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It is not a fancy hotel to start with, it is not bad at all at least they had descent beds to lie on so I will take that as a win situation because basically, you get what you paid for. The place is cheap, not so expensive and yet you will get way better service than some hotels you pay through your nose for. I’m sure most people will assume that because the hotel is called Parkview you expect so high of them, it is not as great as you think. This hotel is close to a lot of places, important places like the central plaza, the revolution museum and many more so that is a 100% for the location, couldn’t have been better. The hotel seems old and kind of not in place in my opinion but that’s me. Security was very tight around here, the guards paid extra attention to my rented car outside and it was night, with that I was able to sleep well at night literally. Considering the fact that Havana is a tourist town, getting a good hotel will cost a lot and having such service here, it is definitely good value. Now to the real thing, the room was small and so was the bathroom, even smaller. The lift didn’t work while I was there and the food wasn’t so great but I wasn’t expecting so much from them and I basically ate out most of the time anyway. It’s nice, I may come back.

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