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Hi ,we are 4 couples 45 to 50 yrs young, never been to panama. Looking for some suggestions on where to stay? We would like an All Inclusive on the Beach ! We Have about 4500.00 to 5000.00 Can. each couple. Looking for a pkg deal flight and hotel. Any info will be greatly appreciated!!Thanks Very Much
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All inclusive package prices for Panama are all over the map and depend greatly on where you’ll be traveling from. So which island are you "vibing" from?

Wow a really newbieTime of year makes a difference in pricingStill you ask in $CDNYour choice are to check out, Nolitours.caSunwing fly on Saturday and Nolitours is Monday

I thought I saw a package ,week at a resort then a week cruising southern Caribbean

Hi Islandvibe66This is my response on the other forum that I left for you, so now you have two.We are flying from Toronto to Panama in February for 2 weeks and we are staying at the Royal Decameron. Just to give you an idea on cost, we booked an Ocean Front, Ocean View room on the beach, which I believe is the top room for the resort. We also booked Club Class on Air Transat and the total cost for each couple is approx. $5,000.The Royal Decameron was our first choice because of the amenities it offered in the way of choice of a-la-cartes, number of pools and bars, disco, casino and within walking distance of a few restaurant/bars on the beach (Woody’s which is owned by Canadians).I hope this helps somewhat and you can make an informed decision by speaking with your travel agent and looking at the tripadvisor forums and resort reviews.


So thank you all for the info! We’ve decided on the Royal Decameron , 2 weeks, $4190.00 per couple Taxes included. Jan.18 to Feb.1 2011. Very Excited!!!! 11 of us going!!
Iam sure i will have more questions in the near future Thanks Again


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