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First of all happy that I do not beleive all I read ! There where 8 of us and we all had a great time. The hotel is older and they had some elevator problems. Yet the rooms where clean everyday, ther is a bit of a smell because there is no windows to open so you have to run the air conditioner even on low just to circulate the air and keep it fresh. The food was awsome there was always something to eat. The preperation of food and use of spices is not what we where used to but then again that is part of the adventure in travel. To try DIFFERENT things not what you get at home. LOL ! The bar food was really good if philly cheese,chicken wings ,onion rings, fries,chicken burgers,conch fritters,plus much more is not your idea of good bar food then all the more for me cause it was great ! At times the waitress was a little slow but come on she is serving like 20 or more other people so get over the waite of 10 sometimes 15 min. The location was great we where able to walk all over the island and take taxi or farrie over to Nassau. The people where amazing so nice and they talked to you cause they wanted to not becuase it is there job. All of them are very fluent in english, not once did anyone pertend not to understand us. One great trip and would go again any time. Stayed 7days it was great. The inclosed beach area at the resort is not that great many people leaving garbage laying around that ended up in the water at the bottom so snorkeling was not that good. Yet cabbage beach was only 10 min walk and was great so who cares. Again had a great time will go again. Shout outs to Big Ale, Micheal,Shawn Connery LOL ! Angela,Janet, and all the rest of the staff you are all great keep up the good work.

Room Number:

The arrival was verry good. My sister booked us all in and had our papper work so we registered as a group and did not have a very long waite. The receptionist was very quick and we where all checked in in about 20 min we wher a group of 8.

Rooms are a little run down the building is old so expected. No windows that opened but got fresh air by using the air conditioning on low.

Restaurants and Bars:
Only one al a carte and it was realy good. We had a two course meal there and it was well made and very tasteful. The buffet food was great, the same kinds of food every night but made differently. Like fish every night one night it was Snapper, then it was Grouper, then another fish made in curry, and then made in a stew. So the same but different it was great. Got to remember it is Bhamas and they are trying to treat you to THERE fav foods. Always had spice in food even in mac and cheese dish. And yes we liked it. LOL

The beach was okay, The water murkey and lots of cups at the bottom also both beach and pools where cold. We still swam and got sunburns, Cabbage beach was 10 min walk and is a great beach had lots of fun there. Can not possibly control weather and unfortunatly it was windy and cold most of our trip. I would still go back.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
On the resort we played and watched different games. It was fun ! Did a couple of payed day trips and had fun on that did the speed boat snorkling all day trip. Was a little disapointed in the reef but was realy excited that there where sharks like 10 min and a sand bar away from us that was new for all of us. Injoyed the submersible. And took a few rides around Nassau the people realy like Anna Nicole Smith. Straw market and bars where fun. Lots to see lots to do.

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