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Made it back from this vacation and right back into the great land of the snow! what a letdown. anyways vacation went somewhat well, it’s a gorgeous resort but not without it’s share of problems. Alot of sickness the week we were there which put a damper on our holidays for a few days. Really has alot of potential to be a terrific resort but they do need to work on sanitizing and perhaps proper food presentation, eg salads on ice. We did have several issues but still managed to enjoy our time. Enjoyed the beach and wonderful sunshine and the lushness of the area – beautiful ! Just submitted our review. Happy that we finally got to visit Honduras !

wossa Guest Good to hear you made the most of your vacation even though you had issues. I have been reading some reviews on trip as well as yours and they all mention the problems with food presentation, sickness and the poor sanitation. The beach sounds wonderful and potentially so does the resort if they could fix the issues they have. Did you see any scuba diving taking place whist there ?

Anyways welcome back to the snow and reality….

Wossa…. ;D

selectivedi1 Guest

Unfortunately, hubby didn’t venture off diving – lovely man didn’t want to leave me for too long a period. He talked to a few divers who told him it wasn’t anything special diving here – hubby didn’t check it out for himself and sadly didn’t even go once ! I felt bad since the Rotan diving didn’t work out but he was happy just basking on the beach. We’re off to Cuba in April, so he’ll get his fill of diving there.

Thanks for submitting a review. It seemed pretty positive even thought folks were sick etc… at the resort.It is a shame that you did not head to Roatan as the diving is incredible. I am sure your husband would have loved it.

This is my third year heading to Roatan for the awesome diving.

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………..

selectivedi1 Guest

Well, there is no way we would let anything ruin our vacation. After all, vacation is what you make of it. I agree, it was a shame we didn’t get over to Roatan. So close and yet so far. This does give an excuse to go back, right? We will get there another trip….i like the idea of a two weeker, stay at one resort, then head over to Roatan. Who knows what next year will bring.

Three years ago I stayed over in the Oakridge Area of Honduras at the "Reef House". The diving was awesome as we went to the same place that the "Henry Morgan" Resort take you. The Resort was just like "Camping With The Boy’s" as far as the accommodations go and not so great, lol.Last year as well as this March we will be staying at the "Henry Morgan" Resort in Roatan, Honduras since we really enjoyed our stay there. It is a great resort even for non divers as many people go there just for the beach, etc….Quite a few people who do not dive hooked up during the day to have fun in the sun while their partners went off diving. I am sure if you go there you will find many people to enjoy the morning with while DH is diving.The resort is AI and actually quite nice compared to some of the resorts in Honduras. When we return from there we will post another review and I will ask Wossa to post some pictures of the resort, rooms etc… so you can take a look at them.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………………

selectivedi1 Guest

Will check out this resort. We would love Roatan next year, depends on how last minutes prices go. I’m ok as a "dive widow" during dive times, lol……nothing like a great book soaking up the sun while hubby is out diving and "bonding"…..but it is always nice to hook up with other wives who enjoy the beach – after all we too, have alot in common :):) Look forward to seeing pictures…..

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