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I was on another site reading reviews. Some of them were from last year. One thing that appeared to be common in them all was a majority of peoples luggage was being charged an over weight amount at $6.00 per kilogram. One writer said that they weighed thier luggage 3 times with 3 different weights resulting. I have not seen this on any of the latest posts here. Does anyone know if this is a problem or something that has been resolved.

We never encountered that problem. A couple that was with us were told they were overweight. They were given the opportunity to juggle around some of their stuff between suitcases, did and were okay. Another couple that were in front of us were overweight and were also given an opportunity to remove items, but they chose just to pay it.

Just be aware of how you pack. Distribute evenly between suitcases.

When we were leaving in November, a lot of people were juggling things around in their suitcases because they were overweight. One of our suitcases was overweight when we left Cinti because we didn’t know the limit went down from 75 lbs to 50 lbs, so we got another suitcase in Panama and resituated our small bathroom bag into it with some clothes and items we bought to keep from having a problem.


Haven’t been on here for a while but when we left Panama in the summer we were wearing about 10 lbs. of clothes each so we wouldn’t have to pay. 44lbs of luggage per person is ridiculous for a 2 week holiday. LS

On our return last monday one of our friends stated the had to tell the person at baggage check to take their foot off the scale.Just an F.Y.I. I didn’t see it, just what I was told.


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