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Hotel & Wedding Review

OK I need to star saying that Palma Real is absolutely the best hotel in Punta, excellent service, gorgeous and clean rooms, friendly staff, amazing view, decoration and architecture. Delicious food and extra large variety. Make sure you go to all restaurants, we went to all of them and they are all amazing. If you have a big group the disco is great and the shows at La Plaza Colonial and Gaby are great, the only thing the hotel needs to work on is the night shows at the Olympus Theater, they are for a 3 star hotel not for Palma Real.

You don¡¦t need to but we tipped the staff because they are just too great.

We met with Kelly 2 days before the wedding to go over our wedding plan and then she took a walk with us to the areas with selected for our ceremony and reception and took care of small details. I don¡¦t want to go into more details about her because she is not going to be there anymore, but she could definitely do a better job down there, she was better in emails. Maybe because her mind was not there anymore.
Carolina did everything the day of the wedding she is the one that coordinates the whole event and make sure everything runs smooth. But nobody is there for you during the ceremony, I was aware of that so I had everything planned with my brother.

The day of the wedding was a little cloudy, which work out pretty well because we had a very nice weather (not too hot or humid). When we finish with our pics just before the reception started there where some drops for about 15 min, which delayed the reception, luckily my guest were gathered at the lobby bar and they didn¡¦t even notice it. This somehow caused some disorganization from the hotel staff in charge of the reception but at the end we had a great time. My brother was my DJ and MC, (I know he is the best) we all had a great time. The food was delicious my guests are still talking about it.

I brought the cake decoration and topper and they did a good job, I have to say I had everything I ask for, but my centerpieces where supposed to have a candle in the center and they didn¡¦t put it, plus my bouquet which I totally love was supposed to have a white bow and it came in orange same as the flower girl basket.

I did my hair at the spa salon and it was just what I told her to do, she made me feel calm and secure. They also did a great job for my mom, sister and two aunts and everyone loved them, they have a small room to work but they are really fast.

We will definitely love to do it all over again, it was magic and remember little details don¡¦t really count; you as bride will notice them but no one else will, remember this is not the typical wedding, enjoy the company of your love ones and experience the magic.

If you have any specific questions let me know! ļ

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