is a convenience store and lots of little shops selling Mexican crafts and little nick-knacks and tee-shirts and such. It was fun to go there and look and shop. And honestly I thought it was just as nice as Playa del Carmen for those who don’t want the hassle of going to Playa del Carmen. You can also rent bikes and mopeds there to tool around on! That was fun!

I can’t say enough about this resort! It is perfect for honeymooners, couples, anniversaries, or romantic getaways. Don’t even bother with other resorts if you want the best in the Mayan Rivera From what I heard from other vacationers and their resorts, the Royal Hideaway blew them out of the water! It was an unforgettable honeymoon and we will definitely go back again and again without second thought!!!!!

I hope this helps!

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Royal Hideaway – Playa Del Carmen Elaine and Prem — Victoria, B.C. Canada

March 2003

We have just returned from our Honeymoon where we spent a week at the Royal Hideaway, February 17th through 24th, room 3112, and I must say that this is the most perfect place in every way that we have ever had the pleasure to stay at.

We have travelled extensively throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean, always staying in luxury accommodations. The level of professionalism, with regards to the service, accommodations and dining establishments on the resort was second to none.

We were told by many other travellers not to expect a 5 star resort in Mexico to compare with a 5 star in North America or Europe, but the Royal Hideaway proves this to be wrong. Perhaps they are the exception – this is our first trip to Mexico.

When you first arrive at the Royal Hideaway you are courteously greeted by the staff and presented with a chilled glass of champagne and a cool towel. No standing in line at a reception desk – the Royal Hideaway has intimate desks set up throughout the lobby with two chairs for you to sit at as you check in. Check in was a breeze – we were escorted to our villa, our luggage was promptly taken to our room (within 10 minutes!) and all of the room amenities explained to us. All resort staff is fluent in English.

The staff is the most professional, courteous and genuinely helpful of any that we have ever encountered. Everyone really seems to enjoy their job and they go out of their way to ensure that you are treated royally. A very rare quality that we experienced at the Royal Hideaway was this extremely high level of professional service combined with genuine warmth and caring. This is not often seen, but the Royal Hideaway seems to have it perfected.

After our first night at the resort (we were in room 3128) we mentioned to the staff in the lobby that the room was a bit dark, and asked if it would be possible to get a room with morning sun. Without question, we were escorted to a different room, # 3112, which faced the beach and received full morning sun. This room was heavenly. All of the rooms are very spacious. Ours had a king sized bed, but rooms with two queen beds are also available. The bathrooms are phenomenal. As large as some hotel rooms, the bathroom consisted of separate toilet area, double marble sinks, separate marble shower, jacuzzi tub (with window overlooking the beach!) in a curtained area, and a walk in closet. We really couldn’t have asked for better. Our room was on the first floor, which we really enjoyed, as it afforded us the luxury of feeling that we were in a tropical garden. The large balcony was equipped with two lounge beds with thick padded covers. On both sides of the balcony there was lush foliage and flowers. This gave a sense of privacy even though we were facing the beach and pool area.

Each villa has only 12 to 18 suites in it and is attended by it’s own concierge. Our concierge was Luz. She was wonderful, always pleasant and of course, extremely efficient. We booked all of our dinner reservations on our first day there and did not have a problem getting reasonable dining times at any of the fabulous restaurants.

The beach is wonderful. White sand, turquoise blue water, gentle waves (a couple of days we had moderate sized waves, but nothing outrageous) and always a breeze to keep the temperature from feeling uncomfortably hot. The resort also provides "tents" on the beach for those who prefer to have a bit of shade. Unlimited plush beach towels are also available at the beach. The unobtrusive yet efficient security staff keeps peddlers from bothering the guests at the resort. You may approach these beach sellers if you desire, but they will not come up to you and pester you.

Beach service by the many waiters serving the oceanfront is fabulous. Most days our waiter was Nelson. He is the best! Our drinks were replaced whenever they got warm; we were never without something cold to sip on for the entire time that we were there. Food service to the beach is also a treat. Real china and cloth napkins accompany even the simplest snack.

The resort offers numerous water sports, but we did not participate in any of them. Others seemed to be enjoying them though. The beach never felt crowded. We were always able to secure a set of lounge beds, even if we didn’t arrive at the beach until after noon.

The grounds and buildings at the Royal Hideaway are magnificent. The architecture is superb in all instances, and in every building the décor is fabulous. This place is really a thing of beauty. I could not possibly describe everything without writing a book, so you will have to go there to see it! It is far more beautiful than any of the pictures on their website.

The dining, without exception, was wonderful. All restaurants are a la carte, with the exception of one breakfast buffet. The menu selection was superb. All dishes were prepared expertly, presented beautifully and tasted exquisitely delicious! The service was faultless. All waiters are trained as per a 5 star restaurant. The service is without exception professional, friendly and efficient. You will not find service better than the restaurants at the Royal Hideaway anywhere in the world, as far as we know.

The resort offers cocktails and music until 1 am at the Allegria Bar. Again, we have never received better service anywhere. Our server on most evenings was Paula. She was one of the nicest people we have ever had the pleasure to deal with. Professional and extremely efficient, as with all Royal Hideaway staff, and with such a beautiful personality that we now consider her a friend. What a treat!

To sum things up, this is definitely the most wonderful place that we have ever had the pleasure to stay at. There is not one fault that we could possibly find with anything at the Royal Hideaway. This is true excellence. We will definitely be back.
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