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January 2006

Loved it!!! But Stay at Canto.

Went to Villas with my bf from Dec 16th- Dec 23rd and had an awesome time. We were just on the cusp on not being able to use Canto’s facilities-thank goodness. We spent all of our time during the day at the much nicer Canto pool and restaurants. Unless you get a super good deal at Villas (say Under $600 CDN) then book at Canto instead.

The rooms at Villas were perfect if you are looking for somewhere just to lay your head-which we were, but they were super clean and comfortable. We only ate one breakfast at Villas and it was good. And we drank with some wicked people we met there at the poolside bar until it closed around 9 PM a few times.

Whale Watching: a definite Must Do. If you only do one tour, this is it. Don’t book with the over-crowded Vallarta Adventures. Go to the Canto beach and book with Ramone. He can be talked down in price and it is a much nicer trip. We had 8 people on a huge fishing boat with cuddy cabin for under 60USD per person with food and drinks incl.

ATV Tours:
this was great, they take you for a tour up the mountain to a waterfall and water pool to swim in-very much worth the coin. BEWARE: Do not eat a thing at the river side road side restaurant they take you to…especially the Guacamole. Lethal and you will be PCing for a few days. $70 USD per ATV.

Deep Sea Fishing:
Make sure online that the fish you are looking forward to fishing for is in season. We found that the captain and seller were eager to say whatever you wanted to catch was there… we ended up catching a nice yellow fin Jack but know some people who were skunked because they were fishing for Marlin. Also booked through Ramone for a good price at $200USD. with a thrown in case of Sol.

Other cool out-trips: Walk the Malecon…

Eat at Ah Carumba. Seafood and an ocean view worth every penny. For 2 people we spent around $100 but we ate enough for 4 people.

Villas is by far the nicest 3 star that we saw (from beach and road), but if you can-book at Canto.

Cheers and have a great trip!!!

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