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   Tesoro Resort   John and Sharon ~ Nanaimo B.C.

January 2008

where-tesoro resort and spa- manzanillo mexico

when- dec. 25- jan 1/08

airline- air transat- seating very tight, probably ok if you weight 125 pounds. breakfast was a dried out bagel with sour yogurt and a minute container of orange juice. took attendants 3 hours to pick up the garbage. airport- a decrepit, old , half built building. it took us 2 hours to go thru customs, then to a very crowded carousel area where we found someone unloaded about 50-75 suitcases without us knowing but we finally found our suitcases. hotel- after a 45min. trip to the hotel we got our room 444 and found it in spite of very poor signage. found our room very hot a/c not working, totally ugly furniture, 2 channels of english, no carpeting, patio doors very hard to open, towels very stiff like canvas, dirty looking bathroom, no shower cap, 1 face towel. King size bed was actually a king size mattress with 2 cots underneathwhich were vert dirty in appearance. there was no ironing board, no coffee pot . the 4 star rating is useless as this hotel should not be passing itself off as a 4 star. the food mostly luke warm, wasps always around drink machines, no ice for pop or water, plastic chairs. most people at the front desk did not speak english and it was hard to explain our complaints. Lounge chairs did not have foam padding and were very uncomfortable to sit on. the boat tour was a disaster due to very loud music with the dj yelling above the music. we had to endure this for over 2 hours!!!

MARLIN TRAVEL in nanaimo bc arranged our trip. i went online after i paid for the trip and many reviews for the tesoro were negative. i reported this to MARLIN and they said everyone cant be wrong!! i should have cancelled right there!!!!

in summation we will never return to the tesoro, will not use air transat and will arrange our own trip based the info we see online as we cannot trust travel agents to do their due diligence to ensure the travelling public get a decent value for all the money we wasted!!! John and Sharon ~ Nanaimo B.C.

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Tesoro Resort Stewart and Rene ~ Waterloo

April 2007

My wife and I (in our mid-50’s) just returned from a very pleasant stay at the Tesoro Resort in Manzanillo, Mexico. We were there from April 13-20, 2007.

The property is showing it’s age and there are workers present doing endless minor work to keep up the appearances.

The staff were courteous and helpful and the meals were better than average. The surf was rather dangerous and we spotted jelly-fish washing up. The sand was coarse and extremely hot.

That said, we were dissapointed to learn my wife’s rather expensive white quilted jacket was stolen from our room. This was not discovered until we arrived home. Let’s not judge all the Mexicans from the actions of a few but this has to impact on tourism.

We had not been back to Mexico since my wife’s newly purchased red high heels and other sundry items were pinched from our hotel room in Ixtapa. A trip two years earlier, in Puerto Vallarta resulted in my camera and cash being taken from our room, while we strolled along the beach. Only in Acaculpco (one of four Mexican trips) were we not robbed.

Sadly, I really would be surprised if I ever decided to return.

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Tesoro Resort Carla ~ Canada

March 2007

Having just returned from the Tesoro Resort I wanted to write a couple of things about the Resort.

Our room was on the 4th floor with a beautiful ocean view and terrace. Our first night there we checked in, got to our room which smelled of fresh paint, which was so strong it made our eyes burn. We tried the front desk but they were not willing to help us, so we stuck one night out. We went to see JC in the morning and explain our situation. They were unable to move us so we made the best of it.

Our second day there we headed to the beach for a day of snorkeling. It was great. We returned to our room at 5:00pm to get ready for our dinner reservations. There were workmen in there and had our entertainment centre ripped apart, sawdust everywhere and mirrors on the bed. We went to the front desk to ask what was going on and why we were not notified of this. Again they were unable to help us. I don’t know if they just didn’t understand us? Finally the manager called the room and asked them to leave.

The next morning we headed down to the pool and put our towels and books on the chairs as everyone else does to reserve them. We went for a walk and then for breakfast. After breakfast we returned to our chairs to find my chair, book and towel to be missing. My husbands wasn’t gone. So I talked to security who tried his best to help me but was unable. So at this point we went to the managers office because the towel person was going to charge me $40.00 US for a new towel. Upon talking to the manager he gave me a new towel card and we talked to him about everything and he said that was the first he had heard of anything but he called the room the day earlier to get the workmen to stop. It is my understanding that the resort is under new management but in my opinion the front staff need a lot of work. I was still mad that someone just came along a took this stuff. My goodness if you would like the chair leave the stuff.

