Old Reviews – Windjammer Landing

Windjammer Landing


Toronto, Onatrio

January 2007
We were at Windjammer from Jan 22 to 29 this year. It was great! Food was excellent gourmet quality. Especially like d Papa Don’s and the Upper Deck. Mahi mahi is fantastic. The resort is very hilly. But shuttles will take you around , no problem. We saw 1 mosquito in our room and that was it. The beds have mosquito nets but you should not need it. The staff was extremely friendly and courteous. It took 3 days before the maid would actually take tips we left for her. The resort is not large and at the time we were there it was 70% occupied. The night life tends to shut down around 11 PM some times a bit later although Jammers is open to later. Weather is boring, same thing everyday 30 deg c mix of sun and cloud. If it does rain it is over fast. Some amazing vistas from the upper part of the resort. The rooms are very comfortable. We were in 104A. It has two levels with a deck on both. Did the boat cruise from Castris to Soufriere saw the Pitons, drive in volcano , Diamond falls. Would probably do the cruise from the resort next time same thing but it picks you up at the dock

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