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Villa Antiqua – Old Antiqua
I don’t want this to sound like an ad for Sky Auction.com, but it is, somewhat! I bid on a week at Villa Antigua (formerly, but still advertised as a Radisson) and won a week for $1…I tried again and won another week (for sister and friend) for $51, my brother-in-law also got a week, less than $200. Our R/T air from Miami was about $370, transfer from San Jose to Antigua, about $20 p.p. The Hotel was a bit older, but in good condition and our rooms were spacious and even had a fireplace!! Bathrooms were adequate., maid service-good. Our biggest gripe was that the local water was not potable and the hotel charged an arm and a leg for bottled water. We solved the problem by purchasing gallon jugs at the local market for the same price as the 1/2 L bottles at the hotel. ( We visited the time-share portion of the resort—each unit had a 5 gallon water dispenser!!!) The restaurant was adequate with a varing menu theme each night. Prices ran about $12 p.p. Breakfast buffet featured lots of fruits and local breads. We used the tennis courts, but not the pool. We toured to San Jose for a day by mini-bus and private driver/Guide…Save your money. Take an Antigua city tour as much for an orientation as for information. We walked, and walked, and walked around the city and revisited the old churches and monasteries and enjoyed the processons of Blessed Mother Statues with fireworks, bands etc. and the streets decorated with flower pedals and colored sand. We toured the local countryside with our guide who grew up close by. The Lake trip was a loser, if you have already seen a mountain lake. The "BIG" market was four blocks of shops and stalls i.e. ten stalls multiplied by 50!!! We did find some great bargains at the city market close to the hotel. In addition to having all the stuff at the "BIG" market, the fruits, vegetables, bakery and handicrafts were well priced. We bought excellent multi-wood bowls at the Artesans Mkt. I found nylon briefs for 40 cents…..(Yes, I AM a cheapskate!!) Great people, very friendly, lots of college age kids studying here. By the way, the old city streets are ROCKS, bring good walking shoes! Antigua was a charming city, our accomodations were pleasant and the price was right!! ( P.S. We are all senior citizens).

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