All in all we made the best of our holiday but would I ever return to the resort………..No…..

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Tesoro Resort Greg & Brenda ~ Saskatoon, SK, Canada

March 2007

My wife and I stayed at the Tesoro Manzanillo from February 7 to 21, 2007. This was our first trip to Mexico. Our previous winter trips south include Cuba, Aruba, Jamaica (2X), Dominican Republic (5X) and Hawaii (4X).

The Tesoro is located on its own small bay, with public access on both ends of the beach. Google Maps:

Taxi service is excellent and there is a bus stop just in front of the hotel. It is possible to walk north to the main road (15 minutes). West is the town of Santiago (another 15 minutes) which holds a large flea market on Saturdays. East is the Plaza Manzanillo (15 minutes) and other shops. Best to go early, as walking in the heat can be tiring! Manzanillo is Mexico’s second largest port, only slightly smaller than Vancouver BC. As a result, tourism is not a priority. We walked streets in many areas and were never approached by beggars or peddlers. English was quite common though, and we were able to get by with our limited Spanish vocabulary.

Flights Both flights were by Westjet aircraft and crew.

Outbound – The flight left at a decent time compared to others we have taken. It was also friendlier and more relaxed. I can’t say enough about Westjet hospitality! Although stopping for a pickup in Regina always adds an hour to your flight time, arrival was in mid-afternoon and movement through customs and baggage pickup went quickly and smoothly. Transfer to the hotel by bus was about 45 minutes.

Return – The return to the airport was a bit slower and we encountered long lines. It seems that the scanning equipment was being replaced and all checked luggage was being inspected by hand. Waiting at the airport was comfortable however, but there is no Duty Free store. Our flight was slightly delayed, but nothing unreasonable. The most annoying thing was having to leave the plane in Regina, pickup our luggage, go through customs and re-board to fly to Saskatoon. That is one area that SkyService is more thoughtful. Finally, on getting home, no bridges were available, and it was a long walk in the cold to the terminal! Going through customs in Regina did present some problems. Liquids and gels that were okay to bring on the flight at Manzanillo needed to be repacked in the checked baggage before re-boarding.

Check-in/Front Desk
Because the hotel is built into the side of a hill, the Lobby level is actually the 6th floor. Considering the number of people arriving at once, check-in went quickly and smoothly. Staff had an excellent grasp of English. When we were unsatisfied with our room assignment, they worked quickly to get us into another room temporarily while promising us a better one in 3 days. They went out of their way and moved us to a better room in two days. Any dealings we had with the Lobby staff went smoothly.

As mentioned elsewhere, the Tesoro is beginning to show its age. Cracked tiles and other physical ailments are common, although renovations are underway. The 3 main elevators are a bit cantankerous. The centre elevator never did work. The 4th elevator is located in the low-rise part of the hotel and only travels from the 1st level to the Lobby. One brave soul snuck into the service area and used the freight elevator! Cleanliness was more than satisfactory.

We began in #1552, but it had no balcony and the AC could not keep up with the afternoon sun. Without unpacking we went back to the front desk and were given #527. It was a smaller room and faced the street. As we were promised a better room, we were satisfied to be in it temporarily. Two days later we were in #321. We would recommend asking for a room on the 5th floor or lower, numbered from 01 to 22. These all had balconies looking out to the pool and the ocean. Some people preferred being higher up in the tower with the better view, but had to contend with the elevator problem mentioned above. Furniture and fixtures needed renovation, but were acceptable. Your fridge has 3 soft drinks, 3 bottles of water and 1 can of beer. We made sure that the beer can was not in the fridge when the stock person came by, and within a couple of days 2 cans a day were being left. There is no mini-bar in the room as we have had at other all-inclusives.

Internet access is limited and archaic. The two computers are only available from 10AM until 5PM. To get on them, we needed to speak to Suzie at the lobby desk. She would take me to the room, unlock it, start up the browser and log the time. When I was done, I needed to go back to her to be logged out. Cost was 18 pesos for 10 minutes plus 1 peso per minute after that. The fee could be billed to your room or paid in cash at the front desk.

