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Victorian House "ROJO", "D" "Milton" Zany, "Flowers" and Angelia USA, USA, DR, USA, USA

March 2009

Our arrival went just fine. I have been to the DR a few times so I knew the routine. My driver was there waiting with my name on a card. I was whisked VIP style to the private VIP entrance. Check in was quick and we were in our room fast. Rooms
Clean and tidy. Housekeeping every day. My housekeeper learned my routine in one day. She came whenever I left. The bed was very comfortable. Good sheet’s great pillow’s. Large TV with lots of choices. Hot shower’s, So hot you could get burned if not careful. Restaurants and Bars
The food was OK nothing to brag about, but nothing to complain about either. The restaurants you have to make reservation’s for need some help. The food was OK but not anything special. The Mexican was the better of the three. Beach/Pools/Grounds
The beach and pool. Well, all you have to do is look. They have a view any resort would love to have. Sousa beach is a picture postcard. Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
We were there for two weeks and we did a lot of tours. We went on the quad tour, white water rafting, a day trip to Paradise Island, and a jeep tour. All were a great adventure. Remember everything that goes wrong or is out of the norm, only makes for a great story. Just keep in mind you are in a foreign country and S#@T can go wrong. Know your limits. One word of advice book you trip outside the resort. Mel’s tour’s is all over the area and you will save big money. I was talking to a couple from Canada they were quoted $80 per person for a party of eight to go to Paradise Island, from the resort. I took them to Mel’s, and they charged them $55 each. That’s real cash. The BS story about insurance is just that BS. The deposit you give when you book is for the Ins. There is no difference booking anywhere. They all go to, and are the same tour’s. The only difference is what YOU pay. Other Comments
My only complaint comes from the guest’s. The custom of putting towels on chair’s to claim them for the day is ridiculous. The unwritten rule is after six in the morning they send their wife’s down to put towel’s on a group of beach chairs. Well even this stupid and selfish practice is taken advantaged of. Some do it before they go to bed around 12pm. Then they might not even use the chair’s until the afternoon. Not allowing anyone else access to a lousy beach chair. Well I must come clean. My friend’s and I usually came home around 3am and would see this nonsense going on. So we would collect towels and return them to the point of pick up. Personal items such as shoes and hat’s we simply toss in the ocean. Except for the beautiful Cancun Mexico towels, those we kept. So,so,so, Sorry,,,, NOT
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Victorian House Robert and Dorothy & David and Cindy

November 2007 My husband and I, along with my son and daughter-in-law stayed at the Victorian House. My son and daughter-in-law were only able to stay with us for one week, but we stayed for two weeks, and just absolutely loved it. The room was nice with a fantastic view of the pool and beach. The bedroom had two large king size beds, which were very comfortable. Everyone from maids, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, show personnel, beach vendors and anyone who we came in contact with from the resort went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and at ease. The food on the buffet, breakfast, lunch and dinner was of a great variety. We could always find something we liked. There are three restaurants in the all inclusive program. The fourth restaurant is French, which you pay for when you go there. The other restaurants were Italian, Mexican and Asian. They do have a dress code but it is just casual, nothing dress up or fancy but you may dress up if you prefer. They don’t like you to come in flip flops or shorts. I can understand the no flip flops because where you walk the ground is of beautiful slate stone and when that gets wet it is very slippery. They are always keeping the grounds clean and spotless. It looks like the grass and surrounding area have been manicured. We would all love to go again, and we probably will. If you decide to visit the Victorian House and go to the beach ask for Lobo, he will take very good care of you get your chairs, umbrellas, any food and drink while you are sitting on the beach enjoying the water, sun and beautiful view. Happy vacationing to all
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Victorian House Jud and Rob ~ Ottawa Canada

March 2006

November 2005. We have been to the D.R .4 previous times but to the Punta Cana side of the island. We thought we would try this hotel but did read the reviews before booking. We were looking for warm weather and good food and knew that the beach was very small . We thought our room was quaint or boutique as they refer to it, remember it is a very old hotel ,it was clean with a spectacular oecan view never before have we been this close to the ocean. The maids were excellent but there was an odd odour from the bathroom drain in the late evening and over night which did force us to keep the door closed most times. This hotel is very cottage like with wooden trim that needs continuous upkeep. The deck below the hotel was always empty as most people were at the sister hotel pools next store.THE FOOD :the buffet was just OK but the alcarte restaurant was 5 star and we ate there 3 times with great meals every time! . We did find the beer weak and did one afternoon walk to the VOODOO LOUNGE for a cold beer one afternoon ,they have both American and Canadian Beers. What I would suggest next time would be to walk down to the store a buy local bottled beer to keep in your hotel fridge.The SNORKELING was good but possibly at that time of year there were less fish to be seen, you just walked down the steps and swam over to the small reef, even excursion boats come into the bay to snorkel. We did one day go over to Azzuro their other hotel by shuttle to watch the kite surfing, the beach was large and very empty at that time of year. We will not return to the Puerto Plata side of the island as the beaches in Punta Cana are amazing, we missed the white sand and being able to walk for long distances. Would I call this a 4 star ,? In my opinon a 3 1/2 for accomdations and the buffet food but the al la carte restaurant was 5 star every night. We are on our way back to Punta Cana next week.

