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Has anyone flown to Panama with Sun Wing? I noticed that they have 2007 prices from Toronto to the Grand Playa Blanca Resort for a quite reasonable price. Itravel2000 has it for $1648 Canadian plus tax while Trip Central shows it for $1895 with taxes included. These are both 2 week vacations leaving on January 22, 2007. There are not too many reviews of the Grand Playa Blanca that I can find. Does anyone have any more recent information?When we were at the Decameron in January we walked down the beach to look, it was about a 45 minute walk, but we couldn’t get too close.
Thanks Bebbie, I found a few recent good reviews on Trip Advisor.

Do you know anything about the El Panama Hotel, Trip Central lists it as a 4 * but I haven’t seen anything about it, I think it is offered in Sun Wing as well.

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