Actually 2 pools, one a medium sized shallow pool, and a wading pool. The pool is cleaned every morning and there is very little garbage in the pool (leaves, etc.). The temperature is a bit on the cool side and definitely cooler than the ocean. There is a two level pool bar. The deck level bar is quite busy, but lineups are orderly. The pool level bar has a few seats in the water, but they are a bit high. Washrooms are located near both ends of the pool. The towel hut is located towards the elevators and never was out of towels. There are adequate loungers and cabanas around the pool and on the beach, but get down early to reserve one, as some people tend to hog the good ones. There is also a children’s water park at extra cost behind the hotel by the tennis court. In two weeks we saw only a handful of people using this facility.

As mentioned elsewhere, the beach sand is coarse and gets very hot in the afternoon. Tip: when crossing the sand, try to push your feet as deep into the sand as possible to get through the hot surface. There are two benefits to the coarse sand. First, when the wind comes up, you do not get sand blowing up into your face. Second, in the surf, the sand drops out quickly so that the water is clearer, and you don’t walk out with sand in your suit! The beach is very busy on the weekend when the locals use the areas on both sides of the hotel. The water is also a little dirtier with wrappers and other garbage floating in to shore. Both ends of the beach turn into a rocky shore and both provide decent snorkeling. The left side has a steeper drop off, while the right side has many rocky formations and a shallower slope. Fish of all kinds, eels, octopi and small rays are all present. Watch the tides, best time to go is between the tides. Take a banana and enjoy the feeding frenzy!

This is where we feel that the Tesoro fails badly. Of all the all-inclusives that we have stayed at, we would rank the food, and the meal setup, as the worst we’ve seen. We’re not picky, and the food was not bad, but dining areas were either closed with no notice, or so crowded as to make them uncomfortable. Fare was simple, but with very little variety. Logistically, the dining areas were a mess. Booking the a la carte restaurants was also through Suzie at the Lobby desk. They were booked up 4 to 6 days in advance.

Dining areas -Main floor buffet – Part of it reminded me of a high school cafeteria, plastic tables and chairs. Setup for some meals resulted in long lines at the buffet and lines waiting to get in for supper. -7th Floor buffet – Supper only. Better organised, but sometimes closed without warning. -Snack Shack – West of the pool. Open from noon to 5PM. -Navigator (Italian a la carte) – Located in the Snack Shack. Opened at 6:30. We found the food average, nothing spectacular. Food cooled off quickly as this corner of the hotel was quite windy all the time.

-Adobe (Mexican a la carte) – This is the jewel of the hotel. Excellent service and decor. The food was very good, especially the guacamole. Tip: skip the salad unless you are REALLY hungry. Shrimp and lobster are available at extra cost.

Meals – Breakfast (main floor buffet) – Bees are constantly around the juice bar. Flies swarm the syrup at the pancake/waffle stove. Buffet items can be cold and a bit unusual (e.g. ham & cheese sandwiches!). But Saida at the omelet grill was marvelous. It was one highlight of breakfast along with some of the pastries. Lunch – At the Snack Shack, the burgers were very good, as were the tacos. The chorizo sausage was also good. In the buffet, the tables opened at 1PM. Very bland fare. Supper – On the 7th floor, it was better laid out, but food was still limited in choice. Again, it was not up to our previous experiences. The Main floor buffet was usually a nightmare in logistics. Line ups everywhere, including trying to find a seat. Only one line for the main buffet in a hotel with 300 rooms! Never once did we see shrimp or lobster on the menu, but fish was plentiful. Stay away from beef unless it is shredded or ground. It is very tough! One night had a burrito special which was excellent. One night rice pudding was on the menu and it was superb.

Outside the hotel – Many people chose to eat outside the resort on occasion. Although many restaurants were recommended to us, we went to El Tablao in Miramar. Excellent food on a seaside deck. Two shrimp dinners with drinks cost us $35US. Cab fare was 65 pesos one way.

As we are early risers, we did not partake of the entertainment on the 7th floor, but did watch some on beach party nights. What we did see was enjoyable. Others would be better qualified to comment on the entertainment.

