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Hi there,Let me start by saying that these forums are really informative and entertaining. Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences.My family and I are going to the Royal Decameron for the first time. A friend recommended it and I’m glad I took her advice. Sounds amazing.Most of my questions have been answered by reading previous messages but I have a couple more. I’m travelling with a 2 year old and an 8 year old. I’m wondering if any of the rainforest trips would be appropriate for the little one or should I just go with my older daughter? Also, should I bring a lifejacket for the 2 year old or do they have little ones at the resort (for water sports)?Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

I dont think the rainforest would be good for a 2 year old….theres too much of a hike in areas that arent exactly urban. The 8 year old should be good as long as he/she is a good listener and doesnt get antsy.I dont think Id be taking the 2 year old in the Ocean…it is tidal and is tough for an adult to manage let alone managing a 2 year old as well. The pools are fine and I wouldnt worry at all.When we were there there were lots of children…and seemingly lots for them to do. Just go and have fun…but leave the 2 year old behind on the trips.
Hi Waterloo, thanks for the tips. I guess I’ll leave the little one with my hubbie while we explore the rainforest!! I have to do something educational with Emily since I’m pulling her out of school.I didn’t realise the water is so rough! They’ll have fun in the sand at least!!

Thanks again, Judy

Hello! please post a review when you return! Am considering this resort for a family vacation with little ones and would be really interested to know how it goes! Thanks! (or PM me!)

Remember it is alonggggg flight and bus ride.Also there will be a lot of stairs to carry the little up and down

With little ones I be look at Cuba, something with a short flight

Hi lovethesun, I’ll be sure to let you know how our trip goes. We’re back Sept 24th so I’ll get back to you shortly after.koz, thanks for the concern. We’ve flown before and Westjet is great because of the seat back tvs. So long as there is Treehouse my toddler’s great. Also, we fly at naptime and bedtime so it’s perfect. My friend warned me about the stairs so we requested a lower more central unit. My 2 year old loves stairs so she’ll be ok. It’s my husband who will probably have issues!!!

Thanks again

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