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I lived in the D.R. for quite some time and to be honest my wife didn’t like to cook that much so I have dined at many places in the POP area. My favorite is the Placito Criolla which is only a mile from the Playa Dorado. It is family owned, by a very nice Dominican family. It is not a tourist restaurant so the prices are not inflated like they are at most tourist area restauarants. They hae the best chicken I have ever had and it is fresh! A beautiful portion of chicken, potatoes or rice and a salad and a fresh juice will set you back about $5.00 US. They also have some beef, pork etc. but I am partial to the chicken.

Taxi drivers will know where it is but not many "seasoned know it all tourists will". They will refer you to places like Cafe Cito which is directed towards unknowing tourists.

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