Tours are booked through Rosy and JC, the tour operator reps, on the Lobby floor. We took two tours. The ‘Tropical’ was a quick stop at plantations growing banana, jalapenos, mangoes and papayas. This was followed by a shopping stop in the town of Malenque. We then went to Barra de Navidad for a fantastic lunch. This was followed by a 20 minute boat tour of the bay, and more shopping time, returning to the hotel at 4PM. An OK trip. The ‘City’ tour took us into Manzanillo proper. An interesting experience, and again an OK trip. Based on hearsay, none of the offered tours were bad, but only one or two (such as the zip lines) were considered ‘great’.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous! The first week, daily highs were 32. The second week, we had a few days hit 36. Overnight lows were about 20, with a couple of nights going down as far as 17! In two weeks, we had one hour of cloud one morning, as blue skies prevailed. The Tesoro blocks the morning sun so direct sunshine hits the beach about 9:30AM, and the pool area about 10:30AM. The afternoon sun continues hot and direct right up until sunset over a mountain at about 6:45PM.

Shopping The first shock is that Traveler’s cheques are rarely accepted! I used a couple in the flea market with no problem. But regular stores would not cash them. Even the banks would not take them! The only place that you can exchange them is at the front desk, or at a Cambio. Using a credit card is costly as a 6% service fee is added. Bring US cash or pesos, and use an ATM card, as machines are fairly common.

The Saturday flea market in Santiago is a ‘must see’. Vendors are set up by about 10AM. After comparing prices in a half dozen places, we ended up buying ‘souvenir’ type articles at a flea market right next to the hotel. For the most part, they were in line or lower than what we saw everywhere else. We are also grocery shoppers, as we enjoy bringing back a taste of our vacations. We found the best prices at Plaza Manzanillo. Kahluha was 85 pesos, and we never saw a lower price. We also purchased coffee beans (Santa Fe brand), habanero salsa, oregano and cinnamon. Mexican cinnamon is a bit tangier than the cinnamon we get in Canada and is excellent in baking.

Changes, renovations and upgrades need to be made. I would rate it as a 3 1/2 because of the food, however the hard working staff allow me to grudgingly give it a 4.

Photos @ http://community.webshots.com/photo/2737863080100726895SHKsto

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Tesoro Resort Dan ~ Winnipeg

February 2007

Having just returned from 2-weeks (Jan 19-Feb 2) at the Tesoro Resort I wanted to drop you a line with my observations.

As noted by a number of others, this is an older resort which has been added onto over the years and portions are definitely starting to show its age. The ads all indicate that this is a 24 hour facility; however only the activity room draft beer taps are available prior to 11AM. The spa did not appeal to any of our group of 6 as the “hot tub” was ice cold and the sauna did not appear to be working….still. There were a number of times through our 2-week stay that only 1 of the 3 main elevators was working and there was one day where none of the elevators were working at all.

The food was decent, but certainly not outstanding at the 2 buffets. The buffet on the 7th floor is only open every second night as are the a la carte restaurants. Book these a la carte’s early after your arrival if you expect to eat at them as they book up early. The food in both is good.

Generally, the service in the hotel, restaurants and bars are good but the front desk staff was poor as was customer service when reporting room problems. When we arrived there were a number of damaged drawers as well as a broken door on the mini fridge in our room—-this took 2 days, 6 phone calls and 3 visits to the front desk where I finally demanded that these be repaired immediately.

Be sure to take water socks as the “sand” on the beach becomes too hot to walk on when the sun is out for any length of time.

There is only the single pool of medium size and the water was always very cool when compared to the ocean. Pool bar opens at 11 AM. Rafael was great as was the pool/beach waitress Sylvia. There is a huge kid’s play-water park, but as there is an added cost, we didn’t see any kids in here at all over the 2-week period.

The entertainment staff are great and work yeomen hours starting at 9 AM around the pool and beach and normally working right through until the disco closes or the bar tours return on alternate nights. The shows are every second night and are very good. All in all, I found that the 4 star rating for this resort to be quite a stretch. Maybe a 3 star at best.

