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Heading to Palma Real resort in Feb. for 2 weeks.Would like to know what the beach is like? Do we need adapters for the hydro? Does anyone have a web site for tour operators?

Any other info would be great.

Are you getting a little excited about your upcoming trip, theponder?You know we’ll be expecting a review and, of course, some photos, upon your return. Just to "liven up" this DEAD site! ;).

Have a great trip, if I don’t get a chance to tell you that closer to your day of departure.

Thanks theponder I will check that site out. Have a great trip and hope to see some photos of the resort.

Excited!!!! Who…Me??? Naaaw.. ;D

[glow=red,2,300]14 days and counting[/glow]…. actually started counting at 172… ;D

Hi I did responed. It was quite a lengthly response too, not sure where it went. Dont expect a 4* Mexico resort, you will be dissapointed with it if thats what you expect. My family (wife, 2 kids, 13 – 9 ) had a blast there. Food wad good, buffet was good every night and the A LA Carte was very good, ordered of a menu different on every night. There was lots of drinks for all, and a snack bar at each pool.

We did 2 tours while we were there and both was well worth it! My suggestion is to contact Wilfreid at

We had a AWSOME time – started out to be just our family and then turned into 17 people ( poeple that we meet at the resort and partied with all week) He picks you up on the beach at the hotel and takes you out to his Private Island for the day of snorkelling, lounging or Diving. They treat you like a friend – Everyone that went rave’s about that trip still. Cant say enough good things about Wilfreid and his wife. The other tour was to do Ziplining and we all had a blast, horseback riding, ziplining, hot springs with volcanic mud and then more ziplining – 16 in all with the longest being about 1Km long (0.6 of a mile). We walked into a town called Sambo Creek ( just down the Beach 45 min’s). toured threw the town buying beers and drinks for the kids and food. Had lunch at the Hotel Canadian owned by French Canadians – was very nice spot- can also stay there. All in all the trip was good – hotel has a water pressure issue toilet cant handle toilet paper and long to refill but main wash rooms at the hotel seemed OK. When you go, Find Fabio – usually wears something with the Maple Leaf on it. He is a nice person and will do anything for you if you get to know him. Ssay Hello from Canada to him and hope you vacation goes as well as our’s did. Wanted to go back this year but got out voted for Mexico


Have Plenty of Pics if you would like to see them, drop me your Email and I will send them

Thanks thejonesclan we will look for Fabio. Do you know if they hydro is the same as ours I bring a charger for my camera and was wondering if I need an adapter.

Cant remember but I think it was, check your charger I kmow ours would take 120v or 220v.

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