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Room was clean. AC was working perfect. Maids were so discreet we never seen any except in halls & yet leaving personalised messages. Just perfect for international level seekers. Bathroom was very clean & Water was working perfectly (quite rare in la Habana). Late night bar was always open & very nicely servicing. It all was perfect for those looking for the same high level hotel in every cities of the world. I just prefer the charm of Hotel Nacional or the best casa particulares with their imperfections & personalized specificities. But that’s just Me (40yo single world traveler from France)! My wife might not agree 😉

Room Number:

Room Block:
old building (vs new one)

no hassle. any language smooth. good discreet service. perfect.

perfect. Large rooms. Great beds. Great Bathroom (rare in Cuba). AC works great, strong and quiet. My wife even caught a sinusitis. lol.

Restaurants and Bars:
Did not try restaurants despite one nice personalized hand written invitation in the room for a free dinner. In such a town, who can settle for an international hotel restaurant? They’d have to have one of the best paladars in town. We never heard they have one private one yet.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Quite small hot pool but nice view. A bit too hot in July. Correct service for drinks. Totally boring. No music. no charm. Beach? Where? lol.

Grounds is boring as hell. Great service but looks like any international hotel. The most disappointing and boring patio en La Habana. Music is not bad but just doesn’t fit such a vast patio. With its western european white crowd, the patio’s mood totally killed the cuban spirit you find outside. The cold temperature there in summer is the only thing appreciable though.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Great location in Central Habana. On exit, too much hassle all around. This hotel being expensive, the spots for locals to hustle you must be expensive and they obviously need to reimburse it. Therefore you cannot get out from that hotel without being harassed by 5-10 people (at least) trying to sell you something you obviously don’t need 90% of the time. But for the lazy moron ones who are just scared of walking or looking for a cab, it’s just perfect.

Other Comments:
Perfectly localized between centro Habana, Habana Vieja and Vedado, Employees, service & accomodations are just perfect here for lazy americans or international travelers on business who are too tired to experience something new. It’s perfect for them. For those looking for exotism and local trends, it’s really not the place. It’s just too internationally standardized. I’m just not fond of the brave new world. Some are. maybe you. not me. But nothing against that hotel.

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