Old Reviews – Sirenis Playa Turquesa (formerly Occidental Grand Playa Turquesa)

My girlfriend and I just returned from this hotel we went from July 26th-Aug 3rd(flight problems)

Flight There – We had a direct flight to Holguin from Montreal, our flight was delayed two hours because of a thunderstorm in Toronto which our plane was coming from. The flight was great and Air Canada took in consideration the delay and gave a complimentary drink.

Room Location – We Stayed in room 715, when we first got there we absolutely hated the location, it was late at night and was muggy and hard to navigate, once you learn the shortcuts its not so bad, our was room was actually right infront of the bath that led you to the breakfast buffet so that was good, at night this path was lit up so easy to navigate.

Room – The room was VERY clean, no bugs anywhere, my only complaint would be that the light switches can become confusing. Our mini fridge was always filled with drinks and our room was always cleaned to the max, we were a little disappointed we didn’t get to many towel art but once we asked for it they made them no problem, we left the maids cleaning our rooms little gifts and they seem to appreciate it greatly :).

Lobby – The lobby was beautiful we loved the open look of it, the reception wasn’t very helpful but they tried there best to answer any questions we had.

Food – The food was actually very good, we both had no problem finding anything, we read reviews about the food sucking so we stocked up on granola bars before heading but we actually didn’t eat any except on the flight. When we first arrived we had the fries at the 24 hour snack bar and they were absolutely amazing, I suggest if you like ketchup bring your own they whole time i was there i wished that I brought a bottle of Heinz ketchup cause the Cuban ketchup isn’t very good. I enjoyed the pizza at the snack bar and my girlfriend enjoyed the fried chicken. The buffets for breakfast lunch and supper catered to anyones taste buds, for breakfast the fruits were absolutely amazing, the mango was to die for, and I learned to love papaya and guava, the watermelon at times was not to good but when you got a nice red juicy one it was a amazing, the bananas all tasted fresh. The red sausages although greasy were yummy, I’m not a personal fan of eggs but my girlfriend told me that the omelets were great. For lunch I usually waited until the first batch of fries were taken to get the next fresh batch which were absolutely delicious, the cooked beef, chicken and pork, were delicious, I usually tipped these cooks each time if i had money on me because they never look like they asking for it and they are sweating bullets behind those grills, i found it sad not very many people tipped them. For supper i found the buffet didn’t really change. We went to 3 a la cartes the Asian, the Grill and the Italian, our favorite was the Italian, presentation and everything was superb, the only one I was disappointed about was the Grill i ordered the pork ribs and found there was much meat i suggest ordering the steak like my girlfriend i tried some of her steak and it was amazing. We never felt obliged to tip but we mostly did, we found it was easier if we always sat at the same spot and got the same waiter, it helps to become friends with those who serve you as they tend to wait you faster that way.

Drinks – Not being a fan of rum i found it hard to drink alcohol beverages, I tried a few different ones and just couldn’t find one that suited me, the red wine was really good, and at the pool bar my favorite drink was the slush with amaretto. We drank the water from the pitchers and had no problems, when in our hotel room we always used the bottled water.

Excursions – We decided not to go on any, but we did go to Guardalavaca, its maybe 30 minutes away from the hotel and it has a nice little flea market where you can get some nice souvenirs, here i where you usually argue the price down.

Guardalavaca Flea Market – If your a couple and looking for souvenirs to remember the trip i suggest going its only 5 CUC each for there and back, if you have little children with you I don’t suggest going there as its very hot in the market and I can’t see them enjoying themselves to much. We found a lot of cool souvenirs to bring back and very happy with our purchases, one thing that was on our mind the whole time that had us petrified was that we bought painting and we were told you had to get them stamped, we found out after that its only if the painting is a certain size, so don’t forget to ask the guy selling it to you.

Pools – The pools were amazing, we often left a shirt our a hat on a chair in the morning before breakfast and just stayed at these chairs all day, the water was warm and absolutely refreshing, the swim up bar was a unique and a fun experience we stayed in this pool for a bit but we loved the pool with the bridge for if we felt we were getting to much sun we would just sit in the shade on the bridge, you could often find little baby lizards in on the side which were fun to watch, only thing i didn’t understand about the pools is why they would write that they close at 6, I often found myself wanting to go swimming passed 6 and wasn’t sure if I’d get in trouble or not so i just didn’t. The towels were included and never had a problem with them, the guy dealing with the towels was very nice and friendly as well.

Beach – The beach was very nice but we didn’t find ourselves there very often we went on 2 catamaran rides with Elly, who i must say is a little crazy first ride was very calm but the second one oh my god we were going fast and one side was flying the in air it was insane. The beach ice cream was to die for was so good :).

Check Out – Was very fast and no problems, we were even able to keep our room til 3 no extra charge

Flight Back – Was an absolute nightmare, anyone who was there on August 2nd for the 7:15 flight back to Montreal will understand this nightmare. We left the hotel around 4pm for the holguin airport we got through customs and everything by about 6, they finally tell us to board the plane at around 6:45 when were walking towards the plane they tell us to turn around, we then see the captain inspecting the landing gear, and thats when the rumors started, the Cubans had no idea what they were talking about there was just mass confusion and no one had the slightest idea what was happening, finally they post that our flight is canceled on 9:06 pm without the slightest explanation, finally they tell us were going to be relocated at Playa Pesquero and take a flight out tomorrow, but no talk as to when we will be relocated, everything was done half ass and backwards, we ended up having to refill out visas. We ended up waiting until 11ish pm before anything was really done with us, they let all kids out first which was absolutely retarded seeing as there was a family of 8 adults 2 kids… We finally see our Air Canada Vacations representative and he tells us that theres 2 buses for just Air Canada Vacations and in "about an hour" the TMR bus will come this was at about 11:30pm they told us the TMR bus will be coming, since the Air Canada Representative didn’t care to ask the people going on the buses in the first place, ended up being adults with kids that were with TMR got on the bus and a bunch of people who booked with Air Canada including our selves got absolutely screwed. We finally got to Playa Pesquero around 2am and found out our bus to go back and go through customs and such all over again was leaving at 9am.

Review of Playa Pesquero – In the short few hours I was at Playa Pesquero i disliked it a lot, the lobby to the eye looks absolutely beautiful but the water smells unclean, when we got to our room I don’t know if when you book with them you get your roomed A/Cd before you get there but all the rooms are on energy saving so i opened the door expecting a nice feel of ac instead I got a heat draft and a smell of piss, it smelt like someone pissed all over our pillows when we finally figured out you need to put the key card in the little thing next to the first flight switch to turn the electricity on in the room it took forever to get cold, it must of been 40 Celsius in the there when we walked in, the dial on the wall was confusing, i really don’t understand how this hotel got 5 stars its absolutely disgusting. The breakfast buffet was all scattered and the people serving you were useless, I would never stay in this hotel it was absolutely disgusting bugs were crawling everywhere, we open the shower and it was infested with gigantic ants.

All in all was an amazing vacation except coming home.

Hope this review useful if you have any questions i have no problem answering just email me at chris.mansell88@gmail.com

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