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My wife and I are interested in taking both the "Party Sunset Cruise" as well as the "Soufriere Day Sail" and would like to know how we can pay for this. Does the Sandals Grande accept either Visa or Mastercard to pay for this or strictly US dollars?What about US travellers cheques, are they accepted?
Sandals will take credit cards, cash, travellers checks as payment. When you first arrive they take an imprint of your credit card and your excursions will be billed to that unless you state otherwise. You had also asked about the restaurant reservations. We stayed at the Regency and we are going back in 2 weeks. Just make the reservations the day you arrive – and if you can’t get into a place on the day you’d like, call the restaurant that evening and see if there is space. Most likely there will be space. Don’t worry about this – plans change while on vacation and everything works out in the end. We prebooked our reservations before going last March to the Regency through one of the concierge gentleman and we ended up cancelling some reservations because we met some great people and did other wonderful outings instead.

You made a great choice – so please stop worrying.

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