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February 2006

Returned from Sosua bay Jan 20, 2006. It appears that a large number of people became ill at this resort between mid and end of Jan, including my wife and myself. When I say ill I don’t mean "travellers sickness" I mean emergency medical treatment involving getting intraveinous, type of illness. Aside from that there were numerous problems in regards to maintenance (mostly plumbing) that would have me rate this resort 2 stars at best. There was also misleading information on the list of resort ammenities & with the "all inclusive" which wasn’t. The only bright spot was the staff of which most get an "excellent" rating from me. Apparently the place used to be pretty good, but is for sale now with nothing getting fixed. I would only recommend this place to someone with a very strong stomach, a taste for adventure & the means to spend a 2 week recovery period afterward!

It’s too bad that this was our first vacation abroad as it has left me with an unfair opinion of the Dom Rep in general. I might return to a different resort someday but it won’t be without serious resarch into food and water quality.

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Victorian House Harv & Michele ~ Lloyd Neck, New York

January 2005

We just returned ( January 2005 ) from the Club Sabatini which is the RCI time share wing of the Victorian House. We were given a one bedroom suite which was quite spacious and well appointed. I had travelled many many times to the DR and perhaps my expectations of finally vactioning in a 4 1/2 star resort ultimately created some disappointment. I would agree with most of the reviewers that the food variety and quality surpassed that of all other resorts in this country that I previously visited. During so many trips to Playa Naco and the Paradise, in the neighboring Playa Dorado, the staff were always friendly and laughing and dancing, and when we left there were kisses and huggs all around. Not here. The staff was polite and functional but not excessively warm or accommodating. I would aks for more coffee in the morning and the waiter would not top off the other coffe cups at my table. Amazed me. The only exception were the waiters in the specialty restaurants who reminded me of New York waiters sucking up for tips. The vodka said " Stoli " which was a pleasant surprise after the muiltititudes of" national brands" sampled in other hotels. What a shame that maintenance was not a well practiced art at this hotel. We had NO hot water for the full seven days of our stay. We made friends with a top floor vacationer who complained to me that the roof leaked over his bed. A leak in a level of their beautiful multi level tiered pool forced their grounds staff to run a noisy and smelly gasoline water pump for about 6 hrs a day. Hoses of all diameters zig zagged the walkways, and when they leaked, a garbage bag tied in the offending spot does nothing to stop the flow of water. The views of sosua bay are breathtaking from almost any spot in this resort. But caution, there is no beach access unless you lounge on the public beach. Why would one pay the locals to rent a chair and then be so far from the all inclusive eats and drinks at a hotel that I paid $ 65 per person per day to enjoy. We vacationed in January and some of the wood decking that was displaced by the hurricanes in october had still not been replaced. Shameful to see displaced boards and yellow caution tape 90 days after the storm. This hotel is built onto a majestic bluff and I enjoyed the multi levels and the panoramic and breathtaking views but just beware that this hotel is not for the physically challenged because you will walk as many as 5 flights of steep stairs as you navigate to the different locations at different elevations. The stairs are all stone with some wooden bridges. We had quite unusual rainfall in sosua this January and what a shame to watch so many people falling and seriously hurting themselves as water and natural stone and flip flops do not agree. Some people seriously got hurt. The Sosua Bay runs a shuttle bus to their sister resort the Azurro in Cabarete. Not as nice a hotel but a great beach! The shuttle was broken for four of the 7 days that we were there, so we took the local bus for $ 20 pesos. It was safe and it was fun.I do suggest this. When the shuttle runs, it has a schedule designed to only please the bus driver, and the is not of a capacity to properly transport the multitudes that want to enjoy the diversity of the sister beach resort. The management finally implemented a sign in list for the 1st 14 people for each trip but your name on the list still means nothing as the bus was filled even though my seat was reserved. A $ 10 taxi ride got me home. Good thing American Airlines does not run like this. . We are going back to this resort in 8 weeks for another time share vacation at this same hotel. . No hesitation about doing so. HEY It’s the DR! Just want to give a " fair and balanced " view of a diamond in the rough that could use some serious fine tuning.

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