Old Reviews – Sandy Point Village

January 2005

We traveled to Tobago for two wonderful weeks from the 19th of November 2004 to December 5, 2004. Absolutely loved it. I travelled with my husband as well as two other couples who also both happen to be reletives. Started off with a long flight as we had to first fly from Edmonton to Toronto, then on to Port of Spain in Trinidad. We decided to stay overnight in Trinidad and then flew over to Tobago for about 20.00 (15 min)Cdn return. Our other relatives decided to take the ferry over (4 hours) at a cost of about 4.00 Cdn. We stayed at the timeshare resort of Sandy Point Village. All 6 of us loved the resort and the trip. In spite of being right next to the airport it was quiet and relaxing. The resort is older but well maintained. Most of the people who work there take true pride in their jobs. The pool was exceptionally clean insprite of its age. The resturant is excellent for breakfast (order bake instead of toast) and very reasonable. The bar at the resort/hotel was also a great bargin at about 6.00 TT= 1.20 Cdn. The store within the resort was also exceptional, being very small it was somewhat limited, but prices were about the same as any where else on the island. It also contained almost everything you would need from meat to ketchup to sunscreen to cold medicine to bathing suits. Right within the store was internet access at a reasonable price. Two of our most enjoyed establishments were a snack bar called Columbos (close to airport)that served amazing soup and other specials daily for about 5.00-8.00 Cdn. We would usually order just one meal and share because their portions were huge. Columbos caters more to the locals that to the tourists and is a great place for meeting locals. The other resturant really worth mentioning was a place called Patsy’s (also close to the airport)For about 17.00 Cdn you would get soup, salad, desert and your choice of entree. Entrees included pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, and fish. Between all of us on our two meals there I believe we tried all the entrees and all were excellent. As far as tours go we went on an island tour offered by the hotel to Speyside and snorkelled off of Little Tobago. Excellent value. (60.00 Cdn) Also worth the trip was the catamaran (75.00 Cdn) We also did a trip to the rainforest with Woodys Tours. The guide did not work directly for Woody. The guide was very knowledgable. An amazing place. One other day we took a cab to Arnos Vale Beach. Right there is a hotel that used to be a plantation dating back to the 1850’s. Right at this beach you can swim out to coral reefs, with some of the best snorkelling we have done, although the water was a bit rough. Also worth note the beach bar resturant was a great deal. Then after snorkelling and lunch, there is tea with the birds at 4:00 at the upper part of the hotel. Even for people who arn’t bird lovers a neat place. After that on the the Arnos Vale Water Wheel Museum (just up the road) Meals there were a bit pricy but top notch. Also just to tour the museum is worth the side trip. We opted not to drive as being right hand sided. Therefore we found our best option to be hiring a cab. We used the same driver for 2 weeks(Denis). We also found him to be a great friend. It seemed to be worth using the same driver as prices were very resonable and became even more so. We did not go out to bars at night other than at the resort and on Sundays to "Sunday School" A lively street party involving steel bands, plenty of food and drink as well as little shops. Over all our trip to Tobago was probably the best trip to the Caribbean we have taken. The local people there was probably the main reason for that. They were all friendly, not eager to sell you anything and just wanted to make a good impression of Tobago as they are trying to increase the amount of tourists that they get. Final Note: Do not stay at an all inclusive as you would miss way too much of true Tobago.

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