Old Reviews – Villa Cojimar

There were 5 Thirtysomething females who booked this trip at this resort.

Cubana Airlines – if leg room and good customer service is your main attraction, this is your airline! There was no movie, duty free or cash bar though.

Hola Sun – Great job – we found our rep quickly at airport – we left promptly for the resort (40 mins or less bus ride). He entertained us during our ride and made sure we knew when our rep meeting was. Our meeting with the rep was the next day and was very informative. He pushed the Colourful Cuba Excursion, which three of my travel-mates went on. They were very pleased with this tour and recommend it. There are a variety of elements/places visited on this day tour

Villa Cojimar was a great resort that met the expectations of a 3 star hotel. In reality, it is just a few small things that differentiate it from other 4 star Cuban Resorts I have visited. The front desk made necessary room changes to ensure our 3 rooms were close to each other (side by side!). This was much appreciated. Our maid service was dependable (every day at the same time) and thorough – very friendly and helpful when we had any issues. Drinks were plentiful (keep in mind they are relaxed folks – bar-staff aren’t rushing like mad like they do in bars in Ontario). They have other spirits besides rum as well – vodka, gin, tequila. Be sure to try a Banana-mama! Also, the British tend to que up the line up along the bar single-file, not in front of the bar (we do in Ontario) – I think I budded a few times before I caught on to their system.

Beach – you can not go wrong with a Cuban beach – very clean (cleaner than the other resorts down the way), shallow (great for putting your lounger right in the water) and just plain gorgeous!

Entertainment – what an effort the staff puts into their nightly shows – there are some talented dancers in the bunch. It appeared that the kids show prior was also a hit too. During the day, they have multiple games/events. Be sure to play some. You can win 26ers of rum (I won three in one day!).

Nightlife: The disco was always a great time – the dancers from the show will be there as I think they are encouraged/have to go and “entertain us” into the wee hours. Don’t expect up-to-date music, they are a bit behind….

Buffet – small in comparison to the other resort’s I have been too, but I assume that aligns with the capacity. Yes, you will be probably sick of the buffet by the end of the week because the selection is just not there – but go in with that expectation, and you will not be disappointed (who knows, perhaps you will be quite satisfied!). What I did near the end of the week was have my lunches at the grill (try the fish and ask for a grilled sandwich with cheese/tomato – yum!) to change it up a bit.

Restaurants – both were fabulous! Be sure to book at both.

Room: No complaints really – shower was hot, towels were changed daily. We stayed in rooms 135 136 and 137 – far end of the resort, close to disco. It was a small trek from the “action” (pool, lobby, buffet) but not that big of a deal. One complaint here – our room key and the door had to be reset a few times.

Yes, the one side of the resort has some rough walkways and could be lit up a bit more because of it. And yes, this area has many tiny frogs that can fit under doors so it could happen. Overall, for the budget oriented, this resort is a-ok!

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