The day tour to Guadalajara was a total dud—-don’t waste your time or money unless you’re really into flea markets. We spent about 90 minutes touring the old quarter of town, which was interesting and another 90 minutes in the 3 level flea market getting hassled. 3 hours there and 3 hours back in a 12 passenger van over a highway that is in pretty poor condition just was not worth the visit.

No great bargains at all if you are looking for shopping here.

We spent a morning deep sea fishing which we booked in the hotel. It was a bright sunny day and the fish really weren’t biting at all but we did enjoy watching 2 humpbacked whales and a pod of 4-6 dolphins that were swimming with them. The crew as to provide drinks on the cruise but 3 cokes and 3 mini Corona’s just didn’t cut it for a $300.00 day.

We did take the sip-line tour to the Eco park—-well worth the money. This is a new tour just opened 4 years ago and while there was a staff related accident several days prior to our visit we found the crew to be extremely professional and safety oriented. This tour features 3 zip-lines, one which is the longest in North America at roughly .5 km in length. A really heart stopper. Beware though that there is a rather strenuous climb to the 1st platform.

We also flew with WestJet and will now try to book with WestJet for all of our vacations. Captain Randy had the entire plane laughing like fools the entire flight. The WestJet staff was simply outstanding and when compared to Sky Service, makes one wonder how on earth Sky Service survives.

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Tesoro Resort Stu & Ann ~ Niagara Falls, ON

December 2006

We were told that this resort has changed owners several times in recent years, but don’t let that deter you. The current management deserves a lot of credit for assembling a first class staff. Positive, friendly attitudes prevail across the board, and that in itself is exceptional. So, if problems arise you don’t need to worry about grouches on the front desk, which in a lot of resorts seems to be the spot where the folks with poor people skills are placed.

The Tesoro is situated overlooking a beautiful bay, and it’s my understanding that all the rooms offer an ocean view. We had a room on the second floor that allowed us to walk easily to and from the pool and beach without having to wait for elevators. The infrastructure of the hotel itself is solid – lots of marble, and spacious rooms. Some of the fixtures are showing signs of age (our sink had a crack in it and the shower curtain was a bit shoddy) but it wouldn’t discourage us from returning to this delightful spot.

The air conditioning units worked very well, and I like the fact that you can’t hear them – just the sound of the rolling surf on the beach. Wall safes are included as part of our all inclusive package, as was room service (you can order once a day for free). We only used it once to share breakfast with friends on the balcony, but it was really neat – they brought us platters of fruit, juices and coffee.

As has been mentioned in other reviews, the food was very good, but it’s the service that really stands out. We were blessed with some terrific servers, so if you’re heading down please tell them you saw their names on the review: Christian, Javier, Marco, Fernando, Aureliano, Sylvia and Laura.

We booked our vacation through Air Transat Vacations and their rep in Manzanillo, Rodolfo, is extremely helpful and possesses a great sense of humour. This was also our first experience flying with West Jet and that was a real treat. Comfortable seats, individual TV monitors and a flight crew that made the trip a lot of fun (that sense of humour really comes into play on West Jet – well done folks)

We enjoyed a visit to Barra de Navidad – we took a taxi from the hotel to the bus stop in nearby Santiago for 40 pesos. Ironically, the bus ride that takes about an hour was only 40 pesos per person, and you travel in a very comfortable air-conditioned highway coach. We also enjoyed a city tour of Manzanillo, a charter booked through Rosey at the tour company desk at the hotel.

The only down side to this property has been well documented in other reviews – it’s the course sand on the beach that gets very hot. If you go prepared with crocs or flip-flops it shouldn’t become a big deal. We had also read about the strong ocean currents, but underestimated the power until my digital camera was literally swept from my grip by the current. Brian, from Vancouver donned his snorkeling gear and eventually located the camera – but after 20 minutes in salt water it was a write-off. There’s a much nicer beach around the corner (Miramar Beach) in Santiago. The sand is finer and the surf is better suited to people who like to ride the waves.

The bottom line? There is no reason why you shouldn’t have a great time at this resort. It’s a great location blessed with staff that go out of their way to treat you well.

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Tesoro Resort Bob and Sue ~ Parksville, B.C.

