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Sea Horse Ranch – Cabarete Sylvia ~ USA

October 2005

We have been coming to the Dominican Republic for nearly 25 years and love it. We love the DR for many reasons: the wonderful warmth of the people, the majestic beauty of the country, the diversity of the terrain, the vividness of the beaches, and the list goes on and on. Now we have one more reason to love it: Sea Horse Ranch.
Of ALL the places we have stayed in the DR over these 2 and a half decades, we have never had a more comfortable, enjoyable or romantic vacation. Sea Horse Ranch provided much of that.

Seahorse Ranch is located on the outskirts of Cabarete on the DR’s north shore. It retains the feeling of country side though the enclave of villas is beautiful, lush and sophisticated in layout and design, leaving no rough edges to be seen. Each villa is distinct in floor plan, size, extent of renovation and update, and price, of course. But if you are travelling as a couple and take a smaller villa (as did we), the sense of tranquility and romance can not be surpassed. And, if you are travelling as an extended family or group of friends, the luxury of your accomodations is a true bargain when evaluated on the per person cost.

Smaller or larger, the villas all have lovely, private properties and pristine pools. Maid service as well as landscape clean up and pool care are daily amenities offered with each villa. Depending on your villa and length of stay, the maid might also serve as your cook for the vacation.

In fact, the overall sense of maintenance of the Seahorse complex grounds and individual villa properties is one of the many facets of Seahorse Ranch that distinguishes it from other vacation accomodations throughout the Caribbean.

In addition to your own villa pool, there is a large, natural looking and aesthetically pleasing pool near the club house and restaurant where you can also find one of the beaches that dot the property. Again, these beaches, while small, are immaculate. Every square inch of Seahorse Ranch sparkles and pleases the eye with towering palms, ginger in bloom, and every shade of green lining the walkways. In a secure, quiet, delightful environment, you can walk the extensive property day or night.

The restaurant fare and decor gives the Ranch a distinctly Dominican flavor, but the people you will find vacationing are not only Dominican but Spanish, Italian, French, Scandinavian and, yes, even some Americans like us. But you will have to look for them. The ranch sprawls out over 250 acres and with the exception of dinner at the restaurant, you could spend your whole day without seeing any one.

If the quietude is too much for you, the seaside resort town of Sosua is only five minutes away. In Sosua, you will find more night life, an array of dining options and shops of all kinds.

After travelling the Caribbean for decades and realizing now that the DR has become one of the most lovely and intriguing destinations in the area, we were so pleased to spend our nine days of recent vacation in the Dominican Republic. Of that time, four days were spent at Seahorse Ranch and we adored every minute of that stay. Before you book a hotel room, take a look at Seahorse Ranch. You won’t be sorry!

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