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Has anyone been to this new resort, apparently Puerto Rico’s first and only all-inclusive? Any recommendations/reviews? Thanks,

We just returned from Paradisus Puerto Rico. I would give the setting a 10. I had a few issues. The first was the food. When we arrived, we were starving from the plane ride. We proceded to the buffet near the pool. There was pizza, chicken fingers, french fries, salad and chips. We got our food and sat down. As soon as we left the buffet table and no one was around, the black birds started to feast on the food on the buffet table. Yep, those cute little beaks and feet were right in there where I had just gotten my food. They were standing in the salad, pecking at the desserts and eating the chesse off the buffet table. No one seemed concerned except for the guests who observed the birds.We had no great meals at the resturants. Some were actually bad. The last night we had a meal of prawns and steak. The pawns had such an odor of being fishy and old, I didn’t attempt to eat them. The steak was tastless. It was like eating mashed potatoes. Since they were only at 30% capacity, half of the resturants weren’t open. We couldn’t dine when we wanted to, when we made resversations. They didn’t have enough help. The all inculsive is very deceptive. Yes the food and drinks were free but everything else cost money as they were operated by outside concessions owned by the parent company. We were 1 hour from San Juan. It cost us $140 to go by the Pardisus cab (Bus) We could not use a cab, which had it rates posted as $30 per hour in town. One of our friend’s luggage was lost for three days from Air Canada. It finally showed up in San Juan Airport. He was charged $30 each way to go the airport to get the luggage, even through the bus was headed in that direction anyway to pick up guests. The golfing was nice, but also a concession – $125 per person. The pool was very beautiful. The ocean and beach offered a different tale. Most of the beach was just wide enough for a lounge chair. The sand was rocky. There were no waves as there was a coral reef about 250 yrads off shore. The water was uninviting. There were rocks and seaweed. No one was in the ocean. One could take out the free kayaks, It was recommended that you stayed inside the bouys as there were strong currents near the reef. The Hobbie sail boats were also offered free of charge. One could only go out with a captain for 1/2 hour period. The club offered snorkeling, but there was no place to snorkel and they had no fins, only masks and snorkel. If you wanted to snorkel, they offered a trip for $75 per person. Scuba was also offered for $550/person. You did get a certificate and several dives. This was one hundred dollars more than it cost at home. The best solution if you go is to rent a car. It is about $40 a day, plus $11 per insurance, plus $10 per day to park it at the resort. The rain forest is well worth the rental car price to hike. The resort offers a 3 hour tour with a driver, very expensive since it is only 1/2 hr. away. I also heard the drive to the caves is well worth the trip 2 1/2 hours away by car. The rooms were nice, but two nights we didn’t have towels or turn down service, they took our bathrobes and didn’t return them. Room service was nice,

Not a resort I would go back to. Too expensive and everything was extra.

Hi barw518,Wow, sounds like it wasn’t that great. We are RCI owners and could trade a week for the Paradisus in PR, but the all- inclusive costs would be at least $125 US per person per day! Thanks, but no thanks, and given your review, I really don’t think we’ll look into further.

BTW, We went to the Paradisus in Holguin Cuba in Feb. And it was absolutely fabulous — everything: the food, accomodations, staff (especially the staff), grounds, snorkelling, weather. Not a place for kids, if you have really active kids. I would highly recommend it for a Cuban all-inclusive. A true 5 star. We would return in a second. Good luck with your next vacation.

Glad I checked this post…. had been looking at the Paradisus PR…. but after hearing what Barw518 said… I think I’ll pass

Mojitosue is "right on" about the Paradisus in Holguin, though It definitely is worth the 5 star rating, and not only have we returned there…. we’re planning on our third visit this fall


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