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At our arrival to the airport tired it was 3 in the morning the bus din NOT take us directly to our hotel but first we had to wait almost an our until they got everyone on board for about 5 hotels and they dropt them off hotel after hotel, so it was around 5 AM when it was our turn and the guide made it clear that they should get about $ 5.00 tip from every couple. We where told that there is going to be Wi-Fi available. Nothing . The internet we paid $5.00 for a half an hour was so slow that I could not even check one of my emails, and this was beside the lobby not in our room, although websites say that we should Expect high-speed internet access AND a PC in the room. But again , no such a thing . Tennis courts, none. and several multiple-purpose pools? the unusable one. No heated Pools , in fact The Pool was so cold that maybe one or two dared to go in The beach in front was plowed every morning without being cleaned up so it was dirty … plastic, cans etc. The rooms supposed to be complete with stylish furnishing , not even close … No Jacuzzis More like the cheapest motel rooms in Canada or US. Should have been included: VCR′s, CD stereos, , in-room video library, more but nothing The fridge was a joke (the smallest I have ever seen, two beers / day Not every day, and not other alcoholic beverage choice. The spring mattress was making noise at every breath I took . Tv old Mono barely 2-3 channels in English . Agent said, there is no construction or renovation going on , since we are going for this vacation to rest . We where assured that she checked and there is nothing like construction or renovation going on , since according to her this was a brand now resort , We found out later that it was built more then 7 years ago. Well Right in front of our patio door (and only room) a major construction was going on DAY AND NIGHT, for the entire duration of our stay, just 100 yards from us. The maintenance was so bad that most of the facilities looked like the cheapest hotels we have seen. Our room was not even swept 3 days out of six, in spite of the fact that the chambermaids got about $10 worth of tips, but ours did not even understand English , let-alone speak it. Second day we found a huge cockroach in our bathroom, but the bathroom and the room was equipped with ugly cheep furniture , and unsafe. Not just all rusty and worn out equipment but loose too The entertainers most of them they were great, but one of the two stages was so badly maintained that it was sinking under them in layers and we have witnessed how they have injured their feet like that on a patched up pieces of plywood “stage” nice entertainment .

The smallest problem with our food was that half was coming from canned food, but the biggest problem was that the buffet room was full of sparrows and they where in the food on the display tables as soon as nobody

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