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Heya everyone, i just sign up on this forum with the idea of finding some comment about the Playa Blanca Resort in Panama. But what i see for the moment is most of you have spent some times at the Decameron. So im starting this tread cause im leaving tomorow morning fot Panama. I read couple things on some other site about my resort and from what I understand it seems to ba a very nice place quite small but very good food and clean. So as soon i will be back next week i will put my comment here and give you a complete review of this resort. Of course i will post lots of pics !.
Hey psycho, but your all psyched up…haha. We find the same. alot on RD, not so much on PB. we leave for 2 weeks on march 12, looking forward to your review. i have some questions for you for when you return if you don’t mind. Rooms, we upgraded to ocean front, any difference. Food, can you order lobster tails in a la cartes? Windsurfing equipment-name brands, new old, tired looking? and is it worth bringing my snorkeling gear. I’ll look forward to your review. have a safe and relaxing holiday

Hi barefot , as soon i will be back iI will try to anwser all of your question. I will also send you some pics if you want to have a better idea of where you are going. Actually the only thing im worry about is the airline company sunwing. I heard lots of weird story about them but some people told me they have change a lot since december 2006. So now i have to go, i have to drive 3 hours to get to montral airport.

hi there just returned from pb on january 15 07 had a great time at the pb staff was reat food good the rooms were nive no fridges in them but the flight stunk overall once we got there it was great


Hey tc what do you mean rooms were nive. And does anyone have any info re possibly going in May. Temps etc. good time to go or not

Hi Terry: I am sure that TC meant that the rooms were nice.


Psycho, I hope your trip is everything you are expecting. I hope your vehicle is waiting for you. My son and his fiance returned from their trip, arriving in Trudeau Airport in Montreal Friday night (March 2nd) to find their vehicle had been stolen from the parking lot. The police said it was probably in a sea container crossing the ocean by now. I wonder how many people this happens to while they are away on vacation.

Welcome back psycho, hope you had a safe and great trip. We are leaving sunday night to stay overnight at pearson in toronto then off monday am with sunwing (who has not sent our tickets yet, i think we are now picking up at airport, we booked last june….go figure) can’t wait to hear your stories and review. write us soon.

Yes im back !! It was such a nice trip that i don’t actually find any other words then ”WOW”. The weather was incredebile, 40 degres celsius and even more!the room are nice and big but no bath but it was just fine with me. The buffet is very very good and lots of variety. Dont be affraid to book there !! Only two bad comment : return flight with Sunwing and the ride from airport to the resort is quit long but lots of thing to see (Panama Canal). Post your question here and I will try to anwser all of them.

We really anjoy our trip ! PB is a very nice resort.

Okay Psycho – I need to scoop! Where to go shopping! Travelling with an 18 year old female and that is what is on her mind – well other than that fact that the legal drinking age is 18. I figure she will get tire of the beach and want to go shopping one day (as will I) and I hear the shopping if fantastic! So questions:Where to shopTours – any recommendations?Bugs – don’t like creepy crawlies…lots, none, few…What about snakes – they are even worse than the bugsAnything you can give us the low down on would be appreciated.Glad you enjoyed your trip! I am so excited about ours. Now to get rid of this danged cold and get packed!Thanks,


Hi Debrad,Ok so let’s start with the shopping question : If your are looking for some souvenir you theres some marchant on site but there’s also some little boutique on the beach by the Decameron. Don’t forget that you have to cross a little river (water under knees) on low tie. Comeback before the high tie cause you will have to swin to come back to the resort. That give you 5 hours of shopping anyway.If you want to shop in a mall i think theres 2 tours that bring you to one of the biggest mall of America in Panama City. its a 2 hours bus ride so think about it you will lost a full day. Actualy all tours takes all day long. I see you dont like bugs so just dont take the trip in the humid forest.Dont worry about bugs, the only bugs I saw over there was some little ants and of course some cute little little lezard. I don’t think that have some snake over that region.If you want more info and even some pics (I took about 100 of the resort only) let me know.Hope you will enjoy your trip and get the same weather we got !


psycho, can you get or order lobster at the resort, did you book any golf over at the decameron, when is low tide, when is high. do the kids need water shoes (or adults) for ocean. cant wait, 4 more sleepies. ;D
OH…and did you get a chance to check out windsurfing equipment??

I think you can get lobster at the beach front restaurant (you have to reserve between 8 and 10 Am). Not sure if its good or not cause i didnt go my girl friend is seafood alergic. I didnt book any golf over at the Decameron cause my girl think im playing to much during the summer but I’ve seen lots of people on the resort with their golf club so i guess they play over at the Decameron. By the way, you can get a cab for 2$ per person to go to the Decameron (10 min max by car).Water shoes for kid is probably a good thing but not only for the sea but more for the hot sand and ciment.

I went to the water sport shop and didnt see any winsurfing equipement. But i took the web site for you and hope you will be able to get more info before you leave :

Hope you will have a very nive trip !

so do we have ot pay to rent kayaks or snorkeling gear too??

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