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If there is anything I love about this place, it is the beach location and he tan that comes freely with the beach sun; it was such a lovely holiday for me. The beach is a small one but you will definitely have a good time here with all the fun people that are always around the beach but it is great if you go with your family. I think in terms of organization or system, they are still old fashioned and need to find a way of upgrading so that everything is electronically done. The staff at the restaurant needs some training in attending to guests because they keep you waiting before even getting you a table and they don’t even really care what you think. It’s annoying because there are actually free tables available they are not just into the whole customer service thing so it bores me and that it basically the major thing I hate about the hotel but that didn’t stop me from having a good time here, I ate out most of the time whenever I couldn’t endure that long wait. There was enough towels and the housekeeping service did their job very well, very friendly bunch who made sure that the room was very clean. You shouldn’t read this the wrong way because the staff is super friendly people just the restaurant ones. They need to tell those restaurant people to improve else nobody will go there again to eat.

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