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When I visited Mexico for the first time it was one of those experiences where everything and nothing is like you expected. Of course I’d read the Lonely Planet guides and they’re really helpful but if you could just read a book about it there would be no point going would there? I wanted to go everywhere, I wanted to go to the Spring Break tourist areas but also go on a road trip through what we’d think of as The Real Mexico, across the desert and through the jungles, drinking tequila and cervesa, eating fresh genuine homemade tacos and burritos at roadside stalls and maybe even have a go at some Lucha Libre if I got the chance! When I got to Mexico City it was around the time of the Dia de Muertos and the Centenary and Bicentenary celebrations, the light shows and fireworks and all the celebrations were amazing. But it wasn’t just about one night of parties, I loved the exhibitions of Mexican culture and the performances that were put on all over the place, I really got to find out so much more about the way Mexicans perceive themselves rather than the way they’re portrayed on TV and in movies. As well as the political celebrations of the Revolution and the Republic, the celebrations of the dead were something else. Of course at home we celebrate All Hallows’ Eve and All Saints Day but the way it’s done in Mexico is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I’d heard that Patzcuaro in Michoacan was a great place to go to see a real, traditional Dia and Noche de Muertes and it really was a fantastic ceremony. Again, it was nothing like I expected from Mexico, I expected a celebration and a party atmosphere it was really interesting to see “Halloween” observed with dignity and respect instead of being another religious day of observance turned into a marketing strategy or party like it is here in Europe.

It was fantastic to get out of Spain and see how our culture and language has influenced other parts of the world but even more so to see how it’s been adapted to different places, I can’t wait save up some "Dinero Facil" so I can get out and see even more!

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