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Perhaps the Canadian tourist market is not large enough to interest major operators like Nolitours, etc. but surely there is enough interest for some of the smaller operators like Go Travel Direct(Ottawa) or Hillcrest Vacations(Toronto). I just seems a darn shame that an excellent destination like Cartagena is not serviced from Canada. Perhaps there is just more money flying drunks to Cuba, DR, and Mexico. Too bad, is all I can say.

Hey f: Must be when you hit the nail right on the head; no one will talk to you…I have
been to Ctg 14 times the last being in 2001.

Ben sooner or later package tours from Canada to Cartagena will resume and I’ll be on board. I only hope they offer the Las Americas Resort as an optional hotel as we had a great time in Feb/06. The flying time from Toronto is a killer, but in 2007 we will visit Buenos Aires to discover the "Paris of South America".

I also think that Ctg will be a big tourist area. Down the beach from from Las Americas there is miles and miles of deep beautiful beach as nice as anywhere in the world. I have taken bus and taxi down the sand road on the beach past the shanty restaurants and villages many times. There is room to build thousands of hotels. They also already have a good airport that can handle any plane flying today. Ctg has to be the worlds best kept secret…for now. Ben

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