Old Reviews – Sivory Punta Cana Boutique

My wife and I stayed at Sivory Punta Cana hotel last May. After spending much time searching the internet and travel sites, we decided on this hotel since it is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World boutique hotel chain. We have stayed at many of this groups boutique hotels around the world and have always been amazed with the hotels we have chosen. Unfortunately, this time we got it wrong. I don´t know if they have never gone to inspect the property or what happened, but this hotel did not live up to the usually high standards of the other SLH properties.

If you think you are going to Punta Cana, this is the first disappointment you will encounter. That is because Hotel Sivory is located more than 1 ½ hours north of Punta Cana! One would think that if the words Punta Cana are in the title of the hotel, that is where you are going, but do not be fooled as you will be nowhere near PC. Next, when we finally arrived to the property, the entrance was a razor wire fence with a rope as a gate. This is 5 star? We thought our driver had us in the wrong place. The check in was very nice, efficient and we thought the glass of champagne was a nice touch, but the mold we saw on the ceiling should have alerted us to what we were in for. As our concierge walked us to the room (very friendly), we passed over an algae ridden pond that truly looked like it was breeding dengue. We started to get that unsettled feeling again. We continued down the dimly lit walkways, and entered a charming room with nice appointments. Unfortunately, in the light of day, it was not quite so charming! There was a moldy smell that made my wifes allergies go crazy. Our wine refrigerator always had the temp at 81 degrees, no matter how many times we called for repairs. (Needless to say we did not drink any of that wine, even though it was included in our meal plan.) The phone had messages left over from guests dating several months back. There was no clock. Lighting was dismal, making it almost impossible to read a book. Cracks were prevalent throughout the walls and roofing. The a/c kept us cold, but was so noisy, we decided not to use it. There is only one problem, not ONE window in our room could be opened! Here we thought we could enjoy a nice tropical breeze, but I guess they want guests to stay locked inside with a/c. That made no sense to us! The bathrooms were lovely, except the toilet area had no fan. Add that you can´t open a window, and I will let you all guess what problems arise from that. If you take a shower (the showers are wonderful!), everything fogs up, and there is no way to defog! We had a Premium Deluxe room, which is located on the second story, right in front of the beach. Or so they say, as we could not see the beach, as there were trees and scrub blocking the entire view. If you booked a room downstairs, you got a cute little pool, but if you were expecting it to be private, you would be sadly mistaken, as our room looked right at our poor neighbors pool! Although they raked the beach each morning, it was constantly full of debris, and the waves were so big, it was difficult to swim there. No calm caribbean waters at this hotel, so don´t let the website fool you! Thankfully, Sivory has a lovely large pool, so we decided to spend most of our time there. Kind of ruined the point of being at a Caribbean destination though. Do not get me going on the restaurants, as this was our biggest disappointment! The hotel sells itself as having Arte Cuisine. Although I honestly wasn´t sure what that was, I guessed that it would mean excellent food, with an exceptionally impressive presentation. No matter how many meals we had, there was never anything even close to even an average presentation, and although the food was quite tasty, it was almost the same in all three restaurants. We bought the all inclusive meal plan for $150 each per day, it includes the wine, but all they give you is literally vinegar on this plan. We would have been better off eating a la carte and ordering our wine separately. They have a wonderful wine cellar, they just don´t include any of those wines! At least the staff was friendly and tried to speak English to us, so that made up for a lot of the other disappointments. All in all, I can honestly say that although we had a good time, we would not recommend this hotel. If Sivory were rated 3 stars, it would be a wonderful hotel, but for a hotel that belongs to Small Luxury Hotels and totes itself as having 5 stars and 4 diamonds, we felt overcharged and hugely disappointed. Enough so that we have contacted SLH to inform them that they need to rethink this inclusion in their normally fabulous portfolio.

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