Old Reviews – Wyndham Sapphire Beach Club & Resort

Wyndham Sapphire Beach Club & Resort

Miss M Winchester 

November 2007
This beach club has hot tubs on most of the balconies and the rooms are spacious and kept very clean. However, the general condition is poor, with the balcony ceilings peeling and flaking into the hot tubs, so that they cannot be used. The general staff are lovely, but the staff at reception are unhelpful and rude and are inclined to charge for items which do not belong on your bill. Therefore, it is best to check before you sign anything. The management are very unhelpful and are likely to move you from room to room, disrupting your holiday. My travelling companions were moved twice in one week, with the hotel’s excuse being that they needed their room for someone else. You can access everything you need once you arrive at this hotel, such as car-hire, but this is not a family friendly place and the management do seem to be disorganised, elusive and very unhelpful. I would highly recommend St Maarten’s Island, but I would not recommend this hotel. Nearby Maho has shops and bars and a casino. There is a fantastic piano bar called sopranos and their own nearby restaurant where we had some of the finest pastas and sauces we have ever eaten. You do need a car on St Maarten’s. The beaches all around the island are fantastic and you will have a lovely time, whatever your age.

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