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I’m wondering how to organise the tables for the wedding dinner. We are a group of 34… Will we all sit together or have different tables??? I don’t know how to organise this… Should I make a seating chart or juste let anybody sit where they want??
Hi, It depends on which restaurant you get, but with groups over 20 it’s supposed to be the Cuban. I think they only offer two ways of setting up the tables there. We had a head table with six people then two longer tables set off of that. It worked really well for us. We didn’t do a seating chart. For us it was better that way as new relationships were formed over the week that I could never have anticipated. Our family and friends really mixed well together. Cheers,


We had a group of 25 and had the same idea as librajaco. We had a "T" formation, with six sitting at the head and then tables in front of us, worked really well as we could see all our guests. We didn’t do a seating arrangement. Our wedding party sat at the head with us and seated first at the other tables were my parents, then who ever wanted to sit in could.

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