Old Reviews – Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach

Just a few short comments to add to the mix: A group of 38 from Shreveport, LA just spent a week there. We had stayed at Punta Cana before, and wanted to try the Caribbean side.

The Good – (1) beautiful grounds (2) beautiful clean beach (3) clean rooms (4) clear water, good snorkeling right there (5) friendly and helpful staff (though not all spoke English) (6) always lots of food, and it’s good, but different. (7) day trip to Catalina – lot’s of fun, divers liked the dives, and snorkelers had fun. Lunch on the beach was OK – similar to the resort (8) Funny boats (little 2-man speed boats)- some of group did those, and had a blast (9) Day trip to Saona – some of group did that, and liked the handling of the giant starfish (10) Altos de Chavon – very close and impressive – you oughta see it. We were disappointed in the artwork, but the place is cool. (11) I don’t dive, but I think all our divers thought it was real good. (12) new Trane a/c units in the bungalows.

The Bad – (1) Day trip of shopping and Altos de Chavon – we went to a cigar factory (interesting), Columbus square (just a big souvenir shop), and El Supermercado (a giant Wal-Mart). The shopping was a disappointment. (2) A few of us had mild cases of "la tourista" and two were sick for 24 hours – cause unidentified (3) noise level at night – if your room is close to the main lobby, don’t plan on going to bed early. The show runs from around 10:00-11:00 nightly. It is LOUD. The staff moved several of our group, so if it’s a problem, just ask. (4) specialty restaurants – not really special, and you generally have to make reservations a day or so in advance (we liked the Japanese place best).

The Ugly – (1) For about 45 minutes right at dusk, there was an onslaught of tiny black gnats. They would spray, and it would be better, then the little beggars would be back the next night. This may be seasonal. We solved the problem by altering our routine – going in a little later to clean up, and emerging around 7:45 or 8:00 to eat. It’s short lived, but very disconcerting when it’s happening, especially if you are eating. (2) One evening there was no hot water (anywhere). We all took cold showers, though that really wasn’t too bad. Only happened once. (3) In the hotel type building (near the Palace) a few of our group complained of a sewerage smell daily. Didn’t happen to me, and the staff moved everyone who wanted to.

So – I’d say go. Great location, beautiful resort, grounds, and beach. Friendly and helpful staff. Topless Europeans (and thongs/speedos on both sexes). The food is good, maybe a little better than standard all-inclusive. You will get a little tired of it after a week. A few minor glitches – but with a staff always ready to help.

Very similar to Punta Cana – the beach was not quite as pretty (not as much shade), but the water was better. I would be glad to answer questions – e-mail me at gmckellar@bwor.com.

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