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Has anyone been at this resort recently, I have read all the reviews from different sites and they were very mixed from last season. Please help.
Hi I am going to Palma Real la ceiba on January 12, 2006. Can anyone give me some information. First would like to know if you can use your credit card in restaurants, and what type of card do they take. How was the resort for food, and entertainment. Is there a disco? Husband wants to know if they serve bacon at breakfast. Any information would be great. Feel free to contact me.thanks


Daughter’s in laws is there as we write , will be interested to heard what they say

I heard the resort is about a 2 star
But they had a good time there

Actually I just got back from there about 2 weeks ago. The resort is actually quite nice but small, but we actually liked it that way. It is not a 4 star as listed but it’s a 3 star trying really hard. There is definitely some issues on the service end but you learn to get over them (ie- just get up and get your own coffee) but honestly we had a great time. (We being me, my husband, and believe it or not my mother). I still plan on writting a review for it to give more detail but if you need more info just ask.By the way, yes there is bacon, the food is good, not over the top outstanding, but considering most of us probably arn’t eating gourmet foods everyday at home you should be OK. There is also a disco but to be honest I didn’t go.

The off resort excursions are amazing and the whole trip was well worth the price paid, which was just over $1000 (taxes incl)

Hi, my family and I just got back from Palma Real and we had a great time despite the constant rain. My kids are 5 and 8.The food was o.k. their are two restaurants but we never went to the a la cart. There were always several meat choices, carbs and fresh food and cooked vegetable. My kids always managed to find something they liked and one is very fussy. We had a superior room and was glad, it was quite nice and the maid service was good. The tours were wonderful. We did the city tour $25 well worth it, the canopy $180, excellent! cayos cochinos $170 quite good and cuero y salado $135 very good and interesting.Pico Bonito $200 rain forest tour was o.k. over priced. We used the tour company at the hotel and and felt the second was much better priced although neither gave out much information on the tours except for the city tour. Our only difficulty was the impossible task of exchanging money. Travelers cheques were next to impossible to cash so make sure you take American dollars. The hotel charges a ridiculous fee of $2 for 20 cashed $3 for 50 and $5 for 100 not to mention they only give you 18 limpera when the bank gives you 18.89 and then the charge you 19.10, quite the set up. We found the staff helpful and friendly, Nancy the conquest representative was great and the water park was just beautiful. So go and enjoy, we did ;D
We are thinking of going to this resort in March. Is it still the "rainy" time then?Also, we have travelled to Cuba many times and always take supplies to the locals. Is there a need for the same in Honduras?

Any infor would be appreciated.

Hi Yes the locals need supplies unlike other countries though they don’t come running for it. I guess they haven’t had it happen that often yet. We took kidsclothes and toys with us and gave it out and the kids didn’t know what to do with them in most cases, pencils, paper, etc. We had to show them a few times how to play with it. Basic necessities would be most helpful though. Kids could use clothes and shoes as well. Especially at ceuro y salada and at cayos cachinos, basic supplies would be helpful, I wish I khew that when I went.

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