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salomeuh 2007-04-05 02:03:11 UTC #1

Hi I’m new here and have to say I’m grateful to have found this helpful forum! I’m planing my wedding for may or July of next year. Don’t have a date yet because I still haven’t decide for sure which resort. But Paradisus Palma Real is so far my favorite! Have anyone got married here or planning to? How are you planning it with the hotel directly or with a travel agent?

I will love to see some pictures also!


christie272 2007-04-05 04:31:39 UTC #2

First of all, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I am getting married at the paradisus palma real 8/25/2007, so it’s coming up and I’m really excited!!

I chose to work with a travel agent. I actually used For a few reasons. That way, there is someone who is in control and keeping track of airfares and hotel reservations, and they offer a 24hr emergency contact for us and guests in case there are any problems with airlines, airports or the resort. And they have an interest free payment plan. (which is a big plus for guests who might not have all that money all at once.) So far, I haven’t had a problem with them. The agent they set me up with is very helpful.

I also have an e-mail address for the wedding coordinator at the resort. She is great, she’s really prompt with replies to e-mails. And has had all the answers to my MANY questions ;D

As for pictures, I don’t have any because I haven’t been there yet, but I have been to the Paradisus Punta Cana and it was beautiful! What you can do though is go to When you look for reviews on a resort, you can also look at candid traveler photos from that resort. There’s some really nice ones.

I haven’t seen many people on the forums getting married at the palma real, so I’d be happy to answer any questions.

salomeuh 2007-04-06 01:02:42 UTC #3

Thanks Christie! Congratulations! Wow you must be really excited! Thank you very much for the info. If I need the WC info I’ll let you know. So far I’m loving this resort. I went to their webpage and its just amazing, i also went through Debbie’s own review.
Wow! so are you ready! how many people are coming with you? did you make invitations ?

franklin 2007-04-06 03:05:40 UTC #4

Hi ladies. We got married at the melia, next door. The paradisus looked amazing. Their wedding gazebo is just off of the beach. It was really pretty. Some of our guests went for a tour of the paradisus, and were really impressed. You are going to have a great time!

christie272 2007-04-07 04:15:10 UTC #5

I am really excited!! I actually just ordered my invitations. I sent out save the dates in February and gave everyone the TA and Resort info. So far 7 people made reservations.

I didn’t make the invites myself, I ordered them from a website. They are message in a bottle invites, they’re really cute. I don’t know exactly how many people are coming yet. I’m gonna send the invites in May. That’ll give me time to figure out exactly what I want to do for the reception when I know how many people are coming.

oh, and by the way, I’m from Jersey, not quite a new yorker, but close

system 2007-04-07 13:16:14 UTC #6

When I was on a guided tour of the PPR by the manger there I left the resort totally amazed just how wonderful the resort was. I did see a wedding there that I would guess had forty some odd guests present. It sure looked like it was well organized and the coordinator was there the entire time to make sure everything ran smoothly. You will have a wonderful wedding if you decide to have it there. Everything is totally first class.

2xbride 2007-04-07 13:53:39 UTC #7

christie272 we also are using So far we are very pleased with them. Who is you TA? Ours is Kimberley. We sent out our postcard invites last Dec. for our June 16th wedding. It is our second wedding we are not sending a second invite. We figure people can just go to our web page at anytime or call our TA. I love the postcard idea and the pictures you can choose from are great. We are getting married at the Melia Caribe. For us it was the gazebo that made us pick this resort. The gazebo is in a more private spot and the gold angles look so elegant.

christie272 2007-04-07 21:54:46 UTC #8

My TA is Sheila. She is great, and so helpful to everyone. I was a little unsure when I chose to use, but so far I am really pleased.

salomeuh 2007-04-08 20:06:52 UTC #9

Hi Christie! I was actually in Jersey this weekend. Wow now I’m really excited! I will try to make my reservations within the next two weeks. I think I will choose July 2008. Which website did you choose your invites, I have search in a couple and have found very nice invites.

salomeuh 2007-04-08 20:10:05 UTC #10

Thanks for the info Franklin & stillgoit.

salomeuh 2007-04-13 02:13:22 UTC #12

Thanks Christie! your invites are beautiful! Did you customize yours? I also found another site with message in a bottle invites but they are more expensive. Thanks for the info.

I already got in touch with my WC from destinationweddings. She was supposed to get back to me today with more info but never call me.

salomeuh 2007-04-14 23:52:27 UTC #13

Hi Christie. My WC just send me all the info from Paradisus Palma Real. My boyfriend and I are in the process of making the decision. I just wanted to ask you which wedding and photo package did you seleted? Are you given your guest two hotels options or are they all staying at the Paradisus?

christie272 2007-04-15 17:07:32 UTC #14

Hello, and Congradulations again, I’m really excited for you!! I’ve been having a lot of fun planning my wedding, and I’m glad I can help.

Honestly, I haven’t decided which wedding package I want to use yet. I’m going to wait until I get the official count of how many people are coming (when I get my RSVP’s back). Then I’ll decide, Because if it’s less than 20 people coming, I would be willing to pay for a private reception, per person. But if more than that come, I will figure out a way to celebrate taking advantage of the all inclusive aspect of the resort, whether it’s making a big reservation, or, maybe everyone will split up for dinner, and meet up again at one a place that offers music and dancing. I haven’t decided.

As for the photographer, I am using the resort photographer. I have his prices that the WC sent me, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

As for where people are staying, the only information I gave everyone was for the paradisus palma real. I’m not sure how it works if they stay somewhere else, I think they would have to purchase a day pass to come onto the resort if they aren’t staying there.

mckrck 2007-04-15 18:09:28 UTC #15

Christie, Congratulations to you. We may even run into each other at PPR. We arrive Sept 1 and our wedding date is Sept 6. I’m also trying to figure out what to do for the ‘reception’ and which package to pick. All the little extras are so expensive. Are prices for either the packages or extras negotiable? I wonder if any brides have had any luck negotiating lower prices with the resorts.


salomeuh 2007-04-15 21:12:45 UTC #16

Hi christie and all PPR fellows!
Chirstie that is exatly what we were thinking, why not take advantage of the all inclusive, Im thinking of selecting one of the restaurants and making reservations for my group.

In the other hand did you research for hotel rates at other sites after receiving the quote from your WC. The quotes send to me by my WC do not incuded flights and I just went to expedia and there is a big difference. Have you confroted your WC regarding prices?

One more thing about RSVP’s when did you ask your guest to respond 2 or 3 months before the wedding?

salomeuh 2007-04-15 21:40:54 UTC #17

Never mind! We just re-research once again and apparently prices are OK!

christie272 2007-04-16 16:26:12 UTC #18

hi mckrck, congrats to you too! We’ll just miss each other, I leave the 31! Do you have everything all set yet, what do you still need to do? I just hope i’m not forgetting anything

And, salomeuh, I made the RSVP on my invites for june 5, so that gives me a little over 2 months to work out the details.

salomeuh 2007-04-20 01:31:28 UTC #19

Hi everyone just wanted lo let you know that wedding day is May 31st of 2008, We are very excited!

christie272 2007-04-21 05:38:52 UTC #20

yay!!! congradulations!!! And if you want the legal ceremony, don’t worry. Because I booked my August 25, 2007 wedding in february 2007, and at first they told me it had to be symbolic, but then a couple days later, they told me the judge was available for that date. So either way you should be set!!!

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