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Can anyone tell me the ins and outs of using a laptop at the BPA? Want to take one, but not sure how it works down there…not exactly computer savvy that’s for sure.Any infor would be greatly appreciated.
Hi DdF, I can’t imagine them having wireless service, so you’d either have to go to the Internet Cafe’ and plug in or at one of the high speed ports at one of the desks used by the employees. I would imagine they could up up with a "special rate" if you wanted to do that. Me thinks your best bet is to email the resort and ask, but they’ll likely tell you to use the Internet Cafe’. Let us know if you do find anything out.

Friends left this morning for the BPT, I checked the weather network for them, 25 to 28 degrees today, think they’d like to trade?

Thanks Jake, will check it out with the resort…35 days and counting…we need the heat!

We stayed at the Coba and there were a couple that would be in the little lobby everyday at a certain time on their own personal laptop. This was the one place they said they could get it to work.

Thanks Newfie2, I will e-mail the resort, don’t want to drag the laptop everywhere, if push comes to shove…off the the Hacienda!

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