April 2006

We flew direct from Victoria ( 5 Hours ) on West-jet. Great flight. JC was there to help us to Teasora’s resort so all went great. The 1st nights room was not what we wanted so Marta changed us ti pool side for the next 14 days. Great room and facilities. Food, entertainment and sport activities were great. Our 12 year old was gone 8am til 9pm .Lots of great people from families from all over, especially from Comox and Courtney and the retirement crowd. I recommend the the 1/2 day city tour to figure out whats up. Manzanillo is the shipping capital of Mexico, so tourism isn’t the number 1 economy.

The city is so clean and the people "don’t want something" from you. The opposite is true. They are proud of their city and want you to enjoy it. We’ve been to Mexico 6 times since 1986 and enjoyed each trip, but this is the 1st place we would return right away.

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Tesoro Resort Andrew S ~ Bradford, Ontario, Canada

April 2006

My girlfriend and I just returned from this quality resort and although it definitely rated a four star with us, we thought a few things that we didn’t like might be good to post.

First, the good stuff…the food was very good, the service was even better, and the room was very nice. We did have to change rooms due to the failure of the electronic door lock. The first night there, we had a small earthquake, which apparently caused some water leakage in other rooms. All rooms face the ocean, and most have a balcony. The ones that don’t, have only a small part of the window that can be opened. The layout of the resort and the pool area were very good, as were the drinks! The ala carte Mexican restaurant was excellent. The Italian ala carte restaurant doubled as the night hotspot, and the food there was very good, but since it was open concept, we found it very windy that night. I liked being able to rent a jet-ski right on the beach, there were plenty of boat cruises to choose from, and a small flea market at the end of the short beach.

We found the beach to be quite disappointing. The resort is in a small cove, about 900 feet across, and the water got deep 10 feet in, so the waves were quite small. We wanted to bodysurf, but there was no way.

If you want no waves period, this still is not the place for you. It is on the Pacific, after all. The sand was very coarse and got extremely hot during the afternoon, hotter than any I’d walked on…we think it was due to the roundness and size of the granules..there was a lot of crap floating in the water, both biological and garbage. Another gripe that my girlfriend had was the fact that the maid would come at different times of the day, you never knew when she would come. One day, the room didn’t get cleaned till 5. But, she did do a very good job. Overall, we thought this was a good resort.

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Tesoro Resort Glenn & Suzanne ~ Canada

March 2006

We had a great time in the resort. The hotel is everything the brochure says. Beach was smaller but clean and hot. Great for snorkeling with lots of fish in clear water.

Lots of good tours to go on. We had ground floor room with wonderful view of ocean. Clean large room with air if you needed it. Large bath room with lots of hot water and you could drink the water as it was purified. Felt very safe the whole time.

Food was very good with a large selection in the snack shack and the 2 restaurants. We were made to feel very pampered and not pressed to do things if we didn’t want to.

Quiet resort with not many children around. Lots of things to do if you wanted. We would definitely return.

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Tesoro Resort Doug ~ Canada

January 2006

We are in our early 50’s and have been to all inclusives in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Carribean

This was our first time to Manzanillo and we really enjoyed the Tesoro, formerly the Gran Costa Real

Room: our room was on the 2nd floor beside the beach grill which doubled as the Italian a la carte and the disco Our balcony was 30 yards from the ocean and what a view! Room was very nice with a king size bed and large bathroom, there is no shortage of hot water here and A/C worked Only complaint was the fridge which only cooled the drinks, we used the ice machine down the hall quite often to cool our Beer

Food: Maria’s a la carte served excellent food, we enjoyed the filet of beef, fish and ribs Buffet had a decent variety, beach grill had good burgers and salsa with chips We didn’t try the Italian, we heard good and bad depended on what you ordered, the fish we were told was very good

Beach: This resort is on a beautiful bay, the sand is coarse and hard to walk in and gets very hot by mid afternoon, the water is Warm and as the surf breaks very close to shore, you are caught in the backwash if you like to stand in the water. We went out a little further and floated or snorkeled, had a great time. Good snorkeling along the rocks on the left side, at least 25 different varieties of colorful fish, very safe along the rocks and water was clear.

Entertainment: Lots happening around the pool, we spent all of our time at the beach, there it is pretty quiet

We took a side trip to Barra de Navidad and a city tour, both were enjoyable.

We really enjoyed the Tesoro and will be back

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